Bikini Bonanza!

I’m still coming off our holiday weekend pool party bender, so I definitely have bikinis on the brain. I love me some bikinis! Like Jora, I’m a huge proponent of the string bikini. I wear both the black one and the plaid one shown above…

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I’m Afraid Another Long Butt Era is Upon Us

I just returned from my dream mecca, Madewell, where I tried on the most darling pair of high-waist, wide-leg jeans. Oh my goodness, so flattering. SO FLATTERING. (From the front.) Straight up perfect spring weather Ali MacGraw in Love Story kick ass lightweight denim. Although,…

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Navy and White Stripes

Oh navy and white striped top I wear one of you nonstop So cute with skinnies, flats or a mini A bright scarf helps you to pop Oh navy and white striped top My love for you won’t stop A couple are fine But I’ve…

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Gilligan & O’Malley Nursing Tanks

Once upon a time, I spent a ridonkulous amount of cash on expensive nursing tanks that weren’t even my favorite. (They showed off way too much cleavage and left me feeling a little exposed…but if you’re into that kind of thing, go for it.) This…

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First Trimester Faves

Hello! Quite a lengthy break I took there, but trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to hear the ample amounts of complaining coming out of my pie hole. I’m in the 11th week of of a much queasier pregnancy, although this comes as no surprise…

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Are the 80’s Making a Comeback?

I have only bought two books about pregnancy, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and The Pregnancy Journal. That’s enough for me. Girlfriends Guide is cute, but I get really distracted and bored after about 5 minutes. I’m just the type of person that wants answers…

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