How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes jenny patinkin brush soap review

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes isn’t the most thrilling task, but it certainly needs to be done. Bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, and product residue can accumulate quickly and cause a bit of a ruckus on your skin so it’s ideal to wash your brushes once a…

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How To Wear Eyeshadow Over 40

I certainly enjoy my mid-forties – there’s a confidence that comes along with being a certain age and I celebrate the aging process as much as I can. Except for that little part of the aging process influenced by gravity. Um, can we opt out…

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fitglow whoorl favorites makeup kit

My Fitglow Favorites Makeup Tutorial

Hello, hello! Last week I launched the Whoorl Makeup Favourites Kit in collaboration with Fitglow Beauty and it’s such a versatile selection of my favorites from the Fitglow line at an incredible discount. The kit includes the Night Makeup Palette, Lumi Firm Highlighter, Lip Serum…

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Get Ready With Me: Quarantine Edition

Today I put makeup on for the first time in a week or so – it’s interesting how the act of applying makeup can boost the mood, at least for me! I do feel the need to express how grateful I am for everyone on…

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My Favorite Skincare Tools and Devices

Skincare tools and devices. Everywhere you look we’ve been inundated with rollers and gua sha tools and electronic gadgets…which ones work? And should we spend our money on all this biz? Friend, take my hand and let me lead you into the wonderful world of…

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My Go-To Holiday Look

Oh, how I envy those of you who switch up your cocktail party makeup looks – maybe a bold lip one night or a smoky eye the next. Me, on the other hand? I almost always go for the same look, and it’s ALL about…

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