Happy New Year!


2006 is commencing with a bang! I’ve eaten three meals in a five-hour time span, and I feel great. Looks like the 5 pounds I’ve lost this month won’t stand a chance. I really appreciate all of the advice, ladies.

D and I immediately fell asleep after watching the ball drop last night. Unfortunately, it was the live feed of the Times Square celebration, which meant it was 9pm our time. Yes, it has been less than 10 years since I graduated college and I was asleep at 9:30pm on New Years Eve.

Hey, I’m not ashamed. Bring it on! However, I did wake up at 12:03 to visit Tinkle Town and I think I heard some pots and pans banging in the distance. Good enough for me.

Happy New Year! Be sure to eat your black-eyed peas today.

  1. LVGurl

    January 1, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    Forgot to leave the link to my pathetic little blog. I’m trying!

    Yeah, we spent New Years watching Disc 1 of my Sex and the City DVD collection. Stood on the diving rock of our pool to watch a fraction of the Las Vegas strip fireworks (woo-hoo for our view of Wynn, Treasure Island and the Stratosphere!) Then off to sleep in a solid prego slumber.

  2. lissa

    January 1, 2006 at 5:45 pm

    don’t worry i stayed up till 3 am and I had to take a 6 hour nap today… i don’t care what anyone says it was a nap!