S.W Basics of Brooklyn (+ The Ultimate Makeup Remover)


Thanks to S.W. Basics of Brooklyn for sending these products my way and sponsoring the post! So glad I found them.


The makeup post is done. The skincare post is coming in January. But until then, I need to tell you about S.W. Basics of Brooklyn and the new product that is a game changer. Well, two products, actually.

First off, I received five products from the SWBB team – the Bestsellers Mini Kit (which I recommend you check out if you are wanting to try some new skincare), and the Organic Lip Balm. At S.W. Basics, they make the products from scratch using only whole, high-potency ingredients. They’ve found that if they stick with only absolutely essential ingredients and don’t add a bunch of extra stuff, there is no need to put a hundred things into the products. Using fewer ingredients means more potent skincare – in fact, everything they sell only has 5 ingredients or less. Bonus – S.W. Basics supports sustainable agriculture by buying only from organic, Fair Trade, or small-farm sources.

So, let’s get down to it. Ladies, let me be frank. At times I don’t have it in me to stand over my sink and wash my face at night. I don’t know exactly why – I mean, it doesn’t take that long at all, but it’s something about the water running down my arms to my elbows and then my shirt sleeves get wet and then I AM SO MAD AT THE WORLD. (Seriously, what it is up with that? I try to bend at an angle NOT conducive to water running in that direction, but it never works. Can someone invent something to fix this problem?)

With this laziness wet arm problem in mind, I was immediately drawn to the cleanser and the makeup remover. First off, let’s talk about the ingredients in these products. The cleanser has three – rosewater, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil. The makeup remover has three as well – sweet almond oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and Jojoba oil. That’s it, ladies. Talk about beneficial for your face. They both score a big fat ZERO on EWG’s Skin Deep website. The cleanser is great – you apply with a cotton ball and then rinse off (with a wet washcloth or running water) – but can we chat about the makeup remover? Makeup, be gone. Mascara and liner included. And? The best part? It doubles as a moisturizer, so let’s say I’m in my bed watching The Affair and can’t get off my rump to go wash my face. I just apply this remover all over my face, remove with a cotton ball, and then massage in any remaining oil to moisturize my face. And I’m done. You guys, I’m in love.

Oh, and the lip balms. I’ve written about them in the past, but they are the creamiest balms I’ve ever felt, Not hard and waxy, like lots of roll-up balms.


Yep, I’m a fan. If you think you might be too, be sure to sign up for their newsletter for 15% off your order. Also, S.W. Basics is now available at Target!


Odds and Ends



1. I mean, this might as well be a beauty blog lately, but please heed my advice. Buy this palette. It’s amazing. I’m not using anything else on my eyes right now (well, besides mascara) – I’m even using the darkest shadows as liners and I love it. The colors aren’t chalky at all, and I love that I don’t have to worry about shimmer and glitter falling all over my face. Did I mention I love it? I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

Enough with the beauty for a bit…

2. Up until this point, I always assumed that a “highly sensitive person” was someone who got their feelings hurt easily. It wasn’t until I started this book that I realized it goes far beyond that – a highly sensitive person is a person that possesses the innate trait of high sensory processing sensitivity. I bought the book with Wito in mind, but quickly realized (after scoring off the charts on the test), that I, too, am a HSP. If you have always noticed (or been over-stimulated by) subtleties in your environment – lights, sounds, even others’ feelings – that others don’t seem to notice, you would really enjoy this book. It has explained so many of my behaviors in certain situations.

3. Toxins are everywhere. Detox is such a hot subject right now, and it’s something I hear about all the time from my practitioners and my own research. However, many say that detoxing is a myth. In fact, here are some ways to avoid detox scams. What do you think about using supplements or foods to detox the body? Do you buy into it? If it’s all a scam, I just spent a fair amount of money on nothing over the past year and a half. Yikes.

4. Looking for a good read? I’m digging these suggestions.

5. Now that I live in a colder climate, I pretty much detest the thought of working out in the elements. Well, I think this article just changed my mind.

6. Oh yes. These words should be inspiration for a Mindful Monday post. (More coming in the new year!)


How Do You Feel About Forty?


I turned forty last month, and I kind of liked it. Am I in the minority here?

Last month, when I was in California, Kristen and I shot a few Mama Said-type videos, and one of them was about turning the big 4-0. (Kristen turns 40 this month.) What I love most about this video is how I’m all WOOHOOOO FORTY at the start, yet as we start talking about aging and what it means to be an older woman in society, things take a turn. How do you feel about turning forty? Or thirty or fifty for that matter?



Pucker Up (Winter Lip Tips)


I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own. 


Okay, our move to a location with actual seasons is kind of killing me in the dry skin department. I’m not at all used to being so parched – the tips of my fingers are sooooooo dry, and my lips? So dry and peely and NOT COOL because I should be flashing my new, straight smile right about now. (I’m waiting for my new aligners to arrive, so I’ve had a little Invisalign break over the past month, only wearing while I sleep.)

I’ve definitely had to step up my lip care routine, and found the only way to stay on top of the dryness is two-fold. Exfoliating and Moisturizing. I put a call out on my Facebook page for winter lip tips and received so many great suggestions. Here are the most popular mentions, as well as what I’m using. (They all score super low on EWG Skin Deep, of course!)


1. Lush Mint Juleps Lip Scrub – I’m scared I might start eating this out of the pot, though.

2. Coconut Oil + Toothbrush – Total DIY and totally works. Mix a little sugar with some coconut oil, spread some on your lips and go at it with a toothbrush. Gets all the flaky skin off.

3. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ – Highly recommended by friends. And have you seen all the flavors?


1. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - I am obsessed with this lip mask. Fully and completely obsessed. I wrote about it here.

2. S.W. Basics Lip Balm – Love these balms as well – super creamy and moisturizing…not like the traditional hard and waxy roll-up balms.

3. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – This one was a surprise to me, but mentioned a few times on the Facebook post. Apparently this cuticle cream is great for moisturizing lips too.

Dry, cracked lips be GONE because I’m all about the new smile these days. (Although please feel free to mention any other great lip products in the comments!)

As for the smile, if you have always wanted straighter teeth, I can’t recommend Invisalign enough. Check out the smile assessment to see if you are a candidate. You can also visit Invisalign’s doctor locator to find a practitioner near you.