Spring Shopbop Sale (Access One Day Early!)

My friends, Shopbop is having a sale that starts for the general public Wednesday, April 12th, BUT they are giving you guys access a day early! Which means, like, right now. Because you are special. So special. Please get to shopping immediately, and if you don’t know…

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Speak Up With Your Wallet!

So, if you haven’t heard, our new president got a little snippy with one of my favorite retailers for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s brand. (Seriously, how is this man still tweeting?!) I can’t possibly refrain from excessive eye-rolling at this point…they actually might get stuck…

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Give Better with Cuyana

oversized carryall tote in navy Cuyana’s philosophy of fewer, better things has always resonated with me, and is the primary reason I’ve been a customer for years. A secondary reason? I LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS. When anyone asks my opinion on a great shop…

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Shopbop’s Big Sale Starts Today!

It’s no surprise that Shopbop is my #1 online retailer, so I would be remiss not to tell you about the fantastic sale that started this morning. Here are few of my coveted items for fall and winter. Happy shopping to you!

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30 Days of Dresses-Week 3

Three weeks down, one to go! Trust me, I’ll be ready to don some pants come September. Camisole. Skirt. Dress. Shoes. Dress. Shoes. Bag. Dress. Top. Skirt. Shoes. Dress. Blouse. Skirt. Shoes. Bag.

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30 Days of Dresses-Week 2

I’m pretty much over taking a photo of my outfit every single day, but will PRESS ON. #firstworldproblems Here’s this week’s roundup. Top. Skirt. Belt by Emerson Made. Top. Skirt. Caftan. Dress. Coverup by Madewell. (It’s an oldie.) Dress by Madewell. (Current style here.) Shoes….

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