The Bachelor Finale Recap – OMG


the bachelor final rose

I…I don’t even know where to begin, friends. Prepare for some dramatic hand-gesturing and facial contortions (see below) on my part.


What do you think about this craziness?


Everyday Look: Pointy-Toe Flats


pointy toe flats

What’s your everyday look? Although I attempt to keep things fresh (but seriously, when will I realize that day dresses are a personal pipe dream?), I do have a mainstay ensemble combination that gets me through most days.

Blazer + Silk(y) Blouse + Denim + Flats = Happy, Stylish, and Comfortable

This is my personal style equation, and I’m a huge fan because you can really change up the vibe with different items from your closet.

Today, let’s talk about flats. Specifically, pointy-toe flats. (Is it “pointed” or “pointy?” A Google search sways me towards “pointed,” but I’ve always said “pointy.” Important issues, folks.) As you can see from my collection above, I have a thing for pointy-toe shoes. In the same way nude heels elongate the leg, pointy-toe shoes are a great way to add a little length to your overall silhouette. It’s like a mohawk for your feet, for reals.

The best thing about the current pointy trend is that the shape isn’t overly dramatic. Must I remind you of the the point from about 7-8 years ago? For crying out loud, people. How did I walk around without repeatedly tripping and face-planting? Glad we’re dealing with a much subtler shape this time around. Also, I am loving the d’Orsay style, as you can see in my roundup of favorites below.


pointy toe flats

1. Ankle Straps with Gold Detail, $60

2. Lucie Fabric Slingbacks, $248

3. Shiny Leather Slip-On, $60

4. Matt Bernson Mercer, $176

5. Beatrice Ankle Strap Skimmer, $128

6. Leather d’Orsay Flat, $108

7. Navy Suede Flat, $24

8. Frankie d’Orsay Flat, $195

9. Dolce Vita Alpha Flat, $139

10. Camouflage Fabric Flats, $40



Odds and Ends



1. Amy Poehler is my spirit animal. Her Smart Girls website has become one of my favorites.

2. I am obsessed with House of Cards, and as usual, I am finding myself completely attracted to a totally power-hungry asshole. (For a round-up of all the assholes I love, have a looksie.) So, I finished up Season 1 last week, and just watched the first episode of Season 2 last night. WHAT THE WHAT, FRANK UNDERWOOD. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN, YOU ALL? DID IT? OHHMMYYGAHHHHHH

3. Did you see Lupita Nyong’o’s speech on beauty? “You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What actually sustains us – what is fundamentally beautiful – is compassion. For yourself and those around you. That kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul.”

4. Whole Foods is America’s angriest store. Do you agree? (I see the writer’s point…)

5. As a gluten-free newbie, I really appreciate this article. Looking forward to making that pizza!

6. Adventures of a Lego photographer. These photos are gorgeous.

7. Lisa Eldridge does it again. I love this tutorial on the ultimate beautifying look.

8. Hahaaaa. Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” Emoji video. Good stuff.


My Hanging Laundry Basket Reality


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Remember this lovely sight?


Above are my amazingly awesome, perfectly pinnable hanging laundry baskets in my hall closet. I have six of them. They are better than chocolate. And Cheez-Its. (I’m in my 4th month of gluten-free eating, and it’s been way easier than I expected. Barring the lack of Cheez-Its. I LONG FOR THE CHEEZ-ITS.)

Except that…well, my amazingly awesome, perfectly pinnable hanging laundry baskets don’t look like that all the time. They pretty much look like this.


(And that’s on a good day. A really good one.)

Why does this happen, pray tell? Well, as many of you know, laundry is a beeeyotch to keep up with these days. A family of four keeps those baskets filled every. single. day. Also, my 7-year-old son who’s been reading for over four years seems to suddenly render himself illiterate when gazing at the labeled (P-TOUCH FTW) baskets.


Minor pet peeve. MINOR.

My major pet peeve is stain-treating. I can not deal. I hate it. I spend an exorbitant amount of time treating stains in my laundry room. I mean, you know, KIDS. Messy. Gah, stains. Enter Tide Pods.  The little packets available at Target are a triple threat of detergent, stain remover, and brightener in one. Do you know what that means? No stain-treating beforehand. Glory glory hallelujah.


Now, come out with an unscented version and my dreams will come true.

Have you all entered the Little Bit Goes a Long Way Sweepstakes yet? A $300 Target giftcard is up for grabs, folks. I’ve been eating up the comments on how you all relax and enjoy the little things. So much so that I wanted to put together an old school Whoorl pie chart documenting the most popular ways to chill, but alas, I had to use that time to lecture my son on what the words “darks,” “colors,” and “lights” mean. Official rules are here.

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