2011 Legends of La Cienega: Celebrate Art

I don’t write much about Dustin’s design firm, but I wanted to share some work he just completed for the 2011 Legends of La Cienega.

What is Legends of La Cienega? In their own words:

Legends of La Cienega is an annual celebration of design that brings together VIPs and tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, décor, art, fashion, and architecture for two days of receptions, keynote panel discussions, cocktail parties, book-signings, personal appearances, trunk shows, and special exhibitions.

In its third year, the 2011 Legends event is presented by the LCDQ’s 50 member businesses which include the city’s most prestigious design showrooms, antiques dealers and home furnishings retailers located along La Cienega Boulevard (from Santa Monica to Beverly Boulevards), Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place.  This year’s calendar of events is produced in association with the nation’s most prestigious shelter publications including ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Traditional Home and VERANDA.

In MY words, it’s a chance to see the work of very talented designers showcased in a perfectly succinct window display in LA’s leading design district.

Dustin and John chose Robert Rauschenberg as the inspiration for their display. Dustin visited a Rauschenberg exhibit at the Guggenheim while in college, and has been a huge fan ever since. Here’s a peek at their style sheet.

(Dustin’s handwriting has to be some of the best out there, no?)

Let me just tell you – this window installation took the main stage in regards to our family time for the past couple of weeks. While the windows were tall and visually striking, the depth of the display was only 42 inches. Not much to work with while placing furniture and such, and it presented some challenges. CHALLENGES I HEARD ABOUT ON MANY, MANY OCCASIONS. Like during dinner, the kids’ bath time, weekends at the park, while drifting off to sleep…you catch my drift.

I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance to see the finished product for myself, so I was over the moon when Dustin informed me that he was going to whisk me up to LA for the Opening Night Gala hosted by Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor at Thierian. (Wheeeeeeeee!)

Let’s stop for a second and bring it back to what matters most here. MY PARTY OUTFIT. (Oh, I kid, I kid.) (Not really.) The minute I found out about this party, my highly predictable shit-it’s-a-cocktail-party-I-have-nothing-to-weeeeaaaarrrr spiel started immediately. In fact, on the day of the event, I was still shopping 2 hours before we needed to leave. People, why do I do this to myself EVERY time? Whhhyyyyy? As my wise mother reminds me on a weekly basis, I’ve always thrived under pressure, so I guess shopping is included. Did I need a new outfit? Probably not. However, you would be proud to know that I only bought one item of clothing for this party, and it was an Anthropologie skirt marked 50% off.

Sweater- Madewell, Skirt- Anthropologie, Clutch – Banana Republic from like, 1994, Bracelet- vintage, Ring- Juxtaposition, Heels- Jessica Simpson (I know!)

Onto the party! It was very lovely, although it was hard for me to mentally move past the delicious French 75 cocktail and yellow fin carpacchio I had at Fig & Olive beforehand. (Good lord, so very delicious.) After a few glasses of bubbly and some highly entertaining conversations, we set out to see the pièce de résistance!

The display looked simply marvelous. I’m so proud of Dustin for being included in such a talented group of designers. Bravo!

  1. Katherine T.

    May 23, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    i have that clutch! makes me smile to see someone else has it and loves it too ;)