A Downer of a Candy Drawer


Dear Dad,

I know my trip home was completely last-minute and that you have had an extremely full plate with the new house. (Which is absolutely beautiful, by the way. Wowza.)

However, I am a little disappointed in the candy drawer.

I know what you are thinking, dad – people would kill for that candy drawer! Look at the diversity in flavor and sugar content! Yes, you probably are right…but where are the Chick-o-Sticks? The Blow Pops? The Sour Patch Kids? Do you expect me to have my usual gut-ripping stomachaches from eating a Hershey bar? I need the fake sugar chemical stuff! I need familiarity! I am having an emotional crisis!

Where is the LOOOOOOVE, man?


Your Loving Daughter

p.s. – The Starbursts are stale.

Happy Birthday to the Candy Man

In honor of my father’s birthday, I give to you the video we shot 7 (SEVEN!) years ago on all things candy. Happy Birthday to the coolest, funniest, smartest man I know…a man that can stock a mean candy drawer.

The Candy Man

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my dad’s glorious candy drawer on more than one occasion here at whoorl. Earlier this week, I received the greatest honor imaginable when my father asked me to accompany him on a candy-drawer-stocking expedition to the grocery store. I jumped at the chance to learn proper candy-stocking skills from the master. How does he do it? Are his purchases off the cuff or does he employ a systematic thought process? THE QUESTIONS.

A thought crossed my mind. I bet 6 of my readers would find a documentary completely riveting!

This video is for you, 6 people of the world.

Warning: This is 4 minutes and 55 seconds of your life that you will NEVER get back. Think about it.

Odds and Ends No. 26


1. These colors are the best.

2. I’m in Oklahoma for the next week and a half – just enjoying some rest and relaxation with my family. (And by R&R, I mean pool time, board games, nightly cocktail hour, and my dad’s stocked candy drawer. Can you believe we shot that video 4 years ago?!) We had a round of thunderstorms roll through around 4am the first night, and I totally paced the halls, just waiting for my children to wake up with terror in their eyes from the flashing lightning and house-shaking thunder since they’ve never experienced a thunderstorm before. Never happened. They slept right through it. WHUT.

3. I hereby declare this to be the cutest braided top knot ever.

4. Speaking of hair, I’ve got three more articles up at P&G Beauty. 5 outdoor party looks that won’t go flat. (I swear!) 5 easy styles for honeymoon hair. (Totally easy.) How to master the chic chignon. (A must read for those of you struggling with le buns.)

5. We had the lovely Jessie Webster shoot our home a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to show you her gorgeous photos. A little peek here, bottom right.

6. Okay, I’ve seen this one-pot pasta all over the internet and am dying to try. Have you?

Wishing you all a super duper fantastic weekend full of fun!

My Family is Weird

Wito and I arrived in the very balmy state of Oklahoma today. Like SEAR MY FACE OFF WITH A BLOW TORCH balmy. How I managed to endure summers here for 18 years is truly boggling.

And what does my family do to combat the heat? We sit around, drinking vodka tonics and wearing holiday reindeer accoutrements. In June. Whatevs.


Tomorrow, we plan to re-stock the candy drawer. It’s business time.

No Shopping Mandate is BACK ON

Damn, you all have some opinions about The Shopping. And here I was, thinking no one even read this damn blog anymore.

After careful thought and consideration, I have gone against the majority vote and decided to return two of the shirts. (No Shopping Mandate is BACK ON, SISSIES! YEAHHHHH.)

I am keeping the gray cardigan, which was the reason I stepped foot into the J. Crew money suckage vortex in the first place. After the return transaction, I will still have $15 on the J. Crew gift card. I’m fairly confident I can purchase one of the sales associates’ socks for 15 bucks. I know! Knock myself out!

In other news, I am making a last-minute trip to Oklahoma with Wito for some much-needed family time tomorrow morning. February was an incredibly hard month for me, and I am taking a little time to regain some focus.

Of course, raiding my father’s candy drawer with fierce intensity is also on my checklist. So there’s that.