Fall Beauty and Style Favorites


It’s my favorite time of year, friends. Although it’s still in the nineties around these parts, I just know the cooler days of fall are just around the corner. I’ve always preferred the style options of cooler months…layering is my friend, and I can’t wait to bust out cardigans, jackets, and scarves.

As for beauty, I tend to wear darker, richer lip colors, and I focus on correcting what the intense sun bestowed on my skin during the summer months. (Hyperpigmentation, you are not my friend.)

Here are my favorites for the upcoming season.

1. Black Oversized Sweater Jacket – I wore the heck out of the grey cardigan from my spring capsule, and I have a feeling this black version will be a major staple.

2. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum – Since turning 40 and noticing some changes in my skin, I’ve stepped up my skincare game. Fortunately, there are some awesome natural and holistic skincare lines out there, and I’ve been trying out lots of products and brands as of late. I’ve used this serum by Tata Harper for the past month with good success. It definitely firms my skin, and after applying at night, I wake up with the softest skin. (I find that I need a little more moisture after using the serum so I pat 1-2 drops of this oil into my skin. It’s the perfect combo for my normal-to-dry skin.)

3. Citizens of Humanity Fleetwood Flares – Breathing room for my ankles, hallelujah! I am busting out flares all the livelong day this season, and as always, I love the way COH fits my curves and bubble butt. (It’s all in the pocket size and placement – COH denim has larger, lower pockets, so it doesn’t look like half of your butt is hanging below the back pockets. Trust me on this, ladies. If you have a perky tush, this brand will work for you!)

4. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Lust for Life – Theoretically, I love the idea of a dark berry lip for fall, but I can never find the right color for me. That is, until now. I received a sample of this color (I would have never thought to try it on my own), and it is such a beautiful, sheer mulberry shade. SO pretty, you all.

5. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver – Okay, this is the only mask you will ever need. Yes, it’s pricey, but it lasts forever. (It’s a powder that you mix with water each time, so it has a very long shelf life.) A fusion of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, healing bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts, and exotic warming spices goes deep to tighten pores, extinguish inflammations, fight blemishes, and jump-start circulation. Do it. Don’t look back.

6. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Demure – Perfect cool-toned, coconut oil-based pink cream blush. People always say I’m glowing when I wear this shade. I adore RMS Beauty – the Living Luminizer is amazing too. It’s the only highlighter I use.

7. Lydia Flat in Metallic – I love D’Orsay, I love metallic, I love Madewell flats. A no-brainer.

** In regards to beauty and skincare, all of the above beauty recommendations are safe and natural. Most are organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. No need to worry about harmful ingredients and chemicals in any of the above products. They are all from amazing brands that I feel 100% confident in using, and trust me, I’ve done the research.

  1. Alina @eclecticalu blogspot

    September 2, 2015 at 11:41 am

    My favorite season as well. Those jeans look like the perfect jean to me. Flare and a higher waist? I need those!!


  2. Paige

    September 2, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    I need to get my hands on a good pair of flared denim!


  3. Trude

    September 2, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    Loving that sweater jacket! I’m moving somewhere that actually gets snow, so might have to pick this up. I’m so happy flares are back too. I was sad that the Madewell flea market ones were made for women 7 inches taller than me, but I just recently got a pair from Loft that are very similar to those COH ones. Super comfy and actually fit my kettlebell forged butt and thighs! :)

    • whoorl

      September 2, 2015 at 3:45 pm

      Haha, I feel you on inseams. The inseam of the COH jeans above was insanely long. I’m 5’11” with tall heels and they STILL were ridiculously long. (Like, the denim could cover the bottom of my foot completely.) Off to the tailor they went!

  4. Sarah D

    September 3, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    Quick Q… Did you try tata Harper contouring serum as well? Trying to decide which to buy your Recco or the other? Turning 40 and feeling it!


    • whoorl

      September 9, 2015 at 9:39 am

      No, just the rejuvenating serum and I love it!

  5. Kate

    September 9, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Thanks for the tip about the jeans for those of us with a butt! Now, the model wearing them on the other hand….I just wanna buy the girl a sandwich!