Modern Classics For the Home


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Similar to my outlook on wardrobe purchases, I feel that as I enter my grand ol’ forties, I appreciate quality over quantity in terms of purchases for the home. Now, we all know that I’m married to a hoarder interior designer, so keeping my home’s interior stripped down like my clothing collection is just not going to happen. Treasures everywhere, indeed.

However, we do agree on a few things; one being that we enjoy saving, sourcing, and finally pulling the trigger on furniture that we know we’ll love and use until our dying days. My first big furniture purchase was this apple green Eames chair that I bought as a wedding gift for Dustin 10 years ago, and more recently, we bought a Saarinen Tulip Table for our dining room. As many of you might remember, the moving company we hired this summer broke the marble top of our Tulip table in half. Literally, IN HALF. (We’re still reeling over that mishap, but at least found a lovely slab of white marble here in Oklahoma, and had a new oval top made that we love even more than the original.)

Point being? Those two pieces are beyond near and dear to me, and I’m so happy we bought them. However, so many of “modern classics” are not exactly, um, inexpensive. So, when the rare event of a sale occurs, you need to jump. YLiving (as well as YLighting and YBath) is having its first-ever Spring Furniture Event featuring exceptional modern and contemporary home furnishings at savings of up to 20%. Knoll, Cherner, and Kartell are a few of the 30+ noteworthy brands on sale across a range of furniture categories and living spaces. Since this is Dustin’s wheelhouse, he shared some of his personal (as well as client) favorites with me, which I featured in the above graphic. The coolest part? All of those pieces are included in the sale going on this month at YLiving and YLighting. (If something pops out at you from the graphic, just give me a shout in the comments and I’ll shoot you a link.)

Also! Best part! During the month of March, visitors to any of the three websites –,, and – can easily enter for a chance to win an Arco Floor Lamp by FLOS Lighting. Just click here to enter – one entry per contestant, US only, must be 18.

Now, go forth and drool over all the lovely pieces. This pale rose pendant light by Louis Poulson needs to be my kitchen immediately. Commence daydreams.

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Odds and Ends



1. These sunglasses are perfection. As is the hair and lips.

2. Finally got my act together and I’m posting daily outfit photos from my capsule wardrobe at a new Instagram account, whoorlscloset. The mirror shots I’m taking kind of make me want to puke, but a promise is a promise, folks. Maybe I’ll dust off my tripod next week, but hey, at least I’m documenting my steady commitment to the capsule wardrobe cause. #fistbumpemoji

3. You’ve probably already seen this, but Christina does a perfect impression of Britney. So good.

4. What did you think about Patricia Arquette’s comments at the Academy Awards? Here are two great posts on the subject.

5. I guess I’m glad I’m not watching The Bachelor this season. Too much saliva.

6. Did you feed your babies peanuts early on? I have always wondered about this.

7. This made me laugh. And send to my dad because I think his diet is quite similar.

8. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! If I see this happen at Target, I’ll cry.

9. Seriously gorgeous photos. The one with the starry sky? Unreal.

10. Acro yoga is insane. I want to do it in my next life.

11. I guess Oklahoma is really down with gift shops. What’s your state’s favorite?

12. Finally, what do you think about the dress? Blue and black or white and gold? I see blue and black, but D says white and gold. You guys, we argued about it for 30 minutes last night, for real. What in the hell is going on here? What color do you see? If that dress is white and gold, MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE. (update – here’s the science behind the discrepancy. And I was right, ahem.)


This is Love



Last night, as I was preparing dinner, Wita was working hard on a drawing at the dining table. So, when Wita gets into masterpiece mode, she makes it crystal clear to all family members that they are NOT allowed to view her work until she is completely finished. Okay, people? Don’t even so much as try to sneak a peek. As I was placing plates and glasses on the table, she clutched the drawing to her chest and exclaimed, “DO NOT LOOK! ARE YOU LOOKING, MOMMY? I’M NOT DONE.”

Usually, when she finishes her treasure, she remains just as passionate during her presentation to curious family onlookers…she quietly approaches with a long, quiet stride, eyes averted downward, and then, in the blink of an eye, thrusts said masterpiece within an inch of your face. “MY ART IS COMPLETE. LOOK AT IT.”

(I’m telling you, the dramatics run deep in this family. We’re like the Von Trapp family for monologues and interpretive dance.)

I have to say that this piece of artwork caught me off guard, though. First off, 98% of her drawings are of our family, our house, or her school. However, this lovely, colorful drawing had the the word “Peru” drawn on it, and being, well, me, I had to probe a little deeper. “Tell me about this drawing, I said.” Wita went on to tell me that this was what Peru meant to her – a place with lots of colors and “a whole bunch of love.”

I found myself in one of those parenting moments when you need to trace the steps back a bit – sure, Wita had been with me all week, listening to me respond to family and friends’ inquiries about my trip to Peru, but I would have imagined her describing Peru as “that place far away that gave mommy a bad tummy problem.” You know, maybe a drawing of a rainbow and a toilet, perhaps?

Alas, no. She was right. In fact, if I stripped away the minor details such travel logistics and tummy bugs and acclimating to a developing country, that is exactly what Peru demonstrated to me. Love, everywhere. Between mothers and children, between coworkers and friends, between many of the Krochet Kids intl. employees and interns who moved to Lima primarily to love and serve others.

These women?








These photos were taken during the weekly group meeting between Krochet Kids mentors and the beneficiaries, and they were celebrating Valentine’s Day by presenting handmade gifts and wonderful words to each other. Listen, solo entiendo un poco de espanol, but I was blubbering in the corner. So much love and respect in the room.

These women are experiencing profound changes during their tenure at Krochet Kids. So many of them came into the program from downtrodden, abusive situations…insecure and lacking confidence, but according to their mentors (and my own eyes), these women are gaining confidence and seeing the world from a truly different lens. A spark has been ignited, and the results are clear.

And how about this for love?


Blake and Sarah Goodfellow, who packed up their life (including four young children) in Southern California and moved to Lima four years ago to start the Peru Krochet Kids program. Neither of them spoke a lick of Spanish, and what they’ve accomplished in four years is remarkable. Now if that isn’t the epitome of love and service, I don’t know what is.

Listen, I don’t think I could write anything that hasn’t already been written about Krochet Kids Peru in the past week (these posts by Rebecca, Kristen, and Heather are must-reads), but I want to show you something.


In a little over a week, you have made sponsorships a reality for half of these women. The same women you’ve seen in the photos – who love fiercely and are making positive changes in their lives. I am so proud of this accomplishment, and I know we can make sponsorship a reality for the rest of these women, either by donating directly or purchasing an item from the Krochet Kids line. (Have you seen the new arrivals? I mean, hello, Ryan tee.)

If you feel inclined, please click here to donate or shop. I am so incredibly grateful to those of you who can help.



The Perfect Taco Seasoning



We have taco night at least once a week, as it’s pretty much the only meal that makes everyone in the house happy. I’ve been using this taco seasoning recipe for years and never thought to post on the blog until this week.

Traditional taco seasoning packets are for the birds, you guys. Look at the ingredients in a typical packet.


Newsflash – you don’t need all that in your lovely bodies. Forget the preservatives and oils and crap and make this recipe instead. It tastes better, and is better for you. Ready, break!


1 tablespoon chili powder
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt (I use pink salt)
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano

Mix together and voilá, you’ve got taco seasoning with nothing but actual spices in it. Imagine that! This recipe makes enough to season 1-2 lbs of ground beef or turkey. I also use it on chicken and in black beans. Hope you enjoy.