Mindful Monday: Letting Go

“Doubt is a dream-killer and fear is an internal prison cell that bars you off from the world and all the glorious possibilities just waiting for you.” – Dr. Lissa Rankin Why is it so hard to let go of our fearful thinking? Why do…

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Mindful Monday: Happiness Hygiene

Let’s talk about happiness for a second. Holbrook Jackson said that “happiness is a form of courage,” and I wholeheartedly agree. It takes a lot of courage to be happy – to make the big (and sometimes scary) changes necessary to become a happier person….

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Mindful Monday: Resilience

I recently listened to the most fascinating talk by Dr. Joan Borysenko (a powerhouse with three post-doctoral Harvard fellowships in cell biology, behavioral medicine, and psychoneuroimmunology…um, she’s just kind of smart) on the subject of resilience. What is resilience? Well, the dictionary says it’s “the…

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meditating with a mala

How To Meditate With a Mala

I am thrilled that so many of you showed interest in learning more about meditating with Mala beads. It’s been a great addition to my practice, and really think it could benefit you in many ways. Here’s a video with some pointers. (Also, I guide…

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Melissa Loves Giveaway

I wrote about my necklace a few weeks ago, but I neglected to tell you that in the process of finishing the design, the original necklace was lost in the mail. Melissa was so kind and generous to make and send another necklace to me, even…

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Mindful Monday: Overcoming Pain. Loss, and Grief

A few weeks ago, I received a comment on this post in regards to my belief that God/the universal life force is inherently good, but you must commit to the practice of seeking that force out. Here it is: I have always really wanted to believe…

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