Pinto Bean Syndrome Part Deux

The Pinto Bean Syndrome has taken me down once again. I really thought my sneezing fits this week were due to allergies until I woke up with the infamous scratchy throat this morning. DAMN. Could the PBS rear its ugly head at a more inopportune time? HELLO, THANKSGIVING. How can I put my turkey face on feeling like this?

Here’s my plan:

1. I only have to work for three hours today. When I get home, it’s lights out.
2. Take Emer’gen – C right now. Hey, it’s cranberry-flavored! Thanksgiving flavors for everyone!
3. Think positive thoughts. The weather has been unusually warm here, so technically, it could be allergies.
4. Pray to the Pinto Gods.
5. Cancel martini night with my fabulous boss. Ohhh, this one cuts deep.
6. Don’t spend hours trying to write an entry, even though I feel very guilty that I haven’t written anything remotely worthwhile in a week. I know you lovely people will understand. Maybe? Hopefully? Please?

In exchange for my lackluster post, I am leaving you with a clip my sister emailed me this morning. I might be pinto-delirious, but I had tears shooting out of my ducts from hysterical laughter. Check it out* and have a Great Thanksgiving!

*for my fellow Mac users, you need Windows Media Player for Mac to view the video



Sorry about the lack of entries, peeps. My iBook is very feverish and needs to be hospitalized STAT.

Wish me luck at the Apple Genius Bar.

UPDATE – I’m so very glad I spent an extra $300 for an extended warranty that just so happens to NOT cover what is wrong with my computer. Looks like repairs will cost me EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS. I told the Genius Bar applehole that I might as well buy a new computer…he agreed. So, I will be back sooner than later armed with a new and improved laptop.

Good thing Christmas is on the way…


Another Rockin’ Tuesday Night

As I sit here on the couch, drinking wine and watching TBS reruns of Sex and the City, I have to admit I luh-huved Aidan. Of course, the new and improved Aidan (not the scraggly Aidan from days of yore).

Remember the episode when he and Steve had the grand opening party for their new bar? And he and Carrie run into each other outside the back door? And he’s smoking a cigar? And he looks so HOT? And he feeds her cake?