Odds and Ends


1. Quiz time! What your Starbucks order says about your age.

2. Um, I’m not fond of spiders either, but this is a little much.

3. OMG, this is so hilarious and perfect and so wrong.

4. Have you seen this 6-year-old talking to her mom about divorce? Ohhhhhhh, it’s amazing.

5. The doggy rescue train! Makes me smile.

6. Another quiz. What’s your tendency? Mine was the questioner or something, which sounds 100% NOT like me.

7. I’m so happy Jon Hamm won. And that’s he’s newly single. Call me, Jon. I think we could be a good team.

8. Annnd back to reality, perimenopause. It’s a real thing, yo. MY hormones are absolutely WHACK.

9. Did you see the news about the new season of Serial? I’m so ready.

10. I am so happy larger retailers are starting to carry more and more green beauty brands. I love this one (best bronzer and lip gloss ever!) and this one (you must try the resurfacing mask) and this one.

Happy weekend to you all! I’ve got my last yoga teacher training this weekend before our exam in October. #fistbump

image credit: clare elsaesser


Let’s Chat About Half Top Knots


image credit: margo and me, my instagram mega crush

I’ve written about the universe sending us signs before…usually these signs are helpful in sparking intuition and clearing the way for positive life changes. However, this week? The universe must be telling me that I need to write about half top knots because SWEET JEBUS I’ve seen them everywhere.

Whats the deal? Is this the new look? I’ve always longed for a fun, messy way to pull half of my hair back, and you know I love me a full top knot, so is this the answer beckoning to me?

Take a look for yourself. There’s even a YouTube tutorial on the subject. Should I be wearing this trend, people?


Kids these days…




Beautiful Berry Lips for Fall


Fall is upon us, and everyone is all berrrrrry this and berry that. What is it about the cooler seasons that brings our love of berry and plum tones? Well, I’m especially excited because, in the past, I could never find the right berry tone for my complexion. It seems many berry lip shades run a bit brown, and that never looked too fab on my face. However, this season is chock full of berry berries with beautiful plummy and raspberry tones…definitely more blue-based berries, which my face wants to high five.

Best of all? These berry lip shades are all super safe and natural. Green beauty junkies unite! (By the way, I am learning so much from the green beauty online community lately, so I’m putting together a post of my favorite green beauty Instagram accounts and blogs for you all to check out.)

Without further ado, here are my top 4 berry shades for fall.