I’m Living in a Stress Dream



This is how I’ve felt for the past three weeks.

Where do I even begin? Well, it’s been a fiasco. Some of you know a little of the story from Facebook, but here goes.

We finally got word that our (very late) belongings were arriving in Oklahoma City last week. The day before move-in, we dropped by the rental condo to take some final measurements, noticed some wetness and staining on the living room floor, and called the landlord who promised to check it out immediately. The next morning we woke up, took Wita to her first day of pre-K, and prepared for the big moving day. D drove over to the condo to check things out while I packed up our stuff from the interim at my parents, and about thirty minutes later, he called me from the condo. The owners were there, along with some service professionals, and guess what they found? A big ol’ leak, and yes, you guessed it, BLACK MOLD. Black mold in the walls, black mold in the plenum, I’m guessing black mold in lots of very fun places. (Hey, this wasn’t our first mold rodeo.) About the same time, we heard from the moving company that the semi-truck was 30 minutes outside of the city. HOORAY! Our belongings! Yet, um, NOWHERE to put them. Teeny tiny dilemma.

Don’t think we didn’t realize the irony of these two crucial events happening within 30 minutes of each other. We had been pooling and cocktailing and socializing at my parents’ home for the past 7 days – it sure would have been nice to find out about the mold, I don’t know, say, a a few days before moving in so we could find a new place in time. Alas, no. 70-foot semi truck! Pulling into town and headed to Tennessee directly afterwards! Let’s do a Herkey!

Needless to say, the calls to local storage units started immediately. Um, exactly how big does a storage unit need to be to house 12,000 pounds of stuff? Pretty big, folks.

It was around lunchtime when the driver arrived. Luckily, he was planning to stay the night in OKC, so that gave us the rest of the day to try and miraculously find a rental that we could move into the next morning. (Hello, tall order. The Amazing Race – Oklahoma City Edition!) And that’s when I felt some serious Okie love. You guys, friends and family were coming out of the woodwork to help us on our quest for a place. My phone was ringing off the hook with offers of help. Oklahomans are like that, you all. Always have and always will. After several hours, we managed to find a very small apartment to move our stuff into the following morning. 1,000 square feet, to be exact. Talk about some family bonding.

The next morning, the semi met us at the storage unit (where we would have to store about 75% of our stuff due to the size of our new digs), and what happened next was a true delight.

When the local moving crew opened the semi door, you should have seen the looks on their faces. Something to the effect of this:

Not only was the moving company’s delivery over a week late, but they hadn’t been, um, very gentle with our things. As in, about 40-50% of our belongings were damaged, but take a look for yourself! Good times!


As someone (hilariously) commented on this Facebook post, “That’s why it took so long to get there. They had to break everything first.” PREACH.

The local movers remarked that they had never seeing a truck packed so poorly. Our sofa was lying on top of crushed boxes marked fragile. Mangled furniture, crushed lamp shades…just a heaping mess. Tens of thousands of dollars of damage, with most of the items being irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind from D’s treasure hunts. (Well, I should have known this was going to happen when they cracked our Saarinen table in half even before loading it on the truck.)

Thank God we purchased extra insurance. Deep breath.

So! Now the four of us are living in an apartment (or “rahpartment,” as Wita calls it) smaller than my first one out of college located directly next to a major highway, which means sometimes I have to swerve to miss drunk panhandlers. (A pleasant, updated apartment, though! Don’t get me wrong – we are very grateful to have found it.) Also, we have chosen to forgo (doesn’t that phrase remind you of the fantasy suite letter on The Bachelor?) internet and television, because we figure, what the hell, we might as well make this as uncomfortable as possible. Let’s be Amish in this stress dream of ours!

Last night, while I stared at the pale yellow walls and listened to the tenant in the unit above us march around, I had a moment.

But then I immediately had another one.

Because you can’t even make this stuff up. This month has been so awesomely horrendous that it’s impossible to keep a straight face. The stress feels almost unmanageable. The Lyme is screaming “YOOHOOOOOO REMEMBER ME?” – my body aches down to the bones and my hair is falling out like crazy. But you just have to laugh. A lot. And know that things are going to get better, and that some really awesome Mindful Monday posts will come from it all. (I’m not there yet, but they are a’comin’…) Most importantly, things could be so much worse. So much. I am very aware of that fact, even when I’m playing tiny violins for myself.

As for the housing situation, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are under contract on a house that is perfect for us right now and not a project. I repeat, NOT A PROJECT. We might just be able to sit down and exhale really soon. I’m very, very much looking forward to that moment.


Sally Beauty Giveaway Winner + A Beauty Consultation


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Congratulations to Kristiina, who won the Sally Beauty $45 gift card. Cue fanfare!

Part of the giveaway was a beauty consultation of sorts, and I must admit, it made me a bit nostalgic for the good ol’ Hair Thursday days. Kristiina, feel free to take my advice or spend your gift card on whatever you please! Let’s get crackin’…

1.Palladio Baked Eye Shadow in Bronze – While poking around on Kristiina’s blog and social media, I noticed she has really lovely blue eyes. There really isn’t a better way to make blue eyes pop than bronze eye shadow. I think this one would be perfect, and it looks to be a great inexpensive dupe for Urban Decay’s Half-Baked shadow.

