Happy Monday! (And An Exercise Request…)

A few things on this (rare) rainy morning in Southern California. 1. I redesigned my site again. Actually, D redesigned my site. Don’t we love D? I love D. Especially when he picks up on my very subtle clues that I’m needing a change. (You…

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A Lululemon Epiphany

I now possess the knowledge as to why Lululemon can charge $98 for a pair of workout pants. The breathable, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing freedom of movement? Nope. The waistband inner stash pocket and flat seams? Nah. The ability to transform your fanny…

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Losing the Baby Weight (The Second Time Around)

Two days before Whoorlita turned 3 months old, the local daily deal on Plum District was a month-long boot camp. I stared at the screen for all of 4 seconds before clicking the purchase button. I knew that if I allowed myself even a minute…

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10 Questions

1. Hitting the running trail again, and I’m dying to know what improvements have been made with Couch to 5k apps since I first completed it 4 years ago. Are there now ways to sync the program with your iPod while listening to your own…

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Yo, Breastfeeding Runners! I’m Perplexed!

Feel free to answer one or many of these questions. 1. How do you hold those suckers down? Suckers…Heh. 2. What kind of sports bra works best? Do you double up? 3. Do you wear breast pads? (Obviously you need to wear breast pads, right?)…

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Your Favorite Color Combo

This is totally random, but did you have a favorite color combo back in your awkward middle school days? Pink and heather grey was a hot one during my middle school stint in the late eighties, but I preferred pink and royal blue. Because I…

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