Easy, Beachy Hair for Wavy Gals (+ Summer Hair Giveaway!)


This post is sponsored by Sally Beauty. Thanks for supporting this site! (And my hair.)


First things first. My hair is SO LONG right now. I’m getting it cut tomorrow, and couldn’t be more excited. *cue fanfare*

Since it’s summer, I’m giving the good ol’ curling iron a rest, and enhancing my natural waves, which requires a LOT less effort. Hallelujah. Here’s how you can do it in 5 easy steps.


Products used – Ion Summer Shampoo, Ion Summer Deep Conditioning Treatment, Ion Spray Gel for Wave/Curly Hair, and Ion Texturizing Sea Spray. Also, a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. (All from Sally Beauty.)


1. Wash and towel dry your hair, squeezing any extra moisture out of your hair. Try not to rub the hair – just gently squeeze it.


2. Apply Ion Spray Gel all over your hair.


3. Give it a good scrunch.


4. If you have the time, let your waves air dry, but if you are pressed for time, use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to keep hair frizz at bay.



5. After your waves are dry, spray Ion Texturizing Sea Spray to create definition and texture throughout for a true beachy look. I like to twist a few small sections of hair, however, the key is not to fuss with your hair too much – the more fuss, the more frizz. Seriously, that should be a t-shirt slogan. More fuss, more frizz. 

Voilá! Go forth into the summer months like a beachy, mermaid goddess.

Oh oh oh! Did I mention that Sally Beauty is running a fantastic sweepstakes right now? BEACHES RESORTS, PEOPLE. To be specific, a 4 day/3 night Caribbean Vacation to any Beaches Resort. Hmmm, should it be Turks and Caicos or Jamaica? You can enter between 7/1/14 and 7/31/14 right here.

Also! I’m giving away an adorable tote bag filled with Ion products - Ion Dual Voltage Ionic Travel Dryer, Ion Swimmers Shampoo,
Ion Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, and Ion Sun Protection Spray. Just leave a comment here before Monday, July 14th to be entered! And if you can’t wait, you can get a free tote bag when you Buy 3 ION products or 1 ION styling tool appliance at Sally Beauty. Click here for locations.

Cheers to summer!

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Odds and Ends



Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Today’s our last day in Colorado, and we are headed to Sedona tomorrow. I have to say, I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Colorado – childhood summers in Breckenridge and Estes Park, and time spent in Vail, Aspen, Denver, and Boulder, but this area is by far the most beautiful I’ve seen. The Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Collegiate Peaks are glorious, and the yellow valleys are really breathtaking. The little town we are staying in (Buena Vista, called “bu-nee” by the locals) has been a fun little place. We’ll definitely be back. Here are a few odds and ends for your Friday.

1. Some good baking hacks. Hate it when a piece of eggshell falls into the bowl!

2. Haha, moms on vacation. I’m sure you can relate.

3. 10 subconscious things you do when you aren’t being true to yourself. Good one.

4. Children’s hilariously inappropriate spelling mistakes.

5. A penny in your pants. Does this really work?

6. Finally, I love this quote. Great for those of us who waffle over decisions.

Make a decision and then make the decision right. Line up your Energy with it. In most cases, it doesn’t really matter what you decide. Just decide. There are endless options that would serve you enormously well, and all or any one of them is better than no decision. – Abraham

Happy holiday weekend!


Whoorlita’s Wardrobe


I think Wita might like this series a little too much.


dress (on sale!). sandals.




embroidered tank. leggings. shoes.


batwing top. denim shorts. sandals.


top. lace shorts. sandals.


It’s Road Trip Time!


This post is sponsored by Bridgestone. Thank you for making sure we don’t end up on the side of the road in the middle of Arizona.

It’s road trip season and the Whoorl family is about to embark on a 10-day trip of epic proportions. A little Grand Canyon action, a little Sedona action, and a lot of Colorado action. Naturally, at the time of writing this post, I haven’t packed a thing and we’re leaving in less than 24 hours.

What is it about road trips and my incessant procrastination? Now, if we were flying somewhere, I’d be ready to hit it, but something about a car makes me think I can just throw a whole bunch of stuff in the back and head out. The sad part about this is that my procrastination is giving me a good ol’ dose of anxiety right about now. WHERE ARE MY MALA BEADS, I ASK OF YOU.

I’m sure a little part of my anxiety has to do with the children. THE CHILDREN. The kids need to be entertained, you see. The days of sitting in the backseat and staring out the window for hours on end doesn’t seem to fly with my littles. (Hmmm, iPad much?) If the kids aren’t entertained, I’m going to hear a lot of whining and bickering and then I might just have to jump out of the moving vehicle, which isn’t very spiritual nor meditative. Do you feel my pain here? I know some of you must, considering that 83% of Americans go on a road trip in the summer.


How true is the “Traveling with Kids” part of the infographic? I can assure you that my children will declare the top 4 at least 359 times in the course of the next two days.

To combat this, preparation is KEY. Here’s how I’m dealing with that.

1. On the car front? Prepared. We are driving on Bridgestone DriveGuard tires, which gives me total peace of mind because you can continue to drive up to 50 miles at up to 50 mph after a puncture or complete loss of tire pressure. Yep, a complete loss of pressure. They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. And trust me, nobody wants to tell kids that we’ve got an additional half day to spend stranded in the middle of nowhere.

2. Parental boredom front? Still working through a few of these books on my Kindle. Also reading this one and this one. Good music – totally pumped about this Spotify playlist and this one too. Good conversation, if we can hear ourselves over the kids’ bickering.

3. Child boredom front? I have prepared the Bag O’ Entertainment, which includes, but is not limited to, 20 borrowed books from the library, a few new books as a surprise, iPads, paper, crayons, healthy snacks, blankies, plushies, and a totally random assortment of randomness.

Seriously, I have no idea how parents road-tripped without iPads. I bow to you, parents of yore. BOW TO YOU.

Oh! Any absolutely fantastic iPad apps I need to know about for the children? I’m pretty sure the 59,000 we already have won’t be sufficient.

I’m hoping to post a few updates here while on our trip, but I’ll for sure be around my usual online haunts. Feel free to follow the hashtags #DriveGuardGetaway and #WhoorlRoadTrip if you’d like to live vicariously through the beautiful scenery, family bonding, and incessant whining. Bon voyage!