A Call To Action

Fellow bloggers, do you have friends/family members who still don’t fess up to reading your blog? People who don’t blog themselves and don’t realize the information we receive about our readers?

Would these people just cringe knowing that we see HOW MANY times they visit us daily?

Frankly, I’m tickled pink.

To my peeps out there – yes, you know who you are. I dare you to comment. DOUBLE-DOG DARE. I mean, c’mon, that’s the Cadillac (or Porsche, if you will) of all dares. How could you not?


Favorite Food Meme

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Something So Clever, yesterday and noticed her favorite food meme. So today, I am going to crash the meme party and do one myself. Mine is entitled “My Favorite Foods That I Never Get To Eat”.

Besides the mixed nuts and english muffins, for whatever reason, I only eat these foods a few times a year (which is probably a good thing minus the sushi and soup).

What’s up with that? GIMME MY CHEETOS!

– If you were wondering, #4 is Tom Kha soup. YUM.