My Favorite Skincare from Beauty Heroes

I’ve been a fan of the Beauty Heroes Subscription box since nearly its inception, and I’ve found some great staples that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard of. Thought I would put together a post on my favorites from the shop – these are ones I’ve used for quite some time and that my skin loves, and that I purchase again and again.

MUN Anarose Toner – This is the only toner I use (except an occasional spritz of this when the weather is colder and drier). I don’t think I need to wax poetic about MUN, as I’ve written about their products extensively (just search “Mun” in the sidebar if you are interested), but the Anarose Toner is simply perfection. Made from Rose Water, Aloe Leaf Juice, Prickly Pear Stem Extract, and Goji Berry Fruit Extract, it is soothing, hydrating and calming. I have used this religiously for years.

(Also, right now if you spend $200+ at MUN, you get an Anarose toner for free!)

Khus + Khus Sans Age – I have a thing for Blue Tansy. The scent is so beautiful and calming, and I always gravitate towards it. However, I will say this borderlines on a bit too much for my nitpicky face (see more below on that), yet I love to use this on my chest and neck. Super powerful anti-aging ingredients, but I really love it for its calming, soothing properties. Great for anxiety or insomnia.

LILFOX Prickly Pear Serum – Prickly Pear is a favorite ingredient of mine (it’s a common addition to MUN products), and I love this serum. It is super anti-aging and brightening, and has a good blend of ingredients. Jasmine and Bergamot lovers will enjoy the scent profile on this one.

Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil – You know, this oil really deserves its own post because it is absolutely top notch. In fact, this right here is the oil I recommend to all my friends who are just starting to get into facial oils instead of lotions or creams. Here’s a fact – my skin needs a light touch. So many times when I try a new product with tons of ingredients or essential oils, it just feels so heavy on my skin (and usually causes congestion in my pores).

This oil is perfection – it feels lightweight on the skin, smells fresh (citrusy and uplifting), but gives me all the hydration I need without any heaviness. My skin looks visibly brighter and less inflamed. Do you have sensitive skin? This one is for you, trust me.

I have used this off and on for the past year or so, but committed to using it for the past month every night and I am totally sold. I haven’t had any sort of congestion in my skin and it’s glowing. It’s my #1 right now for absolute sure. And and and? It’s only $60. That is a a steal, ladies.

Mahalo The Bean Mask – Where do I even start with this mask? It is so good. Potent antioxidants, my friends. It gets to WORK on your skin. Also, three words for you: cacao, vanilla, coffee. Yes, as you can imagine, it smells delicious.

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream – When my skin is feeling parched, I just emulsify a pea-sized drop of this cream between my fingers and pat all over my face. This is in heavy rotation during the cooler months. (In fact, when my skin is super parched, I put this on top of the Maya Chia oil.)

Laurel Brightening Facial Mask – I use this at least three times a week on my face to brighten my hyperpigmentation. When I have time, I leave it on for 20-30 minutes, but sometimes I use it as a quick treatment while in the shower. My friend Amanda used this every day for a month and when she posted her brightening results on Instagram stories, I nearly fell out of my chair. If you are looking to brighten your skin, look no further.

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask – I recently did a video on my favorite masks, and I talked about this one blowing me away. Well, it continues to do so. This mask makes you glow like nothing I’ve ever seen…it actually brings the blood to the surface of the skin, and I will repurchase this forever ever and ever amen.

There you have it! My favorites from the Beauty Heroes shop. And remember, if you get the monthly beauty box, you always receive 15% off your order in the shop 24/7, 365 days a year. So worth it!

  1. Melissa M

    September 20, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Hi Sarah!! Thank you for this post..lots of good info & beautiful product! I’m also a big fan & subscriber to Beauty Heroes. Would any of these happen to be October’s hero? I’d hate to order stuff then have it be in next months box! ?

    • whoorl

      September 20, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      Nope! None of these are in the October box. :)

      • Melissa M

        September 20, 2017 at 2:04 pm

        Ok, guess I have some shopping to then! ;)

  2. Katherine C. James

    September 20, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Thank you for this list. I’m intrigued by a few of the products here, some of which I’ve read about previously but not yet tried, Prickly pear is wonderful. I love it in the M?N products and I use the Kahina roller ball. I’m in total agreement with you about is the M?N Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner. In the two years since I began my transition to green beauty I’ve tried a significant number of toners and none came close to the Anarose. I also love their Akwi Cleanser, which was a revelation. A note: the current offer at M?N is for a travel size (15 ml) Anarose toner with a purchase of $60 or more. It’s actually a good way to buy the full size Anarose (100 ml), which is $65, and get a travel size for free.

    • Katherine C. James

      September 20, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      Oops. Evidently, when I use the MUN diacritical macron over the U in MUN here, the U shows as a question mark. I mean MUN, no question mark in the middle.:)

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