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capsule wardrobe faqs

Okay, before we get to the most frequently asked questions, I want to share my biggest beef with capsule wardrobes (my current capsule is here), and it goes a little something like this…what about the other items of clothing you own and love? 

To me, I feel like I’m being a little wasteful by packing up and storing clothing that I love to wear. I mean, it’s already in my closet, paid for, and now I’m just not allowed to wear it? Is it just me or does that seem wasteful to you?

I haven’t strayed from my capsule wardrobe, but it is something I’ve been pondering…I’m not sure a specific number needs to be designated for everyone’s closet, and that the true concept is about finding your personal style while honing your practice of not purchasing on an impulse, which I love.

So, I’m a little torn. I love the idea of a small amount of clothing, not purchasing any items on a whim, and finding your signature style through the process, but, yes, I do miss some of my clothing.

Onto reader questions!

Are you sick of everything in your capsule already?

No, as most of the items in my capsule are the items I wore 75% of the time before starting this challenge. I still enjoy every item in my capsule, but like I mentioned before, I do miss pieces that are currently boxed up.

Also, the weather here has been so strange (unseasonably warm), and that has left me with a very, very small pool of clothing to pick from. (Hence one of the biggest problems with capsule wardrobes- dealing with weather.)

Do you think it’s possible to have a capsule wardrobe that will work for a professional setting and when you’re not in the office?

Yes. I am assuming you are wearing suits to work? I would just choose a few core suits for work, and then spend most of your time deciding on what shirts and blouses to wear underneath the suits. That way, those tops could work in a more casual setting as well.

Here are tons of career capsules to check out.

How do you choose pieces that are actually different? Example: I wear jeans and a tee or leggings and some kind of a sweater almost every day….I feel like I’d have to make a major investment into my wardrobe for a capsule wardrobe to actually to work for me.

I don’t really understand this question. It sounds to me like you already have a capsule wardrobe if you only have a few pieces that you wear frequently. You’re already ahead of the game!

I’d like you to start thinking about what you’re going to add for spring. I’d really like to try this, but need to bargain hunt prior to putting the spring wardrobe in place.

I am definitely already thinking and sourcing my spring capsule. I have a Pinterest board where I keep my ideas, and plan to shop for new items during the last two weeks of March. I already have lots of items that I miss and will pull out of storage for spring, though, but plan to add a few new pieces as well.

I didn’t see any dresses, I was curious if you kept anything for a special event?

Special events weren’t factored into my capsule. So if I need to wear something fancy, I will pull something out of my stored clothing.

What about your budget? How many pieces did you buy for this specific capsule, and how might this first capsule budget may change your next time around?

This is a great question. I’m not giving myself a set amount for my next capsule- I’ve mentioned before that I’m much more interested in quality over quantity (and things that I can keep for years and years) now that I’m in my forties. However, I know that isn’t a priority for many yet. (Listen, Forever 21 was my friend for my twenties AND thirties…)

For my winter capsule, I purchased 8 items out of the 37. The are marked with asterisks in the original post.

With that said, can I do a capsule wardrobe on a budget?

Absolutely! Anyone can create a capsule wardrobe, and price points will vary across the board.

However, I do want to mention that Whoorl is not really a frugal fashion website, and that some items I purchase will have higher price points. When a reader commented that she wanted to see less pricey shoes, this was my response.

Like I said in my post, I’ve started to focus on quantity over quality over the past few years, especially when it comes to shoes. Unfortunately, cheaper boots and shoes with heels are very uncomfortable on my feet and back, so when I find a brand that feels good and I know I can wear for years to come, I am going to purchase them. Luckily, there are tons of less expensive ankle booties options out there. I would check Piperlime, Zappos, and even Target.

That’s the beauty of a capsule wardrobe – price points can (and will) differ for every person, and remember, I’m just showing readers what’s in my capsule as an example, not trying to persuade you to buy exactly what I’m wearing.

What I’m trying to say is that yes, you can definitely find less expensive options and create a capsule to fit your budget, but I won’t be sourcing additional budget-friendly options as examples. (I just don’t have the time, unfortunately!) I hope my picks inspire you to find your own perfect capsule-worthy items, though!

Also, here are some great budget-friendly fashion blogs.

Does a capsule wardrobe challenge you mentally?

Oh, definitely. When you are looking at the same items day after day after day, it becomes your personal mission to change it up however you possibly can – my accessories have never gotten so much play in their life! My creativity is constantly being challenged, but I also have to say that it is so refreshing to eradicate the uncertainty involved with choosing clothing from a crammed-full, uninspired closet. It’s the best. Getting dressed in the morning has never been easier. A capsule wardrobe is a timesaver, for certain.

