A Leather Jacket: The Search is Over


All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket

Every year, I become obsessed with finding One Perfect Item. Last year, if you recall, it was The Perfect Ankle Boot. People, I’m willing to search the ends of the earth for said perfect item, and will usually plop down a decent amount of cash if I feel I will wear it for years and years to come. Such was the case for this year’s choice : The Perfect Leather Jacket.

After an exhaustive search (I’m sweating over here), I found this one from All Saints. You guys, it’s perfect. The leather is butter soft and worn-in, the length hits right at high hip, and you guys, IT’S GREY. For some reason, the thought of a black biker jacket was too severe for good ol’ neutral-loving me, so the grey shade is a dream come true.

It’s a pretty penny, but this one’s a keeper for sure, as I’m hoping to pass it down to Wita when she’s ready.

Oh! And because I’m always here to enable your shopping endeavors, Shopbop has a great Spend More, Save More deal going on now through Monday, Dec 2nd. Perfect for buying a leather jacket, methinks.

Here are some of my favorites.

One thought on “A Leather Jacket: The Search is Over
  1. stacey

    November 27, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Oh, I love the jacket! I can totally relate to this post because I’m exactly the same way! I was searching and searching for a gray leather jacket last winter, but never found one I loved. I’m too pregnant this year to invest in a new jacket, but I agree All Saints is a great brand for leather jackets. I also love the Burgundy one from Shopbop in the last row of your images. Unique (but still versatile) colors are so much better than just black.