MUN Daily Essentials


MUN Skincare has been a long-time favorite of mine (my thoughts here and here), and I’m excited that they’ve added a new product to the lineup!


The Akwi Purifying Cleanser.

I’ve been waiting for MUN to introduce a cleanser, and I am really pleased with it. With this addition, they now have a 3-step daily essentials routine that is quick and effective…just the way I like it.

This gentle, oil-based cleanser sweeps away impurities and unclogs pores without stripping the skin. It also removes the most stubborn waterproof makeup. The pH-balanced formula is based on synergistic natural ingredients, including Castor Oil, a soothing cleanser and powerful detoxifier, nutrient-dense Argan Oil and antioxidant Camellia Seed Oil. It leaves your skin cleansed, soft and moisturized. Effective for all skin types.

I promised the Mun team that I would use the 3-step daily essentials for an entire month before posting, so here are my thoughts!

Now, I am not usually an oil cleanser kind of gal. I love oils as serums and moisturizers, but I’m more of a foaming cleanser fan. However, this cleanser really set itself apart for a few reasons. First off, it’s not just an oil, it’s creamy and opaque in texture. The smell is light and refreshing, and it rinses off with water, which is nice. Now, you can also use a washcloth with it if, say, you have waterproof mascara or something on, but I’ve found I can get everything off with a few rinses of water. (I don’t wear waterproof makeup.)

But the best part (that surprised me) was how much I enjoyed massaging the cleanser into my skin. The more I read about facial massage and facial yoga, I am learning that it is so important to stimulate blood flow to the face to combat aging and stagnation. You apply the cleanser to a dry face, and I’ve found myself spending 2-3 minutes massaging the cleanser into my face just for the benefits of stimulation.

Here’s a look at the cleanser on the left, and the Aknari Serum (the 3rd step) on the right.


Really lovely.

So, after you cleanse the skin, you apply the Anarose Toner.

This calming toner is essential for balancing the skin’s pH after it has been cleansed. Bulgarian Rosewater instantly soothes even the most sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid firms the skin and provides long-lasting hydration. Willow Bark Extract contains natural salicylic acid, which removes dead cells for a healthy glow and prepares the skin to receive nutrients. Goji Berry Extract helps reduce free radical damage and provides anti-aging benefits. A combination of Rose, Jasmine and Daisy Extracts recreates the velvety sensation of petals on your skin. Effective for all skin types.

I’ve been using the Anarose toner for years, and I adore it. (In fact, I spray it on my face all the time.) Now, for the purpose of the daily essentials routine, it is suggested that you spray the toner (6-8 sprays) on a cotton pad and apply to the skin for the full experience. However, I just spray it directly on my face because 1) I’m too lazy to find a cotton pad, and 2) I like to break the rules, apparently. ;)

Finally, the Aknari Youth Serum which I have loved since day one. (Thoughts are in the links at the start of the post.) Love this serum so much, as my skin is very fond of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, apparently.

The stunning results of this lightweight age-defying serum are due to the potency of Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Extremely rich in Linoleic Acid and super antioxidant Vitamin E, Prickly Pear Seed Oil combined with Argan Oil works wonders to smooth wrinkles, repair sun damage and lighten dark spots. The protective serum also soothes inflammation, brightens under eye circles and stimulates collagen production. Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil aids absorption and provides a heavenly scent. In tandem, these three oils leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Effective for all skin types as a day, night and under-eye treatment.

Overall, my skin is happy. Like happy happy. It’s glowing, and I’ve had no issues with congestion or strange angry redness, which sometimes happens with other regimens.

Here’s a quick 2-minute video review I did on the products as well.

MUN has been my ride-or-die this past month, and definitely in my top 3 skincare brands. And! They are offering you all 15% off all products on their website with the code WHOORL. (Heads up – if you are planning on buying all three, buy the set which is cheaper. Coupled with this discount, it will be a great deal!)

As always, if you have specific questions, please leave them in the comments!


2017 Resolutions


image credit: maddy nye

Apparently, the last time I shared my new year resolutions on this blog was 5 years ago. Hmm. After perusing said resolutions, I had to laugh because I kid you not, I’m sitting here on January 2, 2017, again attempting to “embrace” my natural waves (aka trying my hardest NOT to resemble an electrocuted poodle). Friends, I’ve faced the facts and am choosing to practice acceptance that the natural wave resolution will never make it past January. #isurrender #wheresmyhairdryer

But! I do have some resolutions for this year beyond the current state of my mane.

2016 was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me, truth be told. Lessons learned, and frankly, am still working through some stuff. (Aren’t we all?!) I’m usually the type to look for the best in a situation (or at least the humor in it), but this past year smacked me around a bit. It’s hard when you realize that some people don’t have the best intentions. And it hurts. Period.

