Shooting a Selfie Has Never Been Better


I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own. 


It’s official, 3 million patients have now started treatment with Invisalign, and to mark the milestone, Align Technology has teamed up with Operation Smile to help children across the globe born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Beginning this month, Align Technology will donate $1 for every public share of a photo of a person’s smile on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #3millionsmiles – for a total donation of up to $1 million*.

You guys, I am so excited about this idea, and it’s super easy to achieve if we all snap a selfie with the hashtag #3millionsmiles. I’m planning on a little lipstick shopping today (I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect pinkish red matte), and will be posting my smile later on Instagram! Care to join?

* Official terms for the charity project can be found here



Odds and Ends



Well, hello there! Kind of disappeared this week, as I’ve been dealing with a lovely little bout of insomnia. As some of you might remember from my No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn Summer Tour of 2013, I am pretty much good for nothing when I’m not sleeping. (Why, sleeping gods? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?) My mind seems to follow the same crappy cycle of not sleeping for some random reason followed by worrying about not sleeping which causes me to not sleep which is followed by more worrying. IT IS SO FUN WHY DON’T YOU JOIN ME?

However, the great thing about overcoming a hard situation (like a horrible bout of insomnia) in the past is it arms you with the confidence that yes, indeed, you can and will overcome it. You did it before, right? I did. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over these past few years is that this too shall pass. THIS TOO SHALL PASS, my friends. No matter what you are dealing with right now…this too shall pass. And you will be a stronger, wiser person because of it, and, more importantly, know how to better deal with situations like it in the future. We are not our stories, friends. Today, you are light and you are awesome. Eat that for lunch.

Without further ado, some odds and ends for the weekend.

1. Tattooed senior citizens. I love this – looks better with age.

2. Data geniuses have figured out the ultimate road trip.

3. Is being a stay-at-home parent a luxury? Interesting read.

4. I love Amy Turn Sharp. And her poetry. And THIS. Oh yes.

5. Want to be more successful? Stop wasting your brain.

6. You’ve probably seen this before, but I always think it’s a wonderful manifesto to revisit from time to time.

Happy weekend, everyone! The kids are on spring break next week, so it’s going to be crazy around here. Perhaps I should re-read that manifesto one more time.


The Best Styling Tool in All the Land


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black fedora by rag & bone


I am frequently asked about how I achieve the undone waves featured in the above photo. Well, my love for the Ion Titanium Pro Multi Styler from Sally Beauty knows no bounds. It started with this tutorial from a few months ago – I had just recently started using the multi-styler, and I knew I liked it, but had no idea that it would pretty much replace every other styling tool I owned. (Well, except for my hair dryer, of course.) This baby does it all. It straightens (even stubborn, cowlicky bangs), waves, curls, flips, you name it.

As many of you know, I only wash and style my hair twice a week, so this iron is a workhorse on those days. I usually blow dry and then create the messy waves I demonstrated in the tutorial, but I also can’t live without it to help manage completely rogue bang sections on the other days when I wake up, walk to the bathroom, and take a gander at something similar to this. (Good ol’ R Pat can rock it, but not so much over here.)


The key to the iron is the small surface area that makes it easy to work with short hair like bangs, but also the shape of the iron. As you can see in the above photo the iron curves all the way around, and it heats up on the sides as well, not just the plates in the middle. That way, you get a full curl, instead of the usual flat iron curled-yet-crimped look. It’s pretty cool.


Also, it heats anywhere between 0 and 450 degrees to accommodate most hair types. I like to keep the heat around 350.

To keep things fair, thought, I do I have one beef. If I had to choose one thing I didn’t adore about the iron, it would be the color. I much prefer simple black, but if blurple is your thing, you will love it. (Obviously not an issue that affects the performance of the iron…I’m just a nitpicky lady.)

What’s your favorite styling tool? Sally Beauty is featuring tons of favorites over the month of March as part of their Beautiful Finds at Beautiful Prices campaign. Some of the categories featured are Best Selling, Blogger Faves, Cult Faves, New Finds, Stylist Picks and Top Pinned. If you are looking for a new tool, I highly recommend checking it out!

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Odds and Ends



1. Hahaaa, do you feel this way about laundry care symbols?

2. You guys, I am shoulder-deep in sourcing for my spring capsule right now. I’m changing the rules for the next capsule…instead of sourcing and purchasing two weeks prior to the new capsule, I’m giving myself a month. Things were a little bit easier in Southern California, where I could walk into almost all of the stores. In Oklahoma, there’s a lot more online shopping happening, thus many boxes being shipped to me and most times, returned to sender. It looks like I’ll be adding about 5-6 items to my spring capsule. So! Here’s where you come in. I’m looking for a pair of black leather sandals that have a wooden block heel. I’m considering these, but don’t know if the buckles will annoy me over time. These are nice too. I’m definitely sold on the natural-colored wooden block heel (not a wedge). What say you?

3. Speaking of capsule wardrobes, here are my outfits from this past week. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

4. Where you should live, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type. I’m moving to Zurich, Switzerland.

5. Have a black thumb? 9 houseplants that are virtually impossible to kill.

6. This was the best thing I saw on the internet this week.

7. An iPhone inside a guitar. Is this real?

8. This is a great article…yes, parenting is not what it used to be. Maybe I should have a martini at lunch today…

9. Just go ahead and look at how many women have been sponsored at Krochet Kids Peru. You guys are AWESOME, and we are so close! Only 8 women haven’t been sponsored yet. I know we can do this.

10. Lastly, sale alert! I have the red and black shade of this blouse in my current capsule, and wear both all the time. Just got marked down from $110 to $62. Super deal, folks.

Happy Friday, everyone!