Green Beauty Recap – November

Ladies and gents, I am working on so many green beauty posts right now…lots and lots to tell you about! I’ve got a natural fragrance post in the works, my shower essentials, and the Annual Green Beauty Guide, which might just end up taking me 100+ hours to complete. So. Much. Information. (Last year’s post was a doozy!)

For now, though! Here are some great additions to my collection from the month of November.


Tata Harper is always a favorite, and she just introduced the Multi-Masking Collection. Ohhhh, my goodness. Besides my go-to Regenerating Cleanser that I use every single morning, this set is absolute tops on my list. (Such a great gift, by the way. I can’t imagine anyone not loving it.)


The box is a nice touch, right? So, the Resurfacing Mask is fabulous – I actually use it in conjunction with the Regenerating Cleanser once or twice a week. When I do, I apply the Regenerating Cleanser first and then put the Resurfacing Mask on top. (I learned this trick from Tata herself, and it leaves an incredible glow.)

The Purifying Mask is a complete cleansing treatment…perfect for when your face feels congested, and also as a treatment for the T-zone. The Honey Blossom Mask is another glow-giver, but also provides great hydration. Tata says you can even layer all three if you want. Love how her products work synergistically.

Oh! Great Cyber Monday deal going on right now. (It lasts though Tuesday too…) When you spend $200, you receive a free, full-sized Luminous Glow Kit. Use the code ILLUMINATE.

Next up, this gorgeous Winter Warmth palette.


This has it all – neutral eye shadows for everyday wear, two wearable blushes, and an all-over highlighter for the face. Every single shade works – just the right amount of pigment and sheen for the day, plus an amethyst and slate color for more depth. If you are a palette lover or are just looking for a way to start your own green beauty cosmetics collection, look no further. The savings on this make it a steal, and it’s one of those rare palettes in which every color is wearable!

I’m hoping to create a look with this palette that I will either post here or my Instagram within the coming weeks. Also, the lip gloss shown in the photo is called Dahlia. Another winner and has already found its permanent home in my purse.


Next up, Kahina Giving Beauty. This luxurious skincare line is this month’s Beauty Discovery at Beauty Heroes. If you have heard about this incredible line and want to give it a try, you simply must go the Beauty Heroes route. The Discovery set includes a full-size Beldi soap in either Moroccan Rose or Eucalyptus, an Essaouira Body Serum, and a sample of the Essaouira perfume.

If you have never tried Beldi soap, it’s a treat. As you can see, it’s this amazing consistency that you apply all over your body with the accompanying kessa mitt. It creates an all-over pore-opening skin detoxification and exfoliation, and increases
elasticity and vibrancy. Plus, the Essaouira perfume and body serum smell so lovely. This is a limited time discovery, so don’t delay if you are interested!

Last but certainly not least, some new (and old) favorites from Mun.


You know how much I love the Aknari Brightening Youth Serum, right? If not, see my skincare video here. (Yet another post to come…my updated skincare routine. Wow, I need to get cranking.) The Aknari Serum has been a tried and true for me since day one of my green beauty transition. I highly recommend it, especially to those who prefer a lesser amount of ingredients in their products. Aknari has Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, and Rose Flower Essential Oil. That’s it. My skin loves it. (Oh! Use the promo code NEWMUN for 20% off sitewide.)

New to me – the Argan Oil for all-over hydration anywhere on the body, and the Akwi Purifying Cleanser. Akwi is an oil-based cleanser and super gentle. I don’t use oil-based cleaners very often, but when I do, I will reach for this one. This particular Argan oil is sublime. I put it everywhere – hair, cuticles, face, dry spots, you name it. Love it!

That’s about it for this month. As always, leave any questions you might have in the comments!


Shopbop’s Big Sale Starts Today!

It’s no surprise that Shopbop is my #1 online retailer, so I would be remiss not to tell you about the fantastic sale that started this morning.


Here are few of my coveted items for fall and winter.

Happy shopping to you!


Flower Power


You guys know how much I love Lotus Wei, right? Well, Katie Hess, the dynamo behind all of that flower power, just released a new book, and it simply shouldn’t be missed. So fun and informative – all about flowers and what your personal preferences reveal about you.

Giving me a chance to check it out for myself, the team from Lotus Wei sent me photos of 48 flowers and asked me to choose the image that spoke to me most. The first one that jumped out at me was this beauty.


Yes, a peony. Well, here’s what I learned.

Activate: Magnetism
Message: Attract abundance

The Peony Flower grows up as round little buds that secrete a sweet nectar, attracting ants – before they bloom into huge, exquisite blossoms. If you’re drawn to the Peony flower, you may be overextending yourself or overworking. In the process of making big goals happen, sometimes you may push too hard when a softer approach might be more effective.

I received a Peony elixir from the team, which tastes lovely, like honey. The elixir is said to enhance your magnetism, so you attract both people and opportunities. It inspires a feeling of loveliness, abundance, and catalyzes an experience of profound gratitude for the beauty of life. It also dissolves shame, embarrassment, shyness, and the habit of overextending. (Yeah, I need help with that last one.) I’m super interested in checking out some of the other flower elixirs as well!

In Katie’s book, you will learn about the transformative power of flower elixirs: how they remove the everyday static of life created by electronics, lack of nature time, stress + other energy-draining influences that we can’t see.
Flowers can inspire joy and confidence, calm and ground us, and get us moving in the right direction, and Katie’s book is full chock full of reflections, exercises, projects, and general goodness.

Right now, Katie’s offering up the first two chapters as a sneak peek, plus gorgeous digital flower wallpapers so you can experience their visual healing powers on your phone or desktop. You can get the free chapters & floral wallpapers here.

To read more about flower power, including thoughts by my girl Laura, check her post out!