Also, I strongly believe that utilizing a capsule wardrobe helps you to really discover your personal style. Impulse buying has been an issue for me, and I can’t even count the times I’ve worn items that aren’t true to my style. The beauty about a capsule wardrobe is that the impulse buys are no longer. You have to really spend time thinking about each item, and how it helps to define your personal style. It might seem redundant to wear the same thing over and over, but looking back, that item will be a better reflection of my style, opposed to some crazy piece that I bought on a whim and disliked after a month of wear.

Show us your outfits! Will you please show us your outfits? Pretty please? (x 1,000)

This was by far the most asked question, and yes! I will post outfits. I am shooting tons of outfit combinations next week and will hopefully have them up in early March. So sorry for the delay, and I promise to get photos up in a more timely fashion for the next capsule. Still learning the ropes over here.


Exfoliate and Get Nail Ready


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You may have noticed an increase of dry skin-related posts on this website, and I must admit, it’s completely selfish on my part. I’ve had to seriously adapt my winter beauty routine since moving to a colder climate, but hopefully these posts give you some extras to keep in your arsenal.

The topic du jour? Exfoliating your skin. (Keep those hands and feet looking soft and supple, folks!) Not something I did a lot of in California, but feel it’s pretty much necessary to keep any dry, flaky, winter skin at bay right now. Now, I’m not one to use very many pre-made exfoliating products like scrubs because you can make great ones at home, but I do believe in good exfoliating tools. Here are some good ones to try out.

1. Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar – I can’t live without my Pumi bar – it’s the best way to take on dry, cracked heels.

2. Bath Secrets Exfoliating Gloves – A great way to exfoliate all over during your shower or bath.

3. Beyond Belief Exfoliating Pads – If you are the type that likes an exfoliating formula in the pad itself, this is a great option and all ingredients score a 3 or below on EWG.

4. Foot Therapy Natural Mineral Foot Bath – Not only does this soften calluses and rough spots on the feet, it soothes aches. Bonus.

5. Face Secrets Exfoliating Cleansing Sponges – Use these all over the face with your cleanser to remove flaky skin.

6. Bath Secrets Facial Cleansing Brush – Can’t afford a Clarisonic? Just use a facial cleansing brush like this instead.

Using products like these will keep your skin happy and flake-free, and will set you up for the next step…manis and pedis. For those of you who love nail color, Sally Beauty is introducing the best way to shop for it, the new Nail Studio.


The Nail Studio at Sally Beauty offers 750 shades and 150 nail care products, all on one wall, and it’s pretty dang cool.

sb1 sb2

For those of you who can’t live without perfectly polished nails, you should definitely check it out!

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I’m So Bershon


I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own. 

I traveled to Newport Beach last month to visit my orthodontist and receive my remaining Invisalign aligners for refinements. I was feeling pretty confident that my Invisalign days were nearing an end…my teeth straight and all…yet when the dental assistant brought my first aligner pack over, I noticed this.



1 of 17. I quickly did the math in my head – each aligner lasts for two weeks…17 times 2…34 WEEKS?!

Yes, it’s true. I have 34 remaining weeks of treatment left including awesome thick rubberbands on both sides.

When my orthodontist walked over, I told him I hated him, to which he replied, “Now, Sarah. Hate is a very strong word, and I’m pretty sure Oklahoma girls wouldn’t say such a thing.” (Thank God for his sense of humor.) I agreed that I might have gone overboard with my verbiage, but that I was feeling a strong dislike, end of story.

He explained that although my teeth look straight, my bite still needs a lot of improvement, and I knew he was right. I agreed. And sulked. And sulked some more. (Like a teenager, but what can I say…the rubberbands transported me back to bershon instantaneously.)

Here’s the cool thing, though. This photo with my orthodontist? I have my aligners and rubberbands in place.


And that’s why I love Invisalign. Even though it might take more time to get my bite perfect, barely anyone even knows I have braces. I can live with that. To find out if Invisalign is right for you, check out this smile assessment.



The State of The Capsule Wardrobe – Month One


You can follow my daily capsule outfits here.

The first month of my capsule wardrobe just wrapped up, and boy, do I have lots to say on the matter. Let’s dive in.

1. MVP pieces – Of my 37 items, there were a handful of workhorses that, indeed, worked it overtime. Conversely, several items weren’t worn at all. Let’s take a look at the MVPs for the month of January.

capsule wardrobe winter most worn


clothing sources here 

Pretty basic, folks. I mean, HELLO CASUAL PERSON. Or boring person. Actually, kidding aside, this (very) accurately conveys my day-to-day style. It’s simple, stream-lined, classic, and no frills. It’s also kind of male-inspired, wouldn’t you say? I think my core pieces tend to skirt an slightly androgynous look…I’m definitely not one to wear dresses or romantic pieces because I like my accessories to bring the feminine into the mix. (More on that in just a sec.)

