Your Favorite Things From Summer – Hair Edition

Ever wonder what products mentioned on this blog are the most popular? One of my favorite things about blogging is doing a deep dive into my analytics at the end of each month to see what’s resonating with you, and I thought I might share with you all going forward! I love to see what […]

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Embracing My Natural Hair Texture

Well, it took 45 years and an international pandemic to make me embrace my natural hair texture, but here we are! I’ve spent the past few months learning to work with my natural texture instead of working against it and it’s quite liberating (and time-saving!) if I do say so myself. This post will detail […]

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non toxic hair care

Ingredients in Haircare Products To Avoid

Trying to discern what ingredients should and shouldn’t be in your hair care products? With the enormous amount of greenwashing in the beauty industry, it can be quite daunting. I feel like it’s almost become the norm for brands to tout all the “good” ingredients they are using while neglecting to mention the not-so-good ones […]

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My Favorite Sephora Products

My Favorite Sephora Products I am beyond thrilled that Sephora is the first beauty company to sign the 15 Percent Pledge! Black people make up 15% of the US population, and signing the pledge promises at least 15% of shelf space devoted to Black-owned brands and businesses. Sephora carries some of my most-loved clean beauty […]

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My Natural Hair Care Routine

You can find my updated 2021 hair routine here! Finding a natural hair care routine wasn’t quite as easy as replacing my cosmetics and skincare with green alternatives. Being a slave to Oribe for years, I was pretty sure there wasn’t a ghost of a chance I’d be able to get that same hold and […]

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beautycounter shampoo for fine hair

Say Goodbye To Tangled Tresses

My daughter’s hair has been a point of contention since Day 1. By the looks of it, you wouldn’t think it was such a tremendous pain in the ass, but don’t be fooled for a second. Although straight, it is thick and loves to tangle. You can’t so much as sideways glance at my daughter’s […]

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