Odds and Ends


1. If politicians had man buns. OMG.

2. If you let the internet name animals, chances are you’ll get some doozies. Hahaaa, Danger Noodle.

3. The downsides of growth. “I want an awesome audience, not a huge one.” Amen to that.

4. Beautiful post on what real love entails.

5. This is what happens when you reply to spam email. Hilarious.

6. Quit worrying about fat and get really freaked out by sugar. A rigorous study just proved it.

7. The price of being single. Do you agree that single people are discriminated against?

8. “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce I am having my parents pick me up early from this sleepover.” Ahhhh, this is a good one. Haven’t we all been there?

9. Universal parenting struggles. Spot on – photo #2 just happened this morning.

10. 4 questions to ask your kid everyday. I’m on board.

11. Is addiction a learning disorder? Absolutely fascinating read on addiction.

12. I linked to a piece on high-functioning depression a few weeks ago, now let’s talk about high-functioning anxiety.

13. What the what?! This scarf is wicked.

14. Buy these shoes, okay?

image credit: helene delmaire