Odds and Ends No. 17

1. Eddie Redmayne, your freckles are beyond. 2. There are many things I love about Creature Comforts, but the Color Inspiration posts are the best. 3. I am feeling this curly, chin-length bob. 4. I must say, I’ve become relatively proficient in reading and breaking…

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Odds and Ends (+ House Update)

1. Let’s talk about the house, guys. I realize I kind of left you all hanging with all the updates and then….nothing. Well, we’ve been working hard to finish the space, and we are getting really close. (Although, come on, you are never really “finished,”…

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demure smoky eye

Some Hair and Beauty Fodder…

1. I’m always trying to figure out how to create a smoky eye that is more subtle/demure, less vampire/whorehouse. Love the above look, and all the products used are listed in this Glamour article. (And speaking of vampires, that actress is dating Peter Facinelli, aka…

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Short Hair Inspiration and Thoughts

I’m still stewing over the big chop, which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since I don’t possess even a sliver of the “oh what the hell, just do it” gene in my body. Nope, I approach my hair decisions exactly like I approach…

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How to really keep your updo all day

How To Really Keep Your Updo All Day Long

You can use all the bobby pins you want, but if you want your updo to truly last all day, it’s what you do to your hair BEFORE you put it up that matters. Check out my tried and true tips at Style United.

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