Items that weren’t (or barely) worn? The fancier ones. The fur jacket, the silk tops, the leather heels…despite feeling like I “need” those options, I’m not sure I do. I still go for the MVP options when meeting friends for a drink or date night. We’ll see if that changes over the next few months. (I also think winter lends itself to less feminine items. I foresee a little more girly come Spring capsule.)

2. Accessories are key – People, my accessories are keeping me sane. Scarves, bracelets, chunky rings, hats, bags, glasses…these are the essentials that make my outfits stand out and feel original, despite pulling from the same small pool of core pieces. I wear a scarf (from my collection of about 10 faves) almost every day, which keeps me from feeling like I’m wearing the same ol’ outfit.

Accessories are what keep me in this thing, to be honest. If I wasn’t able to wear unlimited accessories, I’d be crying in my gluten-free beer right now. (My fellow GFers, have you tried Omission Lager? Damn fine stuff.) Oh, and don’t even get me started on lipstick as an accessory. I’m wearing lots of different colors right now. Hang tight for a post on what accessories I’m loving.

3. Weather changes – Okay, Oklahoma sure threw me for a loop this month. We had a week of 70-degree+ temps, and that left me in a bit of bind, considering so many of my capsule tops are wool sweaters and warm sweatshirts. The buttoned shirts were in major rotation during the warmer days, which leads me to my next point…

4. Laundry – When you are wearing such a small collection of items, you have to stay on top of your laundry. There were days when all of my go-to buttoned shirts were dirty. Total buzzkill, especially when it was sunny and 75. Yikes.

5. Travel – I traveled to Dallas and Newport Beach in January and had no problem sticking to the capsule. Warmer winter climates called for boyfriend jeans, buttoned shirts, and oxfords without socks. Also, OMG, people, packing is So. Much. Easier. No more standing around your closet, staring at choice after choice after choice. You get in and get it done. Love that aspect.

Now, I am approaching my first major (and hopefully only) capsule issue. I’m traveling to Lima, Peru in two weeks, and as most of you know, it’s summer there. Barely any of these options will work for the trip, so I am creating a miniature travel capsule for the duration of the trip. I’d be happy to post that mini-capsule if you are interested in checking it out.

6. Strategy – I’ve realized strategic outfit planning is important, especially with weather fluctuations. I make sure to pay attention to the forecast – if it’s going to be cold, it’s imperative that I wear my sweaters and knee-high boots, otherwise they will never be worn. I’m actually hoping for cold weather in February so my wool sweaters get some love!

7. Workout clothing – Not counting my yoga clothes has been so helpful, because they truly are part of my everyday wardrobe. Most mornings I’m in leggings and a tank with my puffer coat on top. (I also wear Uggs to yoga on cold mornings, although I didn’t count them as a capsule shoe.) But I also am pretty adamant about not wearing workout clothing throughout the day.

8. Temptation to shop – Obviously I’m only one month into this, so the temptation hasn’t been too bad, although, this post is timely considering every brand known to man is debuting Spring right now. The past few days have become way more challenging, for sure. The way I’m dealing with temptation is pinning everything I love to a private board that I created for my upcoming capsule. It’s perfect, actually, because I have everything in one place, and it will allow me to stew on what few items I will actually purchase come late March. It’s always so interesting to see what “I have to have this NOW” items turn into “meh” ones in the short span of a couple of months.

Also, in carefully observing my behavior this month, it has become crystal clear that sourcing and shopping online is a complete method of distraction for me. When I’m not feeling well, having a crappy day or just plain bored, I always open up the laptop and visit my favorite retailers. Every. Time. It’s my personal addiction. My escape from feeling the feelings. So, now, I’m trying to incorporate healthier choices – going for a walk (why is it so hard for me to do this?!), reaching out to friends, journaling, reading a book, or making a new recipe. I’m hoping these will become new habits.

9. Outfit photos – This was, by far, the most common request from you guys. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t take any outfit photos in January, but a slew of outfit combos will be up on the blog by mid-to-late February. It took a little time for me to figure out how I was going to approach outfit photos, but it’s all good. (My biggest dilemma was not wanting crappy mirror shots like the days of yore residing on this blog. I mean, will you look at those photos? That I took with an actual point-and-shoot camera? Good lord, I’ve been on the internet too long. WHAT ARE THOSE OUTFITS I AM CRINGING.)

10. Reader questions – You guys have posted great questions about capsule wardrobes and my answers will be up next week. Feel free to leave more in the comments, and I’ll try answer to the best of my knowledge.

Viva la capsule!