A Splendid Affair

I had such a great night at my Splendid shindig last week that I thought I might share some photos. First off, the ladies (and gent) from the store were the best. (Can I get a part-time job?) Um, also. Doughnuts, people. Sidecar Doughnuts. (Doughnuts…

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1 Summer Scarf, 4 Ways

Here ye, here ye, I do declare this to be the summer of the scarf. I bought myself some cute cotton scarves from Madewell a a few weeks ago and have been wearing them all the livelong day. (Madewell must have sold out of the…

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J. Crew Swim Sale Happening Right Now

I feel it my civic duty to alert you of J. Crew’s swim sale going on this weekend. 30% off all swim styles, yo. And! Free shipping and free returns, so go ahead and order 39 bathing suits, find the one you love, and ship…

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My New Glasses (Yay for Rivet + Sway!)

This post is sponsored by Rivet + Sway eyewear. Thanks, Rivet + Sway! Glasses! Can we talk about glasses, folks? Now, you know I love my pink glasses…I’ve had them for a decade now, but a girl needs to change things up once in awhile,…

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My Love for Neutral Shoes

Last week, I briefly mentioned my love for neutral shoes, and thought I might elaborate a little bit. Why I adore neutral shoes: 1. They go with any outfit. Brights! Whites! Patterns! Denim! Skirts! I especially love wearing neutral/tan shoes with a black ensemble. 2….

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Ankle Boots Galore

I pretty much left you hanging after posting about the Great Ankle Boot Search of 2012. Sorry ’bout that. Turns out – I DID find the perfect boots. When in New York last month, I just happened to stroll by Isabel Marant’s boutique in Soho….

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