Links Galore

1. I’m writing a weekly column that I really, really, REALLY love. The fine folks at Brita have started the Filter For Good challenge, which has already eliminated over 100 million plastic water bottles to date. (You should take the pledge yourself!)

Along with 5 other bloggers, I will be posting once a week (on Thursdays…what is up with me and Thursdays?) with simple ways to become more environmentally-friendly in your own home. (Kind of like this post I wrote here.) I’ve added a widget in my sidebar with my most recent posts. You should check it out, you know, if you give a rat’s ass about helping our planet. NO PRESSURE, MWHAHAAAAAA.

2. Today’s post at The Working Closet has some damn cute coats, if you are interested in a fine piece of outerwear. Personally, it has been 90 degrees here, so I’m hoping this post is equivalent to some sort of internet rain dance. (They say the high is 68 degrees today…I’m not buying it.)

Also, why haven’t you joined the Working Closet Flickr Pool? I want to know what you are wearing to work, people! For research, of course! Ahem. It doesn’t have to be some fancy setup, for crying out loud, I take mine in a mirror with my iPhone.


HI-TECH. (Please ignore the hair. This was a couple of hours before a much-needed cut.)

C’mon, if you can’t eradicate plastic water bottles from your life, you can at least take a photo of what you are wearing. I need some inspiration. DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

  1. Kelly

    October 17, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    you need to post tips on hair – or how you do your hair – because it always looks so pretty!! please!!