Lock and Mane Friends & Family Discount!

I loooooove Lock and Mane. LOVE. I am truly grateful to the ladies of Lock and Mane for introducing me to Alterna Styling Tonic and the Futuro Marilyn Brush, both of which are staples of my styling routine.

If you are looking for anything hair related, I must direct you to the website, where you can get 25% off everything with the code FRIENDS until tomorrow, December 14th! (And free shipping or orders over $25 always!)

One thought on “Lock and Mane Friends & Family Discount!
  1. Nicole

    December 14, 2010 at 10:43 am

    I am confused? It says the discount works until the 12th, but you posted this on the 13th? Is it good until the 12th, or the 14th? Gotta love mommy brain :)