Odds and Ends

1. Wow. Feelings. Handle them before they handle you.


3. You know, this lady makes some valid points. Off-the-shoulder tops…do you hate ’em too?

4. Please stop making everything perfect for your kid. Yep.

5. Will forever use this body wash and this lotion. Smells so good!

6. Fellow high achievers, this class would have been so helpful!

7. Ooh ooh ooh! Maybe that Liberal Arts degree isn’t so worthless after all. (Says the girl with a B.A. in Psychology, ahem.)

8. One piano. Two strangers in an airport. Love this.

9. OMG! I knew my brain was working properly all along!

10. There’s now a name for the micro-generation born between 1977 and 1983.

11. What happens when 20 strangers are paired up and…asked to slap each other. Ha.

Happy Friday! We’re driving back to OKC from Denver today after an amazing week in the mountains. Looking forward to my own bed, though! Enjoy your weekend.

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Shall We Chat About Kids Clothes?

Over the past year, as my kids continue to grow and develop their own “style” (I use that term quite loosely), their clothing choices have become interesting. Well, not so much my son…I mean, he doesn’t give a damn what goes on his body. He truly could not care less, people. So I buy a melange of tees and shorts and crazy patterned socks (these are a favorite) and hope for the best.

(I must note, though, that his combinations are laughable. I mean, how hard is it to pick TWO items that slightly coordinate? Apparently VERY hard for this boy, as he’ll come out of his room in a burgundy t-shirt, bright red shorts, and pink socks. I like to call his look “variations on one color,” coming to a town near you.)

My daughter? The one who is 6 going on 13? Hold me closer, tiny dancer. Long gone are the days when I could dress her in adorable European dresses with leggings and call it a day. (Seriously, how I MISS THESE DAYS.)

Now? We’re walking through the mall and she wants to go to Justice. OH MY GOD. It’s like she’s magnetically pulled to that storefront by a force that renders her powerless to “peace, love, and besties” tanks adorned with unicorn glitter. She might as well be standing on a conveyor belt catapulting her straight to the cash wrap of the tackiest stores in America. Pass me the smelling salts, please.

In addition to the “style” issue, we have two other major factors that come into play.

1. My kids are growing like weeds.
2. My kids are extremely hard on clothes.

My poor son and his neglectful mama. As I type this post, he just walked into the room wearing shorts that can only be described as “Leiderhosen chic.” THEY ARE SO SHORT AND TIGHT. BUT I JUST BOUGHT THEM LAST MONTH. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! My mother just pointed out that his toes are practically busting out from his shoes! She just accused me of trying to bind his feet, like the Geishas of yore!

Everything is covered in stains. And too small. And we can’t agree on anything.

Do you feel me?

Well, let me tell you about what we’ve been doing the past few months.




Odds and Ends

1. Um, this couple survives on the “universe’s energy” opposed to food. Okie dokie.

2. How common is your birthday? Fun infographic.

3. OMG GAME CHANGER. I’m a fan of no-show socks with my kicks, yet they ALWAYS SLIDE DOWN MY HEEL. No longer, my friends! These socks are the best thing ever and YES I AM THIS EXCITED ABOUT SOCKS. Get 25% off your first purchase here!

4. How to look smart. You know you want to know how.

5. What to make of Philando Castile’s death one year later. If you have 20 minutes, I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

6. Guys. Have you seen Amazon Prime’s new perk? You can order three items of clothing without any payment upfront. Just send back what you don’t want and then they’ll charge you for the rest. Pretty cool.

7. Even though my skin doesn’t tend to be blemish-prone, I definitely experience congestion in the summer months. Been using this mask twice a week, and my skin has had no issues at all! (Bonus – the green color is the best.)

8. Speaking of favorites, I posted my 2017 Best of Best Green Beauty Guide earlier this week.

9. Can’t put this book down. Part fictional love story, part philosophical interludes about love.

10. This post is so true and so wonderful. Changing our perspective from inward to outward is key.

11. You guys, WTF is this. I can’t turn away.

12. Audrey Tatou. She is a goddess to me, and I want to see this exhibit!

13. Three words for you. SO EFFING RAD.

Happy Friday to you all! We are headed to Colorado today, and I can’t wait to get out of this horribly hot weather and chill in the mountains for a bit.

image credit: emma fineman