Odds and Ends

1. Is your news source factual? This is the coolest chart ever.

2. Proud of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for speaking out.

3. My husband loves this study, but it totally pisses me off. #earlybirdsftw

4. This is a must-read. For women and men alike. (Warning: may be triggering.)

5. Why do some men force women to watch them masturbate? Insightful article.

6. Well, looks like Senator Al Franken can join the ranks of disgusting men. A shame.

7. And in regards to women speaking up, “change is coming. What looks like women talking about their experiences with rape culture is actually a vast area of endarkened human unconsciousness suddenly becoming enlightened into consciousness.” This is an important read.

8. Billionaires desperately need our help, guys! Barf.

9. Wow, this painting just sold for 450 million dollars. Wowza.

10. I posted earlier this week on my Instagram Stories about my favorite diffuser. It’s so pretty in the home. (And my favorite oils are from here.)

11. These baroque-inspired portraits are stunning. So beautiful.

12. What? A 9th planet? SCIENCE.

13. Dear oldest child, you’re not the boss. Ha!

14. Nothing wrong with a little sparkle during the holidays. Imagining this with some high-waisted black trousers.

15. In this week’s Selfie podcast, we talk to Caleb Wilde, a funeral director, about self-care in the face of mortality, and we continue the skincare conversation from the previous week. (That wasn’t an awkward segue, I swear.)

Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the weekend.

image credit: portiaclementine


Odds and Ends

1. I read two things that we very disturbing about social media this week. This and this. Frightening.

2. 13 rules for female friendships. If the people you admire keep disheartening you with sex scandals, try admiring some women instead.

3. The dogs of UPS. How adorable.

4. What in the hell is this sound? Seriously.

5. A scientific look as to why songs take you right back to certain people, places, and events in your mind.

6. I know many of you are on the MUN bandwagon (the Anarose toner is a twice-daily ritual for me), so I had to tell you about this deal. The MUN daily essentials set is currently $40 off and if you use my 15% off code WHOORL, you can get all three full-sized products for $136. (Down from $200.) Such a deal, you guys.

7. And while we’re on the subject of great deals, Citrine is celebrating their 5th anniversary by offering a “glam bag” of $200 worth of goodies when you purchase $150 or more starting this morning. I made an Instagram Live video detailing everything in the bag, as well as my favorite items to purchase from the shop. My Instagram account is here, but the video disappears this afternoon so if you’re wanting to watch it, be sure and do it soon. These bags will definitely sell out! (And use my code whoorl10 for an extra 10% off!)

8. We have a rule that we can’t listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (although I looooove me some holiday tunes and have cheated twice), but apparently, it can affect your mental health. #whatthewhat

9. And speaking of mental health, therapists weigh in on what Trump has done to ours. #prettymuch

10. Cards Against Humanity. For parents. Sign me up.

11. Ivory turtleneck sweaters are my jam during winter. This one is perfection.

12. This week’s podcast is all about skincare, where I detail every step and product of my morning routine. (Evening skincare will be next week!) Also, we talk with Caleb Gardner about staying sane during political strife. Um, so very needed.

Happy weekend to you all!


Odds and Ends

1. So important to teach kids how to read news critically, now more than ever.

2. Could it be? I found a clean shampoo and conditioner that I love AND it’s wayyyy cheaper than my usual AND I can buy it at Target/Amazon? PRAISE BE.

3. I really like Jeff Goldblum.

4. I am this woman. Give me all the blankets. #whyisitalwayssocold

5. A hidden space inside the Great Pyramid of Giza? Ooh ooh ooh, what’s IN THERE?!

6. I think we all know someone like this.

7. Truly the most epic cheeseboard ever.

8. Oh, this made me laugh because it’s SO TRUE. PSA: Level 4 men, please stop creeping out the ladies. #putyourshirtbackon

9. Don’t ever say these phrases to introverts. (“Let’s go around and introduce ourselves.” NOOOOOOOOO)

10. It’s my birthday on Monday and this is all I want. In black, please. #itsnothappening #agirlcandream

11. This week’s Selfie podcast covers social media addiction (help), using TV as self-care, and an interview with one of my favorite authors, Cheri Huber. (I now have her phone number and am going to call her at the monastery for life advice. Do monks have Caller ID?  Get ready, Cheri!)

Happy weekend!