Odds and Ends


1. 12 things a therapist taught me about happiness.

2. Dude, don’t hold your pee in.

3. Exercise isn’t just for your body. (I know my mood goes in the shitter when I don’t move.)

4. Love these photos of beautiful women around the world.

5. I’ve made it pretty clear that I absolutely loathe talking on the phone, right? Well, this is right on point.

6. I enjoyed reading this piece on Obama’s biggest (sometimes underestimated) achievements during his presidency.

7. OMG. Who will see this with me at the theater? (HAS IT REALLY BEEN THIRTY YEARS!?)

8. Every woman should read this. How many of these simple things do you have?

9. I can’t stop laughing over this. #hairybutt (Related: have you ever done a boudoir-type photo shoot?)

10. Remember my undying love for this Madewell tee? (I have NINE OF THEM.) Well, this is the long sleeve version and it’s just as fantastic. (And both are on sale right now. Run, don’t walk.)

image credit: georgina vinsun


  1. Kristy B

    January 25, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Speaking of Madewell, based on your recommendation last summer, I purchased a couple of those miracle linen t-shirts….you have the red one… anyway I have been wearing my olive green one with a j.crew tissue turtleneck underneath all winter long…such a fun look…