You Guys, My Hair. (This is Time-Sensitive. And Sewious.)


Opinions, please! I’m in California tying up loose ends for a couple of days, and of course, making a visit to Anh Co Tran.

Remember the last transformation he did this summer? Isn’t he just the best? He’s the best.

Well, my hair has already grown 2-3 inches and I am debating between two options.


Keep the lived-in look, but take it shorter, like collarbone length. Something to effect of this.


image credit: Anh’s Instagram

This cut would be super easy for me to manage, given I only wash and style my hair twice a week. The rest of the days, I wouldn’t have to touch it. Frankly, it’s the cut I was planning on. The only (huge) con is that most of Johnny’s highlights would be cut off, and I just paid a pretty penny for them this summer.

But then. THEN. I starting to notice bangs popping up in Anh’s Instagram feed, and the itch commenced.



You guys, I’m kind of wanting the bangs again. Alexa Chung bangs. I don’t want perfect bangs, pretty bangs or sideswept bangs. Nope. I want messy, unkempt bangs and hair. Basically, I want to pay a lot of money to look like I just rolled out of bed.

BUT YOU JUST GREW YOUR BANGS OUT, SARAH. I know, I know. Tell me I shouldn’t do it.

It’s just that…well, I like the way bangs frame my face. (Remember my bangs of yore?. 1. 2. 3.) I’ve got a narrow noggin, and sometimes the forehead gets a bit too much play, if you know what I mean. Plus, since I’m officially 40 and not interested in Botox, bangs are a good way to cover up my Resting Bitch Face furrow between my brows…uh, it’s pretty pronounced these days. Also, D is begging me to cut them. He’s a fan.

But the trimming. And the fussing about. And the growing out. The struggle is real.

Should I keep rocking the forehead and cut the collarbone-length bob or leave the hair longer and cut some bangs OR cut the collarbone-length bob AND add bangs? Also, is it that I want bangs like Alexa Chung or that I want TO BE Alexa Chung? Hmmm.

I welcome your thoughts. Peace be with you. Also, it’s nice here in California. I left Oklahoma just as the temps plummeted into the 30s. Fist bump.


The Raddest Giveaway Ever (psst…an iPad Air 2!)



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Holiday Nails With Sally Beauty


This post is sponsored by Sally Beauty. Thanks for supporting this site!


Let’s just get one thing straight. I never paint my nails. NEVER. I get one manicure a year, promptly ruin it within the first day, and curse spending my money.

But! The holidays are coming up, and I always start seeing pretty nail colors on Pinterest and think, “maybe I should be doing that…” (Peer pressure.) I mean, how hard could a gold triangle thingy on a black-painted nail be? (SO HARD, actually. No thanks.)

I decided to gather up a few holiday-inspired colors from Sally Beauty to share with you all, since I know YOU don flawless nail polish on a daily basis.


After playing around with the colors, I really liked two.


Go Baroque and Millefio Red. And can you believe it?! I gave myself a mani.


It’s a holiday miracle. (Although I took it off within 24 hours. What can I say?)

Like these colors? Well, right now, Sally Beauty is thanking shoppers in November with over 40 gifts with purchase throughout the store. Obviously, November can get a little stressful with all of the holiday prep, gift lists, and parties. Sally Beauty wants shoppers to be able to focus on themselves, get “Thanksgifted,” and ultimately treat themselves. If you buy 2 FingerPaints Nail Colors, a free sparkly phone wallet wristlet (seen above) is a gift with purchase. You can check out all the gifts with purchase here.

This post is sponsored by Sally Beauty. Thanks for supporting this site!

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Hooray for Invisalign!


I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own. 

Operation Straight Teeth Alert! I just finished my last Invisalign tray (20 of 20), and am meeting with my orthodontist next week to discuss refinements. (Refinements are exactly what they sound like – additional trays to help refine any remaining adjustments that need to be made.)

However, I wanted to give you a quick looksie.


Can I just tell you how long it took me to find a relatively close-up photo of my teeth from before? It was hilarious – I spent an entire evening combing though my iPhoto archives, and all I found was this random iPhone selfie from years ago. I guess this girl doesn’t like to bust a toothy grin on many occasions. (Not for long!)

I am really happy so far, and the process has been a breeze. The 10 months flew by, and  it has been sooooo much easier than my first go-around with traditional metal brackets.

If you have always wanted straighter teeth, but aren’t interested in wearing traditional metal brackets (because you don’t want to be magically transported to junior high again), check out the smile assessment to see if you are a candidate. You can also visit Invisalign’s doctor locator to find a practitioner near you.