Odds and Ends

1. Let kids eat the food off the floor…it’s good for them.

2. Conference call bingo. Legit.

3. Why do the Irish hate U2? Interesting.

4. I’m afraid this has sold out since publishing this post (sold out in 12 hours last time!), but if it’s available, jump on it.

5. The summer bucket list of a 35-year-old. Hilarious. (And appropriate for a 42-year-old, as well.)

6. This is the last weekend to get $20 off $75 for you AND a friend at my favorite green beauty retailer!

7. After being told her head scarf was inappropriate by her employer, this kick-ass employee takes matters into her own hands. LOVE THIS.

8. Have you seen these SNL Twitter replies to Trump’s tweets? Laughing so hard.

9. This house makes me very, very uncomfortable. Yikes.

10. “Not flossing is like wiping your butt cheeks and not the crack.” Yep. Pretty much. Please floss, people.

11. Is the next big blue-collar job…coding? Possibly.

12. My physician recently recommended this book to me and, of course, I jumped right in. #suchasarahjamesbook

13. Last, but certainly not least, The Sale of All Sales starts today, and you better not delay! #poetandididntevenknowit

Happy Friday to you! We are off on another vacation next week – not sure our annual trip to the mountains a few weeks ago can be topped, but our old friend the ocean hasn’t let us down yet. Hoping you all have a great week ahead.

image credit: claire elsaesser


$20 Off Citrine Natural Beauty for You and A Friend!

Friends! This is way too good of a deal for me not to share. As some of you may know, Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is by far my favorite online green beauty retailer. (If you don’t believe me, check out how many of my favorite products they carry.)

My top 5 products at Citrine? This. This. This. This. And this.

Here’s the deal – from now until July 24th, Citrine is offering $20 off $75 for you AND a friend. Big discounts like this are hard to come by in the green beauty world, so if you have your eye on a product or two, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Just click here to get your promo code for you and a friend!

(Also? Have a question regarding a product? Leave in the comments, and I’m happy to help if I can!)



Odds and Ends

1. I regret to inform you that my wedding to Captain Von Trapp has been canceled.

2. So, apparently, fasting is good for you as it triggers stem cell regeneration.

3. How to build a relationship that lasts.

4. Please tell me you watched this video of a London crowd at a Green Day concert. Best thing I’ve seen in awhile!

5. Florida beachgoers form a human chain to rescue a family. People are good.

6. My gorgeous friend Lisa is done with coloring her gray at 38. She is such an inspiration. (And SO knowledgeable about wellness and green beauty too!)

7. My other gorgeous friend recently came out to her dad, all thanks to Trump. (Maybe he is good for something? #dreamon)

8. Child-free marriages. What you should probably know before getting all nosy and up in their grill.

9. I finally wrote a visitor’s guide to Oklahoma City!

10. You guys, it’s that time of year. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, and for those of you cardholders, early access has started. (And for those of you who don’t and are eyeing something, get it in your cart now!) Love this, this, and these. This is also my travel tote of choice.

11. Dealing with betrayal. Four solid coping strategies.

Happy Friday to you. Enjoy your weekend!