Winter Capsule Wrap-Up (And Spring Preview!)

Hi ho, here we go. I am officially transitioning into my Spring capsule (full capsule will be on the blog next week!), but, in the meantime, I’d like to share my official thoughts on my first capsule wardrobe go-around. Let’s start with some of the issues. When…

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Spring Trench Coats (and Shopbop’s Spring Sale!)

One of the items I’m purchasing for my Spring capsule wardrobe is a trench coat. Sadly, my Martin + Osa (remember good ol’ M+O? Rest in peace, my former lover…) trench coat bit the dust after a good decade or so, but it definitely did…

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This is Love

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, Wita was working hard on a drawing at the dining table. So, when Wita gets into masterpiece mode, she makes it crystal clear to all family members that they are NOT allowed to view her work until she…

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A Day in Peru

Excuse the disappearing act this week – I had planned on sharing my trip to Peru with you while I was there, but after quickly realizing that the average time to upload a simple Instagram photo was about an hour, I figured blog posting would have…

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Capsule Wardrobe – FAQ

You can follow my daily capsule outfits here. Okay, before we get to the most frequently asked questions, I want to share my biggest beef with capsule wardrobes (my current capsule is here), and it goes a little something like this…what about the other items…

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The State of The Capsule Wardrobe – Month One

You can follow my daily capsule outfits here. The first month of my capsule wardrobe just wrapped up, and boy, do I have lots to say on the matter. Let’s dive in. 1. MVP pieces – Of my 37 items, there were a handful of workhorses that,…

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