Odds and Ends

1. A bunch of new paint colors gone hilariously wrong, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

2. If you read anything today, I recommend this. Beyond frightening.

3. The new midlife crisis. Are you feeling it? Yep.

4. Trolling protestors. I’m down with this.

5. Sexism is so incredibly subtle, many don’t even realize. Heard it all, how about you?

6. I have been known to engage in this kind of behavior. Kristen Bell, I feel you. #workinprogress

7. Hey dudes, not sure about your behavior? Like, maybe it could be considered sexually harassing but you just don’t know? #megaeyeroll Just do The Rock Test!

8. At 42, it’s official that I can’t wear stilettos anymore. No way, no how, just NO. These (in black velvet) are my new go-to wedding/cocktail party kicks. (Under $100!)

9. WTF is going on here and why is it so pretty?

10. This. Rupi Kaur always speaks to me.

11. Hair, hair, hair. This week’s podcast is all about hair. Listen below and/or show notes here.

Happy weekend to you all!

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Odd and Ends

1. If reports surface that La Croix is bad for you, I’m dead. Feeling this.

2. Colin Kaepernick has decided not to kneel after reading your aunt’s Facebook post. Heh.

3. Have you heard of Astro Poets? So cool.

4. Tilting. I’m totally into this. A future podcast topic, methinks.

5. Speaking of podcasts, we took a diversion from our originally-recorded 3rd episode to talk about self-care in the face of tragedy. Very needed this week.

6. I don’t know how I landed two advanced readers (Maybe taking them to the library every week for the entirety of their young childhood?), but this is a great resource for those of you with younger kiddos that are reading beyond their age.

7. Oh. Remember the black boots I traipsed around Europe in last year? The best boots in the world? 25% off right now. PRIVATE25 is the code. DO IT. #enabling

8. Entirely by accident, but Dustin and I are almost at this point.

9. Things harder to obtain than guns. Geez.

10. Holy moly. Every single cognitive bias in a single infographic.

11. Emotional labor is the unpaid job men still don’t understand. Preach.

12. I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. At. This.

Wishing you a happy weekend, friends.

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Odds and Ends

1. You guys! My friend Kristen and I launched a podcast this week about self-care, and we made it into iTunes Top 100 on our first day! You can check it out here. #whatthewhat (New episodes every Wednesday.)

2. I love Linda Rodin. Would kill for that hair as I age. (Going gray is one of our topics in next week’s podcast. What say you? Kristen colors and I am letting mine grow in naturally. #embracethegray)

3. “Christian ministry” types are not my cup of tea, but this guy is really speaking to me lately.

4. The only sale I get reeeaaalllly excited about every year is happening right now. (Ends today! Check out my fave picks here!)

5. When is it the proper time for a black man to protest? The Daily Show nails it.

6. Some really cool coincidences. What are the odds?

7. Saudi women still cannot do all of these things. Wow.

8. Looking to get a little more organized in your closet? A great closet-cleansing trick.

9. Loving the newest CoverGirl! Another hair envy situation.

10. Stubborn eyeliner and/or mascara? I’ve been waiting for this all my green beauty-loving life! (Safe for contacts too!)

11. I love Jane Fonda and I love Luvvie, so this was a no-brainer.

12. Do you know an emotional mugger? You know the type…always bringing you down or sabotaging your peace of mind? Here are great tips to defend yourself.

13. This right here is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile. “Do what you want to.”

14. You don’t need to be a “chill girl” if that’s not your vibe. Embrace your true nature, ladies!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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