Odds and Ends


1. Emotions we all feel, but don’t know the name of. Monachopsis is a common one for me.

2. Who said it – Donald Trump or Jenna Maroney? Classic.

3. Hey moms, did you go on a vacation this summer? Did it feel just like home, except closer to a beach? Ha.

4. Just in case you were wondering what Hillary has done in her many decades of political service.

5. What is up with this cat? FOR REAL, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

6. As an avid-yet-boring water drinker, La Croix has pretty much changed my life. Here are the flavors, ranked by taste. (Which I totally disagree with…Pamplemousse is THE BEST.)

7. Speaking of La Croix, what your favorite flavor says about you. Hey…I don’t pronounce it “la kwah!”

8. Do you think Trump might quit? Seems some are starting to wonder…

9. The BBC accidentally broadcasted Aziz Ansari subtitles over a nature show. So hilarious.

10. Oh, this is so important right now. How to listen when you disagree. Love this.

11. 3 more days before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends, and if you must know, I bought this, this, this, and this.

Happy weekend!

image credit: raffi lavie


Odds and Ends


1. Oh goodness, this road trip made me misty. A man and his dog.

2. 40 Things Everyone But You Is Doing This Summer. HA.

3. How society teaches kids that women are liars. A great read, and very timely.

4. 9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies For Women. Please tell me this a joke. This is a joke, right? #awkwardlaugh

5. I have no idea what this is about, but I laughed so hard. Add a dolphin, please.

6. This Would You Rather game is pretty tough.

7. Who can lend me 632 bones for this gorgeous jacket? COME ON, FOLKS. It’s marked down from $945! #megaeyeroll

8. For those of you who spend time on I-35, you will love this.

9. OMG. Honey + Sriracha + Bacon? YAAAAAAAAAAS.

10. Finally, if you have been around here for a bit, you know I don’t get too political on this blog. However, lately, I’ve had a few conversations with peers who are super apathetic about this election. They don’t want Trump (for obvious reasons), but they “don’t really like Hillary.” Hmmm. When I probe as to why they don’t, it’s always the same…they don’t really know. Well, folks, this right here is a super informative spreadsheet entitled, “So You Want To Like Hillary, But You Don’t Know Where To Start.” I highly recommend giving this a look before committing to sit out this election because you “just don’t know.” As President Obama said Wednesday night during his DNC speech, “don’t boo, vote.” Fist bumps all around.

Happy weekend! I can’t believe this summer is almost over. Yikes.


Green Beauty Recap – July

Oh, so many natural beauty products to talk to you about today, friends. I’ve tried many green products in the cosmetic, skincare, and haircare realms this month, and thought I would share my experiences.


First things first. The Global Beauty line from Lina Hanson. Touted as “the holy grail of beauty products,” these three from the line are fantastic. A celebration of global beauty, Lina’s products are formulated for all skin-types and ethnicities, handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness, and are divine.

The powder cleanser (shown on the left) smells like a lemon meringue (no joke!), and can be used many different ways, depending on how much water you mix with the powder. I like to create a thick paste to exfoliate my skin with, and it does the trick. (Also, I really, really, want to eat this stuff. I can’t help it.)

Next up is the serum, which is hydrating and lovely. They key ingredients are Marula, Baobab, and Camellia Seed, and the scent comes from a combination of Ylang-Ylang, Frankincense, and Neroli. I like that this gives me enough moisture on its own.

Finally, the Treatment Balm, which is my favorite of the trio. Key ingredients are Matcha Green Tea, Pearl, 24K Gold, and Coffee, and this balm literally melts on your fingertips before application. Applied to the eye area and other wrinkles, it softens lines and improves elasticity. Great for mature skin, and smells like vanilla mixed with cocoa to me. Another one I have to keep myself from tasting.