Odds and Ends


Well, hello there! Things have been a little quiet around here because, well, summer camp ended! And I’m with my kids! All day! Erry damn day! Until school starts! Which isn’t for 10 more days! HALP.

Hoping to be around next week, but if not, I hope this mega list of odds and ends will tide you over.

1. If you’re into podcasts, two I’m really enjoying are Edit Your Life by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest and Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson.

2. Does your Facebook news feed totally suck you into the rabbit hole of time wastage? I installed this last month, and you wouldn’t believe how much time it saves me. Down with the Facebook news feed, yo.

3. Um, big shark.

4. I just bought these jeans. It could go either way, folks. Keep you posted. Also, extra 30% off sale this weekend.

5. Grown man fed formula as a child wants to know why. HAAAAAAA.

6. Things that will happen if you don’t pull your phone out right now. Hurry, you are going to miss out!!

7. This study about meditation completely rebuilding the brain’s grey matter in 8 weeks is fascinating.

8. Since I wear stud earrings 98% of the time, I’m always looking for a new simple pair. These are perfect.

9. Best idea ever. For real…I love that guy.

10. Yes. This is why we have all of the feelings, people.

11. If you struggle with wanting to maintain control at all times, this is a great article by Martha Beck. Relaaaaaaaax.

12. I rarely talk about my health here (because, frankly, I don’t have the answers, and really, there is so much positivity I’d rather focus on), but this article really struck a chord with me.

13. I don’t know how I feel about men applying makeup better than I do. Share the wealth!

14. Speaking of makeup, Disney princesses without it.

15. Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Confidence. So good.

Happy Friday!

image credit: john hoyland


Gorgeous Everyday Dresses by Marie Hell


photography by Caroline Cohenour

If I’ve learned anything about dressing during my capsule wardrobe experimentation, it’s that well-loved essentials are imperative. (Just ask me about my favorite v-neck tee. I own, um, a lot.) When you have quality items that make you look and feel great, the (frequent) moments of blindly staring into the abyss of your closet suddenly vanish. Although I’m not officially wearing a summer capsule, my practice of fewer, yet better things has stuck like glue.

A solid guideline is to own lovely, simple garments that you can wear in almost any situation. For me, that means clean lines and solid colors, as I personally use accessories like scarves and jewelry to spice up an outfit.

Take Marie Hell dresses, for example. Oh, they are so lovely. The fit is fantastic – every style has the exact same silhouette from the armhole down, and will not stretch, sag, or lose its shape. Neither straight or A-line, nor clingy or dowdy…the fit is sooooo good.

The TIED and CRAVE dresses are absolutely timeless – I simply can’t imagine a style era in which a delicate halter or crew neckline wouldn’t be well loved. However, the best part about these dresses isn’t just the shape…the fabric is divine. Heavy enough to drape the body beautifully, yet perfect for all seasons. The styling possibilities are countless!

Here’s the TIED dress in White.




Odds and Ends


1. This is probably the best article I’ve read on meditation. Hits the nail on the head.

2. Dude. I think I’m ready to transition back to flared jeans. #seventiesforevah The skinny trend is on the way out, hallelujah.

3. Okay, these notes from neighbors regarding loud sex are pretty hilarious.

4. It’s amazing how many women are miseducated about pelvic pain and issues…I was happy to see this covered in GOOP.

5. Identical twins separated at birth find each other online. So sweet.

6. Friends, you better learn these slang terms. I mean, “on fleek” is already OVER…you need to get savvy boots or you’ll be sus.

7. OHHHMG. You need to check out all these science experiments to try with your kids.

8. This is the last weekend for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. If you have something sitting in your shopping cart, it’s time to pull the trigger. These shoes are a must for Wita, and these will look great on Wito in the fall.

Happy Friday! We are headed to the mountains next week – I’m counting the minutes until I escape this blazing, humid Oklahoma summer.

image credit: helen frankenthaler