Pain and Patience

I visited my yoga studio for the first time in three weeks yesterday. Upon arriving, my teacher asked how my injury was, and I told her I was very much improved and ready to dive back in. She looked and me and said, “Sarah, you…

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Cupping for Sciatica and/or Lower Back Pain

Recently, my sister opened the coolest Pilates and circuit training studio called Beyond Studios here in Oklahoma City. Super exciting. So exciting, actually, that I got a little too eager and slightly overdid it for the first two weeks. And let’s be honest, I think…

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The Best Workout Clothing

Do you remember the days when only a very few workout apparel companies existed? And none of them were super exciting nor particularly attractive to wear? Yeah, well, those days are over, as it seems every week a new retailer jumps on the scene. I,…

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Do Exercise Apps Keep You Motivated?

Let’s chat about exercise, shall we? Here’s the abridged version of my history with exercise apps and websites. I’ve used RunKeeper on and off for a few years to keep track of my walks and elliptical workouts. Same with the Couch to 10K app, but only for…

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Let’s Talk About Rebounding

Have you guys heard of rebounding? Apparently, I need to start. Long story short, my lymphatic system needs a boost, and from what I gather, jumping on a mini trampoline is the best exercise in regards to detoxifying your system. But, YOU GUYS. Will I need to don…

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