Dishing on Downton – Episode 6, Part 1

Here are our thoughts on Episode 6 of Downton. (At least the first half. Second half coming soon.)

Summary: these people are just a bunch of Judgy McJudgersons, I’m sick of hearing about the estate’s problems, and OMG THE KISS.

Only one episode left, peeps. WHAT WILL BECOME OF OUR FRIENDS AND FOES?

  1. GreenInOC

    February 11, 2013 at 10:39 am

    I liked this episode. I found myself crying for Thomas, especially when he said to Mr. Carson, “I am not foul.”

    Mr. Bates knew that Mrs. O’Brien orchestrated everything to set up Thomas and as much as he hates Thomas, he was also set up so he knows the feeling. I think when Thomas told Bates that he was envious of him, I think that also pulled on Bates’ heart strings. Apropos of nothing, Bates’ cane is now simply a decoration!

    Bates wanted to help him get a recommendation but N=now that Thomas will be Bates’ boss though, that’s a twist that Bates’ may regret! Although I suspect Bates and Anna will now sit squarely in O’Brien’s crosshairs with that “her ladyship’s soap” comment – dun, dun, dun!!

    Also, what was that “information service” that Edith called for more information about her Editor – was that the precursor to Google?!

    Now that everything seems to be decided and on course at the end of this episode, there surely is a plane crash equivalent coming next week!!

  2. zhnjg

    February 12, 2013 at 2:31 am

    Just FYI…you can go short. You have a big forehead and a long face. I am the queen of big foreheads, long faces and square jaws. I have chopped the pixie at least three times in my adult life. It’s not that big a deal. The worst part is just before you can put it in a ponytail. That’s like a four week period, max. Don’t think to much about it. YOLO. Would you rather wonder for the rest of your life? I

  3. Rachel

    February 12, 2013 at 5:33 am

    Agree with the comment above about Bates’ cane and seriously, was he not sporting some gray hair when he first came into the show? He’s at least as old as Lord Grantham, right, because they served in some war together. Now he’s out of prison–maybe it’s thoughts of his cozy cottage with Anna that has made his hair so much darker and erased his limp, though Anna tells Mary that Bates will be unable to participate in the CRICKET MATCH (the second most over-talked bit of this episode).

    I found Isabel’s unwillingness to let Ethel go a little tiresome too–Isabel has the best heart on this show and I find it hard to believe that she wouldn’t intuit that the best thing for Ethel would be to go somewhere where she has no reputation. I was happy when Mrs. Bryant offered to take her on as Charlie’s governess…BUT what about Mr. Bryant, who knows her past? Isn’t he still going to treat her like the fallen woman that she is. Is the grouchy Mrs. Bird going to come back now and pitch the pest-control tent, bleach over the whole house and rid it of prostitute germs?

    I keep wanting to jump ahead to second half subjects…like the trampy cousin and the double-whammy of married men dating (trying to date) young women.

    AGREE: The ESTATE MISMANAGEMENT PROBLEM is THE new prison. Ugh, just agree and get it over with now. Even Cora is agreeing with Branson and Matthew. And I would hope LG would agree with ANYthing Cora says as he knows crossing her will result in a one way ticket to Dressing Room Land. I find the whole situation dull and a little confusing–why in the world doesn’t LG and the original angry estate agent WANT the estate to suceed? They want to let it continue to run the way it has for centuries due to some sort of noblesse oblige they feel towards the tenants? Anyway, please Lord, just let Branson and Matthew get on with it and Robert can find something else to be a dick about.

    Only felt slightly sorry for Thomas…and yes, I too watched that scene covering my eyes and agree with Kristin–no one wants to get woken out of a peaceful slumber by someone’s lips on theirs. No, no, no. I just don’t understand how Thomas thought he was getting “signs” from James, even with O’Brien’s meddling (weren’t her little antennae bangs just twitching in satisfaction?)…

  4. Julia

    February 12, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Don’t forget about the Christmas special! I might have already watched every episode of this season and the Christmas special is VERY important!

  5. Sarah

    February 12, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    I have to tell you, I had not been watching Downton (What?! Whaaaat!?) but my curiousity was growing as I kept hearing so many people talking about it. The screenshot of you and Kristin reviewing Episode 2 of this current season is what finally made my mind up… so much intensity on your faces! I had to get in on this. I binged on the first two seasons so I could get properly caught up, with lots of “oh snap!” and “hell no’s” along the way. Thank you for helping me get on board with my latest TV obsession!