I spent the latter part of the year feeling ungrounded and disconnected, to the point of literal dizziness and unbalance. Lack of clarity and focus was a huge challenge for me this past year, and I am officially declaring NO BUENO.

First resolution? To lighten up. My lovely friend Monica summed it up beautifully in her post.

This doesn’t mean abandon all responsibility or ignore the reality of what is going on in the world around me. It just means that on a daily basis, the way I live my life and interact with my family and friends, I want to find a lighter approach. I’m constantly up in my head or diving deep into my heart and it’s made me so heavy.

Yes. This.

On the surface, I appear to be pretty damn bubbly, but don’t be fooled. I too am constantly up in my head or diving deep into my heart. And yes, it’s made me so so heavy.

I want to lighten up, which leads me to Resolution #2.

I want to sweat.

I did a lot of thinking last year. A LOT OF THINKING. And you know what overthinking will do, don’t you? Stagnate the physical body. And that stagnation leads to feeling stuck, which then makes you overthink why you’re stuck, rinse and repeat.

I want to shift my focus to the wonderful, whimsical aspects of life.

So. We all know sweating can help detox the body, clear the mind, boost endorphins (happy juice for the brain!), and invigorate the immune system. So why I am I not sweating my ass off? BECAUSE I’VE BEEN SITTING AROUND THINKING, THAT’S WHY. (And, let’s face it. It’s the hair, I tell you. I don’t want to have to wash it every day, folks. Do you feel me?)

(See how that happened? We’ve come full circle on the subject of hair. Shocker.)

Sweat. How am I going to make this happen?

1. Exercise – this is the obvious avenue to take, and although yoga will always, always be my basecamp of sorts, I am stepping up my cardio big time. My sister just opened a pilates hybrid studio here in Oklahoma City called Beyond Studios which has a circuit training class called the 500 that literally makes me feel like I might puke. In other words, it is awesome and kicks my ass in the best way possible. (psst – she’s offering a great deal now through the Jan 15th – locals, come hang with us!) So, circuit training, Pilates, and of course, yoga. Sweat. Lots of it.

2. Another way to sweat? Dancing. I want to dance around my house. With my kids. Late into the night with my friends. There is nothing more liberating and spirit-lifting than dancing to the beat of good music. People, we don’t dance enough, and I am on a mission to change that. Late night dance parties, here I come. Sweating mandatory.

3. Taking a risk. Saying yes. Doing something that makes you nervous and/or giddy. Pursuing your passion. A little sweat-inducing, yes?

Yeah. I want to do more of that. In the queue so far, the Women’s March on Washington in a few weeks, and London and Paris in March.

All to say, if you see me running around town looking like a hot mess and giggling to myself, just know I’m killing it this year.

Who’s in? 2017, let’s do this thing.


Odds and Ends


1. People. Get ready. If you are looking for alternatives to resting bitch face, here you go. I used a lot of these faces this past year, but the winner has to be a tie between “You Are Still Talking About Yourself Face” and the “I Would Do Well to Question Your Motives Face,” which I used approximately 49,000 times this year.

2. Vintage holiday snapshots. I want that emerald satin dress.

3. Dude. Do you put toilet paper on the seat? Oops.

4. What romance really means after 10 years of marriage. I love this so much.

5. Why it’s time attitudes towards addiction change.

6. Have you heard of the Invisible Backpack of White Privilege from LL Bean? “It’s great for carrying questionable things like weed, Ponzi schemes, and sex crimes.”

7. Do you know that the Merriam-Webster word of the year is? I know a few who love to use this word.

8. 21 books everyone has started but never finished. Haha, I have over 10 on the list.

9. Sometimes, I wish Lena Dunham would just shut her mouth.

10. Are you still bullet journaling? Here are some top ideas from 2016.

11. Me, trying to understand many things. Ha!

12. Dark sense of humor? You will LOVE these. I could not control my laughter while reading.

13. What chefs buy from Trader Joe’s. I have to say the Omega Trek Mix is my absolute fave.

14. Best photographs of 2016. Oh, these are good.

15. Born before 1985 like yours truly? What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the Internet.

16. How many of these “healthy” things are you doing? According to this article, they are all myths.

17. 2016 was the year the feminist bubble burst. Super interesting read.

18. What is up with the celebrity deaths this year? I CAN’T TAKE IT.

19. All for this approach to eating.

20. What a month of mirror selfies can can teach you.

21. Have you seen these reversible faux leather totes? So good. Also, this initial bar necklace is on sale for 6 bucks. #whut

22. Last, but certainly not least, I am going to miss this man so much. SO MUCH.

Happy New Year’s Eve! 2017, let’s do this thing!