Whoorl is a popular lifestyle/mom blog with a large and loyal audience. Author Sarah James blogs about a myriad of topics from style and beauty to parenting and wellness, all with the underlying mindset that looking and feeling great doesn’t have to end at the delivery room doors. A storyteller by nature, Sarah’s fresh and witty writing style is like chatting with a good friend – honest, fun, and completely relatable.

Whoorl personifies the life of a wife, mother, friend, career woman and savvy next door neighbor. Sarah has her finger on the pulse of the modern woman’s lifestyle, is happy to share her successes and challenges, and is open and authentic in bringing that conversation to the table. This combination of wit, expertise, and approachability garnered Whoorl the #29 spot on Disney/Babble’s Top Mom Blogs of 2012.

In addition to writing at Whoorl, Sarah contributes to several other high-profile websites. She is a regular contributor to Procter & Gamble’s style website, Style United, as well as Citibank’s financial/lifestyle website, Women & Co. She writes a weekly beauty column for Babble Voices, and films a weekly YouTube video series entitled Mama Said. Over the past six years, Sarah has written for websites such as AOL ParentDish, Work It, Mom, and CafeMom, and has worked on blogging campaigns with companies and brands such as Procter & Gamble, Levi’s, Gap, Sephora, Huggies, and Brita.


Whoorl.com has a robust following, with 125,000+ page views and an average of 50,000 unique visitors per month. (per Google Analytics)


Sarah is very active in several social media outlets, and here is a snapshot of her 1st quarter 2014 influence.

Twitter followers: 9,000

Pinterest followers: 9,300

Instagram followers: 5,200

Facebook fans: 2,800

Klout score: 67


Sarah’s television appearances include The Rachael Ray Show, ABC Family, ABC Nightline, Marie, and most recently, a national commercial for Pantene. You can find most of her on-camera appearances here. Sarah has also been featured in The New York Times, OC Family, The Daily Oklahoman, and Oklahoma Magazine.



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