So Enamored with This Watch


I am here to profess my love for the Classic Sheffield Watch by Daniel Wellington.

A little back story – last year, I received my dream watch from my parents for my 40th birthday. It was such an unexpected surprise, and such a thoughtful, generous gift. Needless to say, I never take it off. It might as well be welded to my wrist. Well, uh, until now. When the folks at Daniel Wellington sent me this watch to check out, an immediate crush ensued. I’m honestly wearing it about 40% of the time at this point. (Change is good!)

I mean, it’s just perfection, in my humble opinion. Simple, chic, and unpretentious…what more could you ask for, friends? AND? It’s $200. Not too shabby. When I told the DW team about my new obsession, they generously offered 15% of all Daniel Wellington products for you all during the holiday season. (Check out these fun bands!) Just use the code WHOORL – the 15% discount is good until December 31, 2015. Happy shopping!


Odds and Ends


Well, hello there, friends. I’ve been away for a bit (a trip to Tulum- will post about it next week, swoon), so I’m hoping to make up for it with a slew of odds and ends. Enjoy!

1. You’ve been cutting cake all wrong, people.

2. Before anything else, you must love yourself. If you feel like you’ve fallen out of love, this is a great article on getting back on track.

3. Runners that overshare? NEVER.

4. What do colors look like to color blind people? I would not enjoy it.

5. How your complaining is actually killing you. It’s science, people.

6. The secret formula for growing out bangs. I might need to utilize this one day.

7. “It’s perfectly orchestrated self-absorbed judgement. I was consumed by it.” Why a famous teen Instagram star decided to quit social media.

8. Why you are going to feel bad for a Very Long Time. Haha, um, kind of the truth.

9. Awkwarding. It’s a thing. And it’s so incredibly hilarious. The one about the Starbucks fart with the headphones on had me rolling.

10. Compelling photos of motherhood. No candy-coating.

11. The person you really need to marry to be happy. Fantastic. Really, so so so good.

12. Whoa, sun! Are you kidding me?

13. The A to Z of Anna Wintour.

14. The Smiths lyrics + Charlie Brown illustrations. Perfection.

15. Speaking of Charlie Brown, 8 things you didn’t know about Peanuts.

16. Your body’s amazing reaction to water. Gorgeous photos.

17. Got a little personal on my Facebook page. Hit home SO HARD in regards to my brainy, introverted boy.

18. Fall clearance sale at Nordstrom. 40% off, awwww yeahhhhh. Not gonna lie, obsessed with this boot.

19. David Hasselhoff is no longer David Hasselhoff. #whut

20. A sea organ. Who knew? I can listen to that for days.

21. I want to master this hairstyle. Will I able to do it? Only time will tell…

Happy weekend to you all!

image credit: olivier umecker


The Best Skincare Serums in Green Beauty


I’m all about serums, folks. I’ve said bon voyage to lotions and creams entirely over the past year, and my skin is pretty damn happy, if you ask me. So what’s the deal with serums? Why would you want to use one?

Well, serums are multi-taskers, for sure. They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and skin irritation, impart hydration, improve complexion and restore elasticity, and most absorb quickly into the skin. As you can see, I have a few, and I wanted to give you my opinion on some of my favorites. I obviously don’t use all of these all the time, but they all serve a purpose for different skin situations.

Lina Hanson Global Face Serum* – This serum wins for best scent, hands-down. Ladies, the sustainable, ethically sourced essential oils in this blend are simply amazing – baobab, marula, argan and frankincense protect the skin from environmental damage and prevent dryness, and the texture of the oil is perfect. Not too thick and not too thin. I only need this serum after cleansing and I’m good to go.

Kypris Clearing Serum – If you haven’t heard, Kypris is really the darling of the green beauty community right now. I’ve tried many of the Kypris products, and I enjoy using the clearing serum sporadically on bumps and/or blemishes on the the skin, especially around that time of the month. The serum includes tea tree oil, quinoa, zinc, and lilac leaf stem cells, to name a few. For those of you with angry, blemished skin, I highly recommend this one.

Yuli Liquid Courage – I bought this sample and used it for a week or two. It’s a photostable, regenerative, health-boosting, concentrated antioxidant serum suitable for all skin types. I really like the way it feels on the face, and the unisex scent is very pleasing. It’s great as a prep before makeup. However, the $125 price point is a little too much for me, considering I love other serums more.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum – Oh, this is a good one. Of all the serums I use, I find this one to be the most active on the skin. It has won tons of awards and is a best seller from Tata Harper, boasting the benefits of 7 anti-aging products in one serum. It’s super concentrated, and contains Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and vitamins for a visibly healthier, more radiant appearance. My skin feels super firm after using this, and it’s obvious it’s working. However, I do need to use another layer of moisture after applying the serum. I usually follow up with the Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex. This serum is my go-to when I’m needing a boost.