Penny Candy Books

If I had to make a wager…I would put my money on the majority of you all loving books as much as I do. (I mean, come on now, we go waaayyyyy back, don’t we? We’re friends! I’ve shared a lot. You know, about my crazy.) ((p.s. –…

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8 Things I’ve Learned About Anxiety

Green beauty and unfussy style and…anxiety. The perfect progression, really. #huh April has stirred mine up a bit (Spring does that to me for whatever reason), so I thought I would share some practices and thoughts that have kept me from going down the rabbit hole. For those…

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Summer Reads 2014

This post is sponsored by Scribd. Well, it seems I’m still devouring nonfiction as you can see from this summer’s reading list. (Although, hey, 1 of the 8 is fiction. Uh, metaphysical fiction, but FICTION. Large strides I’m taking, people.) As you probably have gathered,…

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Mindful Monday: Be The Lighthouse

I hope to make Mondays a time when I can write about what I’m reading, learning and experiencing in regards to spirituality and mindfulness. There’s much to discuss. For the majority of my life, I didn’t really think much about spirituality. It’s not that I pushed…

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