Never Leaving My Bed Again


It’s official – I’m obsessed with Parachute Home bedding. (No over dramatization here, folks. I’m truly obsessed.) When the Parachute team reached out about collaborating, I was 100% on board, given the luxurious yet simple aesthetic I discovered on their website. However, I had no idea just how pleased I would be with the bedding.

I ordered the White Percale Sheet Set, the White Percale Duvet cover, a White Percale Top Sheet (although many don’t use a top sheet, I prefer to have one between the duvet cover and my body…personal preference), and the Essential Quilt in Oatmeal. The quality is superb – the sheets are super soft, with a nice weight to them, and I just feel completely enveloped in goodness when I’m in my bed. Truly superb bedding at an accessible price.

Here’s a peek.


Although, the bedding usually looks like this most of the time.


(So cozy, right?) I’m in love. For real.



  1. Tyra

    December 29, 2015 at 11:27 am

    I am a sucker for good bedding, and these look wonderful!!!! But $229 for just a sheet set (including the top sheet?)… not very accessible for the majority of people :(