Chambray All The Way


chambray dress roundup

Let me tell you a little story. A few days ago, I was sweating sitting at my niece’s softball game in 90-something degree heat and 1,235% humidity. Like a good rule follower, I was donning items from my Spring capsule wardrobe, but as you can see, the options for my lower half are extremely limited when you factor in OPPRESSIVE HEAT. (Seriously, can you imagine sitting in the blazing sun in skinny jeans? It is the worst, I tell you. THE WORST.)

Anyway, while I was marinating in my own pool of sweat and tears, I began daydreaming about lightweight chambray dresses. I love chambray – the way it feels on the skin, the shade of blue that works with anything, and most importantly, the way it keeps you cool as a cucumber.

I will be buying one very soon. Oh yes, I will. Maybe two, capsule be damned.

Here are some of my favorites, and I threw a few denim skirts in there for good measure. I’m crazy, I tell ya.

top image credit: the sartorialist


Odds and Ends



1. Want your house guests to think you have your shit together? Try some of these tips.

2. I made this for dinner last night and it was AMAZING. Tracy always nails it.

3. People, if you love vintage clothing, you must follow this Instagram account.

4. Yoga amazingness. Do you see those splits? (I never was able to the do the splits. Like, not even close.)

5. A succinct, informative video on gluten sensitivity.

6. You guys, I am so guilty of the snacks too. STOP THE MADNESS.

7. Look at these beautiful mamas. Gorgeous.

8. Ladies, I love this swimwear line. The fabric is so luxurious, and braided triangle bikini top is so pretty on.

9. 10 ways to take care of yourself when you’re completely burned out. Fresh air and laughter with friends does the trick for me.

10. Did you see Amy Schumer’s Glamour UK Women of the Year – Trailblazer speech? Laughed pretty hard. #mouthofatruckdriver

Thanks for all of your recommendations this week for vacation spots. I was on the all-inclusive train for a bit, but am now leaning towards a chill trip to Tulum. Maaannn, a little paralyzed by the options.

Happy weekend to you!


What’s the Best All Inclusive Family Resort?



You all had such great responses regarding vacation spots…can I take it one step further? Have any of you stayed at an all-inclusive resort with your family? What’s your favorite? I just started my search, but immediately happened upon this resort in Turks and Caicos. (It won Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Hotel for Families in 2014.) I have to admit…I like the idea of everything being taken care of from the get-go.

I would love to hear any and all thoughts! We were planning to visit our old stomping grounds in California this August, but are now leaning towards a resort-type vacation instead. I think the kids would absolutely love it. (Who am I kidding? ME TOO.)

image credit: beaches


Tell Me About Your Dream Vacation Spot



You guys, I need a vacation.

Yes, I’ve been traveling a fair amount for conferences/blogging/quick weekends, but I mean A Real Vacation. A No-Plans-Whatsoever, Doing-Absolutely-Nothing, Staring-Off-Into-Space Real Vacation on a beach in a remote location. I just want to be in the sun with nothing to do. (Yes, you could say that the 20+ inches of rain in OKC this May has kind of gotten to me.)

The last true family vacation that involved a plane and a faraway destination was Maui in 2012. Three years is not acceptable, people. Especially considering the past few years have been slightly unnerving. We all need some downtime in the Whoorl household, and I need suggestions for the most relaxing and tranquil spot ever.

Where is your favorite sunny spot for complete relaxation?

image credit: sara pizzagalli