Whoorl Winter Capsule 2015

My First Capsule Wardrobe

Happy New Year! My resolution for 2015 is to continue to simplify, simplify, simplify. Speaking of simplifying, the capsule wardrobe train is pulling out of the station, and I’m officially on it. I’m excited, especially now that the hard part of editing my closet is…

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Gorgeous Gifts That Give Back

While attending the ONE Girls and Women AYA Summit last month in DC, I was completely floored, well, by lots of smart, fearless, inspiring folks. One woman in that group of dynamos was Jane Mosburger Morris, who runs To The Market, a retailer that supports…

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Black Friday – 9 Items, 9 Stores

Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to shop we go. Except that I’ll be in my sweatpants with my laptop. Technology rules. (Does anyone actually shop in actual stores on Black Friday?) Here are my top picks from my favorite stores – there are some…

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50 Fabulous Shopbop Finds (Take 25% Off Your Order!)

You might think April and October are two of my favorite months because of Spring! And Fall! But lest you forget about the best bi-annual sale in the history of mankind?! Shopbop Friends and Family. 25% off! Your entire order! The code is FAMILY25. I’m doing…

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I Guess I Need To Buy a Coat

It seems that people not living in coastal Southern California need coats during the winter season. FASCINATING. I guess I should get cracking on the coat-purchasin’ sooner than later. Here are some that I’m considering and/or daydreaming about, because let’s face it, a few of…

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Whoorl’s Closet Flash Sale

Holy moly, weeping packing is in full swing over here, so I put a few items for sale over at Whoorl’s Closet for the Official Sarah Is Hiring Professional Packers on To Help on Tuesday Fund, so take a gander if you’d like. I’ll keep the items…

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