Odds and Ends


1. The ever-changing female body ideal. 100 years in 10 photos.

2. Some organizational porn for you – 5 lists you should always keep on your iPhone.

3. Dude. Are Daenerys Taragaryen and Jon Snow related? And is he really dead, people? PLEASE SAY NO.

4. Wines that pair well with halloween candy. Pretty pertinent information, if you ask me.

5. “Younger children don’t let you sleep; older children don’t let you rest.” Do you agree? This post got me a little misty.

6. I’m getting a pair of these for the winter season. And throw in about 20 of these.

7. More and more coming out about consciousness living in the quantum state after death. So cool.

8. 32 makeup tips nobody told you about. Some good ones, folks.

9. Cultural appropriation and Halloween costumes. Important read…I think I need to send this to a few people I know.

10. “We fall into almost love and then life takes us away from each other. And without that memory of skin against skin to connect us across distance and time, we become, once again, strangers.”  On Tinder, off sex.

Happy Halloween, friends. Be sure to let me know how that candy/wine pairing thing goes.

image credit: helen frankenthaler


The Ultimate Green Beauty Cosmetics Guide


I’ve been working my way through multitudes of green beauty products over the past few years, and thought it was high time to share my knowledge with you in one (fairly) succinct list.

Here’s the thing, though. There are so. many. amazing green/natural/organic beauty brands out there, and this list just grazes the surface. I highly recommend trying whatever you can get your hands on, but in the meantime, these are all personal favorites that I’ve used for quite some time. Although I very much enjoy the research behind ingredients in beauty products, I know many of you would rather have a root canal, so this list is for you. The brands I write about in this post are all clean, trustworthy, and most of all, fabulous.