Odds and Ends

1. I’m suddenly really into champagne (despite doing a dry January), but I know nothing. This was a good primer.

2. WTF, Silicon Valley.

3. My holy grail eye serum is a steal this month.

4. Dude. No thanks, Huntington Beach.

5. Looking to reach a meditative state? Just watch a few of his videos.

6. Oh my goodness, did you watch Google’s 2017 Year In Search video? Wow, 2017. Wow.

7. Kristen Bell + Dave Grohl = Amazingness

8. Winter favorites, 30% off. Great deals.

9. Getting ready to hit my high-travel part of the year, and I’m praying to see someone doing this.

10. Dying memorists’ spouses end up together. What a lovely story.

11. If you watch my Instagram stories, you know I’ve been debating the Instant Pot. Love this post on getting started.

12. On this week’s podcast, Kristen and I dish all of our cold weather favorites (teas and robes and slippers, oh my!), and dive into the Enneagram Type 4.

Happy Friday!

photo credit: inès longevial


My Holy Grail Eye Product

The number one question asked of me, well just behind “what kind of curling iron do you use?” (psst – this one), is:

What eye cream do you recommend?

And, up until a few months ago, my answer was always the same. “I don’t use eye cream. Don’t see a point.” (Seriously, just search for “eye cream” on this blog. A self-professed eye cream non-believer, I was.)

However, over the past year, as the Maya Chia brand has become a complete staple in my morning and nightly routine, I started using The Eye Achiever when it launched this past fall. It’s essentially a roll-on applicator filled with some serious powerhouse ingredients. A nutrient-dense blend of five macro and micro marine extracts, including astaxanthin, sea fennel, sea lavender, wakame and brown algae extract that flood skin with antioxidants, minerals and vital nutrients. Plus, the star performer, supercritical chia seed oil, is paired up with raspberry, black cumin seed oil, rooibos tea extract, pomegranate and cranberry to revitalize, restore and strengthen the fragile skin around the eyes.

Bottom line – this stuff works. It reduces puffiness, fades dark circles, and really helps soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. And if you really want to step it up a notch, keep it in your refrigerator for the ultimate cooling, de-puffing amazingness.

By the way, I spoke in detail about my morning skincare routine (and the Maya Chia products I use) in this podcast. You can skip to the 11-minute mark for my morning routine, and the 17-minute mark for my Maya Chia favorites. (Although I’ve already added an extra step/serum…always changing things up, this girl!)

Why am I telling you about this eye serum this right now? Because this month’s Beauty Heroes box contains The Eye Achiever AND The Super Blend, a pressed serum moisture concentrate by Maya Chia. (So perfect for this time of year.)

Do you remember me telling you about Beauty Heroes? The monthly subscription box with full-sized, luxury, natural products? (It’s only $39 per month and always contains at least $100 of product.) And on top of receiving the best-of-best products for a steal every month, Beauty Heroes members always get 15% off in the online shop, which has over 30 green beauty brands. It is SO worth 39 dollars a month, I promise you. (And psst…I know what the next few months’ boxes are, and you will want to get in on this action.)

Y’all know I love my monthly Beauty Heroes delivery, but when it actually contains a product I firmly stand behind and use every day, you can bet I’m going to write about it. (Remember the Josh Rosebrook box?) This January beauty discovery is valued at $105, but as always, the monthly box is $39. This one, just like the Josh Rosebrook one, will sell out.

It is SUCH a deal, people. I pride myself on hanging back and not shouting about every. single. beauty. box I receive, but this one? This is one you want to get your hands on. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments!


The Green & Glamorous Box

Here ye here ye, The Green & Glamorous Box by The Choosy Chick is here for the taking! You know I’m a fan of beauty boxes, but this one is a little bit different in that it’s not a monthly box. It’s a one-time collection of green beauty dynamos and it’s only around until the end of 2017. (Sorry I’m just getting around to posting this…it’s been a crazy holiday season, but hey, you still have this week to pull the trigger!)

Here’s the deal. It’s $160 worth of products for $98 that ships free to the United States, and 20% of your purchase supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer. I know, being a couple of days after Christmas, you are probably up to your ears in all the gifting, but if you got a little Christmas cash and want to get something wonderful for yourself while still giving to others, well hot damn, here you go!

LBBC is a national program with a vision that no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone. Their mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. You can learn more about them here.

Here’s what the box entails:

DN-UNIK Age-defying Night Cream or Day Cream ($45 value) – This is such a great option for those who would rather use a cream than an oil on the face. Made in France with Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid (100% natural and vegetable sourced), it totally restores radiance to the skin. Certified by Ecocert & Cosmebio.

Magic Organic Apothecary Daily Cleansing Ritual ($27 value) – This includes MOA’s award-winning Green Balm and their bamboo face cloth for cleansing and removing makeup effortlessly. I love this face cloth so much and have used it tons. Made with 99.9% organic ingredients. Highly recommended for all skin types including sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Lily Lolo Eye Shadow Palette in Sweet Nothings – ($34 value) – Okay, Lily Lolo makes the best eye palettes EVER. Seriously, I’m hitting pan on the Laid Bare palette (wrote about it here) and was just recently thinking I wanted to try another shade range from them. This palette is seriously stunning, and the textures and blendability (is that a word?) of Lily Lolo shadows just can’t be beat. Love love love.

Au Naturale Eternity Lipstick in Sangria ($25 value) – I wrote about Au Naturale here, and this intense, cool pink vegan lipstick is fab on the lips. I was excited to get this because I didn’t have any shade like this in my arsenal. (Um, and that is saying a lot. #lipstickhoarder)

Davids Toothpaste ($8 value) – I finally made the switch, and this toothpaste is responsible. Fluoride-free and made with premium natural ingredients, it’s sourced in the US with sustainable packaging. I also adore the little metal turny-thing (super professional term) you put on the end to help roll it up to prevent the dreaded center squeeze.

Splurge Lip Buttah ($7 value) – The original from Boston – pure hydration for lips made with all natural oils and no petroleum. Flavor may be either: Peppermint, Almond, Lemon or Orange-Chocolate. (I got the Lemon and loved it until my daughter stole it from me.)

Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Fragrance-free Deodorant ($4 value, this is a sample size) – The gentlest formula available that provides full protection. Baking soda-free for sensitive folks. My long-awaited natural deodorant post is coming up in early 2018 and Schmidt’s wins for best less-costly deodorant.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub (travel size $3 value, this is a travel size) -I love this scrub! The only two physical exfoliators I use are Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser and this one. This best-selling product is made with Argan Oil, French Green Clay and Lemon granules to exfoliate and reveal a brighter complexion and is waayyyyyyy less expensive than Tata.

Kimberly Sayer Antioxidant Day Cream ($2 value, sample size)  – This facial SPF is chock full of antioxidants to fight free radicals and signs of aging – specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

In my humble opinion, I think this is the best box of green beauty bestsellers I’ve seen all year. Throw in the fact that you are supporting those with breast cancer, and it’s a no-brainer. As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!