steam heat rollers

Let’s Talk Hair Rollers

Here’s the thing about blogging for eight years – you’ll be in a conversation with someone, and they’ll say, “Hey! You should do a post on hair rollers,” and you’ll say, “I did! I created a battle of the rollers series! DON’T YOU REMEMBER THAT RIVETING SERIES!?,” and they’ll be like, “No.” Then you’ll search […]

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shoulder length hair with bangs

A Fresh Cut for Spring

Awwww yeahhh, heavy hair be gone. Although not pixified, I do feel like a new lady. You see, to make a long (hair) story short, about a year and a half ago, I decided to grow my hair out like this lovely woman. The idea was born during the Pantene commercial shoot, when it was […]

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Odds and Ends No. 22

1. Well, that’s about the most clever washi tape idea ever. 2. So you know I have a major girl crush on Lisa Eldridge. Well, she’s recently published a bunch of videos on finding your perfect foundation. They are brilliant. Check them out here. 3. Here are a couple of my Style United posts from […]

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Odds and Ends No. 21

1. I recently sipped (guzzled) my first Paloma cocktail, and it was just about the most delicious drink in the whole entire world. So happy I found this recipe (and beautiful photos!) on Drizzle and Dip. It’s going to be my summer drink. (Yes, I’m already planning things like that.) 2. Sorry I’ve been a […]

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Odds and Ends No. 19

1. Have I shown you all my new shoe closet? Wait…I don’t have a shoe closet. Oh well, I can still dream of this one. 2. Swimming! Who swims out there? I’m off the running for the next 6-8 weeks while I go to physical therapy for my back/tailbone issues, and I’m looking into some […]

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Odds and Ends No. 17

1. Eddie Redmayne, your freckles are beyond. 2. There are many things I love about Creature Comforts, but the Color Inspiration posts are the best. 3. I am feeling this curly, chin-length bob. 4. I must say, I’ve become relatively proficient in reading and breaking down food labels, and this post by A Dinner and […]

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