Odds and Ends



I saw The Avett Brothers last night with good friends, and it was a beautiful thing. They played in the small town of Weatherford, about an hour outside of the city, so we had time on our our drive home to discuss extremely important matters, such as which brother was the most intriguing. Beard or braids…that was the question. I bet you could guess which one I picked. What about you?

Speaking of beautiful things, my laptop is back in my possession and oh, happy day. I have to say, sometimes Apple makes me crazy, BUT I somehow just managed to get a brand new hard drive, logic board, wireless card and screen (!!) installed for 300 bones. This 3 1/2-year-old MacBook Pro is now practically brand new. Cheers to that!

1. More grandparents on the internet. I can’t stop laughing.

2. This young girl wins for Best Drama While Getting a Flu Shot.

3. Unrelated doppelgangers. What a cool project!

4. 15 steps to living whole. Great advice.

5. I considered not linking to this post because I didn’t want to end on a sad note, but it shouldn’t be missed. While the post might break your heart into pieces, it’s such a wonderful reminder to all of us who are living on this planet to enjoy every single second.

Have a great weekend. Love on somebody, will ya?


Three Things to Think About This Week


Hello, hello. Dropping in for a minute to wish you all a happy week. My laptop’s logic board bit the dust this morning and is currently being shipped off to Apple Land for the next 5 days. Until it returns, I leave you with three things to ponder.

…ONE…(for the noggin)


Never organize what you can discard.

The first time I read this, the only thing that came to mind was “DUH.” (I know, I know. Poignant.) It’s just that…I’m like the Queen of Organizational Purging, people. I don’t hold onto much when it comes to tangible possessions. I do not become overly sentimental over things like old love letters or baby clothes. Nope, I just throw them out or donate. I do not like clutter one bit, and I’m really good at getting rid of it. It’s definitely one of my strong suits.

But then I read this quote by Susan Wilkinson in regards to the above statement and a had a little moment.

“Apply this to your thinking. Find the useless thoughts and get rid of them instead of trying to make them fit.”

Hold up. I might be the Queen of Organizational Purging when it comes to material possessions, but when it comes to thoughts that don’t serve my best interest and should be discarded? Wow. It seems I’ll do anything to keep them around. I’ll think them and think them and think them until the cows come home. It seems kind of silly, right? They are just negative, draining, mostly untrue thoughts with no purpose except to clutter up my brain like nobody’s business.

What about you? Do you find yourself thinking and re-thinking useless thoughts instead of kicking them to the curb for good? Let’s purge those suckers.

…TWO…(for fun)


image credit: Harper’s Bazaar

I’m embracing the plum/wine trend this Fall. I just bought this lipstick in Plummy Rose (it’s waaayyy tamer than J Law’s, in fact, it’s really more like this), and can’t stop gravitating towards deep wines and plums in clothing and accessories. Are you on the plum/wine/deep berry train as well? What’s your go-to color this season? Also, does this mean Revlon Wine With Everything IS MAKING A COMEBACK?

…THREE…(because I’m confused)


Listen, I’m loving Zara’s fall lineup, but what exactly is going on here? Please advise.

I’ll be back next week, but until then, I’m sure you can find me rambling about something over here.



Odds and Ends



1. I updated my Pinterest Beard board for you. You are welcome.

2. Don’t forget the awesome, amazing, I-TOTALLY-went-overboard-yesterday Madewell shopping promotion going on through this weekend.

3. Grandparents accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook. Hahaaa, classic.

4. This made me laugh so hard. When I start worrying about not posting enough, I remind myself that NO ONE REALLY CARES.

5. The Pope‘s the man.

6. Rage Against the Marching Band. (The chick in the red shirt kills it!)

7. Who doesn’t love photos of Audrey Hepburn?

8. Puppies underwater. Enough said.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Hug your loved ones and buy that Fall sweater you’ve been pining over.



Fall Shopping Alert


Madewell is my store du jour these days. In fact, lately, it’s a given with my family and friends – when they ask about an article of clothing I’m wearing, I just give them the look. The “why-are-you-even-asking-that-question-you-know-I-am-going-to-say-Madewell” look.

Well, they have a great fall promotion going on right now.



Oh my gah, run, don’t walk. The promotion goes through September 22nd. Here are some of my faves.