Odds and Ends


1. This is probably the best article I’ve read on meditation. Hits the nail on the head.

2. Dude. I think I’m ready to transition back to flared jeans. #seventiesforevah The skinny trend is on the way out, hallelujah.

3. Okay, these notes from neighbors regarding loud sex are pretty hilarious.

4. It’s amazing how many women are miseducated about pelvic pain and issues…I was happy to see this covered in GOOP.

5. Identical twins separated at birth find each other online. So sweet.

6. Friends, you better learn these slang terms. I mean, “on fleek” is already OVER…you need to get savvy boots or you’ll be sus.

7. OHHHMG. You need to check out all these science experiments to try with your kids.

8. This is the last weekend for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. If you have something sitting in your shopping cart, it’s time to pull the trigger. These shoes are a must for Wita, and these will look great on Wito in the fall.

Happy Friday! We are headed to the mountains next week – I’m counting the minutes until I escape this blazing, humid Oklahoma summer.

image credit: helen frankenthaler 


My 5 Favorite Bright Lipsticks


Hey, did you know today is International Lipstick Day? I do think that’s cause for celebration around these parts!

Across my social media accounts, the number one question asked of me is “what lip color are you wearing?” Well, since switching over to a clean beauty routine, I only use two brands, Bite Beauty and Beautycounter. (I have a few safe-ish MAC and NARS lip colors tucked away in a drawer, but I rarely wear them anymore.) So, two brands. Simple enough, right?

Bite Beauty is my absolute go-to for vibrant, rich lipsticks, and I swear I get compliments on their colors daily. (If you vibe on sheer lipstick though, check out these lip sheers.)

Here are my top 5 brights from Bite. Enjoy and Happy Lipstick Day!


Whoorl Turns 10!


Could it be? Why, yes. This here blog is turning 10 years old. (Feel free to read my first post. Simply riveting.)

Now, in my opinion, blog years are something like dog years, except 1 year of blog life equals 4 years of human life. So, according to my deft calculations, I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING MY ENTIRE LIFE. And quite frankly, it seems like that. I mean, apparently my main goal in life in 2005 was to drink wine and discuss music…that was until I found out I was pregnant with this little guy.

(Wito! We love you, absent-minded professor! Do you remember this little ditty? Well, that precious little thing now wears the same shoe size AS HIS MOTHER. Hold me closer, Tony Danza.)

((And don’t get me started on Wita. The performance art genes are strong with this one.))

10 years. Many of you have seen me through it all – the pregnancies, new motherhood, travels, many moves, house renovations, a little phenomenon by the name of Hair Thursday, in sickness and in health…wait, are we getting married?

I just want to say thank you for being a friend. Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true…you’re a pal and a confidante. AND IF YOU THREW A PARTAY…AND INVITED EVERYONE YOU KNEWWWWWWW, YOU WOULD SEE THE BIGGEST GIFT WOULD BE FROM ME AND THE CARD ATTACHED WOULD SAY THANK YOU BEING FOR A FRIEEENNNNND.

Peace be with you.

Oh! In honor of this milestone, Whoorl got a little facelift from my friends at Cooperhouse. I’m swooning a little bit, isn’t it pretty? Oh, and 10 years of content isn’t the easiest to manage, but if you rollover the categories at the top, you can witness my OCD in full effect. (You know I secretly enjoyed organizing all 1,564 posts, right?)

Being the information addict I am, and according to the official statistics, here are the top 6 Whoorl posts over the past 10 years.