2. OPI Polish in Sweetheart – A perfect, sheer pink. It’s my go-to color.

3. Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder - I love Kristiina’s hair style, and this powder would be perfect on days when she wants a little lift at the crown.

4. Super Juicies Sheer Gloss – I am obsessed with these glosses. My favorite picks for Kristiina are Peach, Creamy Pink (tastes like frosting!), and Berry.

5. Real Colors Blush in Peachy Keen - A peachy-pink blush is perfect for Kristiina’s complexion. Pair with a bronzer during the summer or when you’re looking for a bit more color in the cooler months.

6. Miracle 7 Finishing Spray - This is a great hair spray – gives a nice all-day hold, but is not stiff at all. Hair needs to move, people!

Some of these products might just work for you too…don’t forget that all orders over $45 at Sally Beauty come with a free tote bag!

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A Little Life Update



We are officially Okies, you all. I mean, y’all.

Just thought I’d let you know that we are alive and kicking it in OKC.

Things have been a little bumpy with the actual move, as in, the moving company packed our belongings on the truck on July 30th, and we still don’t have them. They were supposed to arrive this past weekend, and when we called (while sitting on our empty home floor) to confirm the arrival time, they informed us that, well, they hadn’t left California yet, and were planning to, you know, pretty soon, and oh, did they mention that they needed to make a stop in Denver for a couple of days too? So yeah, they are hoping for the end of this week. You know, whatevs. Over two weeks without any of our stuff. No bigs. We only have both kids starting new schools this week and no belongings to our name. (I should have known that things with the moving company weren’t going well when they cracked the marble top of our Saarinen tulip table IN HALF on moving day. Rest in peace, lover. Hoping that extra insurance we took out  is actually a thing.) Well, I hear-uber minimalism is the trend right now…

Otherwise, things are great. My parents are lovingly and patiently boarding us while in limbo, and it’s just TERRIBLE having four extra hands with the kids. And free food. And a pool. And a stocked bar. It’s pretty awful over here. I wouldn’t recommend.

So instead of hand-wringing over things I can’t control, I’m working on my (non-existent) tan and enjoying every second catching up with family before the unpacking begins.

Speaking of, I can’t even tell you how happy-making it is to just, you know, call my sister to suggest an impromptu dinner date. And then actually DRIVE to her house and hang out while the kids play and laugh. The cousins love being around each other, and I’m pretty positive will get into loads of trouble in the upcoming decade. I feel like Wito has found a best friend in his cousin, and that makes me so happy. They very much enjoy playing Minecraft and mastering the armpit fart.

Saturday night, a good ol’ Oklahoma thunderstorm passed over my sister’s neighborhood while we sipped beer and talked about the joys of moving (they just moved to a new house too), and it just felt like…home. After the thunderstorm rolled through, the sun came out full force, and we made our way to a restaurant in a burgeoning part of the city that is completely new to us and super exciting. This city is definitely not the place we left decades ago, and we are so excited to be a part of it.

It’s going to be a bright new chapter of our lives, methinks.

image credit: Two Sarahs


Sally Must-Haves (+ Gift Card Giveaway!)


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sally beauty must-haves

Pssst…you can get a lot of bang for your buck at Sally Beauty Supply. Here are a roundup of Sally must-haves, and they all totaled less than $45. BOOYAH.

1. Tangle Teezer – If you haven’t used a Tangle Teezer on your little one’s hair, run, don’t walk. This has saved Wita (and myself) many, many tears.

2. Beautique Long-Wear Automatic Eye Liner – I adore these liners – the colors are classic, and I’m always a fan of not needing to use a pencil sharpener. My two favorite colors? French Roast and Raisin.

3. Beautique Automatic Lip Liner – I have found the perfect nude, your-lips-but-better lip liner and it’s called Dusk. Do it, trust me.

4. Mr. Pumi Pumice Bar – Sandal weather means we all can see those heels of yours. Stay on top of any dryness or cracking by buffing your heels frequently in the shower.

5. Shower Detangler – While Wita loves the Tangle Teezer, I can’t live without this shower detangler. Gets all my tangles out without any yanking or snagging.

6. Femme Couture Super Juicies Lip Gloss – I love all the Super Juicies shades, but Creamy Pink is my favorite. Bonus – it tastes like cake frosting, and since I’ve cut virtually all sugar from my diet, I’ll take what I can get!

7. Face Secrets Deluxe Powder Brush – Keep shiny summer skin at bay with this brush.

8. An adorable tote, which is FREE when you buy $45 worth of product at Sally Beauty. BONUS.

I bought all of this for 45 bucks, and Sally Beauty Supply has graciously offered a $45 gift card for your shopping pleasure. Just comment on this post before August 8, 2014 and you will be entered to win! Additionally, the winner will receive a free beauty consultation with me on what hair, skin and makeup colors I think would work best for them. (I’m feeling a little Hair Thursday nostalgia right now…)

Sally Beauty is also running a contest on Pinterest.

How to enter:

During the contest period, follow Sally Beauty on Pinterest.
Create a “Sally Beauty Boho” board and repin the contest image.
Add $45 worth of product from SallyBeauty.com to your “Sally Beauty Boho” board.
Email the board to social@sallybeauty.com by August 29, 2014.
Contest dates: August 1, 2014 – August 29, 2014
Prize: Five (5) Grand Prizes. Five Prize Winners will receive a $45 Sally Beauty gift card
Official rules are here.

Good luck!

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