Odds and Ends


1. Friends. Two days ago, Vice President Pence was a key speaker at the White House Women’s Empowerment Panel. The following day? He cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to take away women’s access to birth control. This is ridiculous. Dangerous. Unbelievable. Please consider donating to Planned Parenthood, who will now be defunded thanks to all the schmucks who voted for the bill.

2. Are you a woman? Are you so done with this bullshit? You might like some of these.

3. Have you heard of Resistbot? It sends messages to your representatives – basically, you can text ResistBot what you want the message to say and it will be faxed to your representatives. So easy. And cool.

4. Hey. You are allowed to leave, you know.

5. Have you seen Facebook’s new town hall feature? Probably the best thing they’ve ever launched.

6. Crushes can be good. Even if you are in a committed relationship.

7. This is the best purchase I’ve ever made in regards to travel. USB charging port! Brilliant!

8. Wasn’t sure if I was going to share, but I started taking this drug earlier this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

9. Cards Against Humanity creator makes a bold statement and I love him for it.

10. I totally remember this story! Freaked me the heck out!

11. Why social media is no bueno for middle schoolers.

12. Was this the longest week for anyone else? Such a crappy week, and I’m so glad that it’s over. #politics But! For my local OKCers, I have a perk for you. (We had our own fair share of bad news this week. Ranked 50 out of 50 for the worst quality of life for women. WAY TO GO, OKLAHOMA. WAY TO DRIVE IT HOME. JAYSUS.)

Anyway! I’ve been working out at Beyond Studios and because, ahem, I know the owner, I persuaded her to create a deal for my readers. 1 week of unlimited workouts for 30 bucks. You guys, that’s the bee’s knees. The code is WHOORL. You can sign up by calling the studio or on the Beyond app. (You can also access on the Mind Body app, but not sure the code works on there.) Come join me! You will be addicted, I promise.

Wishing you all a great weekend, and let’s hope next week is a better one.

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How To Pack Stylishly For 7 Days in a Carry-On


2017 is shaping up to be a year of travel for me. Although I really didn’t plan for it to be, it’s March and I’ve already visited London, Paris, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Kansas City, and Dallas this year. Not to mention the 5 trips planned for the next few months.

Needless to say? It was time to get my packing skills refined to an artform. I’ll never forget driving to the Palm Springs airport with Kristen and Luvvie while they gently mocked me for my large piece of luggage crammed to the max for, ahem, a 4-day trip. (What can I say? This is how my brain works while packing. Maybe yours does too?)

However, I spent quite some time devoted to capsule wardrobes. How could there be such a discrepancy between my day-to-day and my packing practices? I decided I would challenge myself to pack in one carry-on for my recent 7-day trip to London and Paris, and you guys, it was so great. I don’t think I’ll ever check a bag again.

Here’s the thing about packing for London and Paris in the early Spring. You’re essentially going to be outside with a coat on the entire time. So I focused less on my under layers, and more on my outerwear and accessories. This really made packing so much easier. Also, I had access to laundry mid-week, which made it easier to cut down on my tees, pajamas, panties, etc.

First things first. My carry-on itself. I use the Bigger Carry-On by Away Travel. Oh my goodness, I can’t say enough about this suitcase. It has a hard case, a charging port for my devices, looks so stylish, and most importantly fits SO MUCH stuff in it. For real, you guys. Take a look.

This particular size fits all the sizers of major US airlines – I had no problem fitting it in the overhead bins of Delta, Virgin Airlines, and Air France during my trip. However, if you travel budget airlines in other countries or smaller jets, this particular size will probably not work, and you should consider the regular carry-on size from Away. I very rarely fly in those situations, so the bigger size works for me.

As for my packing breakdown, here you go.