Odds and Ends


Hey! I’ve been a little MIA…it seems I had to make a few stops in LA, Palm Springs, Washington DC, Dallas, and Kansas City over the past month or so. Never fear, Odds and Ends are here!

1. Wow. I totally rocked some of these shoes! #unfortunate

2. Work from home? Maybe you can relate. Hilarious.

3. I’m spending a week in London and Paris in March and am determined to pack a carry on only. This has been so helpful.

4. Did you see this? Another solar system? Alien life? SO AMAZING.

5. Why facts don’t change our minds. Such a good read.

6. Natalie is a gem. Love this post on what she’s reading with her young girls.

7. Am I pragnent/pragnent/pegnate? OMG, I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard at this one. Turn up the volume.

8. Are you extra feminist when drunk?

9. We now have four Amazon Echo Dots in our house. Here are some good hacks that might push you over the edge if you are considering pulling the trigger.

10. Pope Francis says it’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian. Food for thought.

11. Tigers vs. Drone. Who do you think won?

12. Something about the eyes. The gateway to the soul.

Happy weekend to you!

image credit: caroline cohenour


Speak Up With Your Wallet!


So, if you haven’t heard, our new president got a little snippy with one of my favorite retailers for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s brand. (Seriously, how is this man still tweeting?!) I can’t possibly refrain from excessive eye-rolling at this point…they actually might get stuck at the back of my head.

This got me thinking, though. I’ve been doing a fair amount of activist work since I returned from the Women’s March on Washington…writing letters to senators, researching local activist groups to help out, spreading the word amongst my social media channels, etc.

But. BUT. Looking at the past 10 years or so at this blog, what have we been pretty good at accomplishing here at Whoorl? Well, spending. Buying things. (Mindfully, of course. Um, well, most of the time.)

So let’s start talking about companies we should be putting our dollars behind (like Patagonia!) and the ones we should not (ahem, UNDER ARMOUR).

This week? It’s all about Nordstrom. Still one of my favorite retailers, despite Mr. Trump’s rants.

Here are some of my current favorites.


Pain and Patience


I visited my yoga studio for the first time in three weeks yesterday. Upon arriving, my teacher asked how my injury was, and I told her I was very much improved and ready to dive back in. She looked and me and said, “Sarah, you need to be patient with your body. Please take it easy.” I thought to myself, “of course!” I thought I was ready.

The class was so frustrating. My body was frustrating. The pain was there. The grace in which I flow through postures was most definitely not. Even dialing back my effort by half, it was hard not to grimace.

Leaving the class, I felt so defeated. When would I be able to enjoy something I love so much again? When would the pain leave? “I’ve done ALL the stuff I’m supposed to do to heal!,” I thought.

Oh, Sarah. Patience.

Practicing patience is so incredibly difficult. Harder than any asana. No one wants to be in pain, whether physical or emotional, but we simply must give ourselves the proper time to heal. Because with every day that passes, those muscle fibers, bones, and ligaments will heal. Even the heart will heal…it’s a muscle too, after all. Maybe not exactly the way it was before, but in a way that allows you to experience life from a new perspective. However, until that time comes, you must give yourself grace. You must soften into the pain, not fight it. Be gentle with yourself, as you would with any of your loved ones.

Because the pain will subside. It always does.