Mindful Monday: The Open Secret

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It was a good one over here with Mother’s Day and all – Wita kept screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!” to me in public spaces all day. (I appreciate her holiday fervor, even though my birthday is in November.) It was…

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Mindful Monday: Be Willing

Last week, I got some disappointing news. The latest Lyme test results came back showing the worst numbers yet – this after plowing through the past few months on three simultaneous high-powered antibiotics. I can’t even begin to tell you how this news made me…

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Mindful Monday: God Was On My iPhone

The question is, “Are you spiritual or are you not?” The truth is you are. The reality is you don’t believe it. – Yogi Bhajan How does a person start on a path to spiritual enlightenment and awareness? OH NO SHE DIDN’T. Yes, yes I…

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Mindful Monday: Be The Lighthouse

I hope to make Mondays a time when I can write about what I’m reading, learning and experiencing in regards to spirituality and mindfulness. There’s much to discuss. For the majority of my life, I didn’t really think much about spirituality. It’s not that I pushed…

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Going Forward

If you even knew how long I’ve been dragging my feet in regards to this post, you all. It’s been sitting in my draft folder, title only, for months. It’s just so hard to write about, you know,  LIFE. (It’s so much easier to do…

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