Back to the Desert

I’m not exactly sure how this all came about, but I’ll be spending nearly two weeks of this month in the desert. Not too shabby! The first trip starts today, as I’m leaving for Camp Mighty. I am sooooo jazzed. I haven’t seen a lot…

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BlogHer Dancing Tips from a Pro(fessed Idiot)

Blogging about blogging is truly not my forte, so although I’m a 3-year veteran of BlogHer (2007, 2008, 2009, holla!), I won’t attempt dispensing much advice in regards to attending this week’s conference. (If you want to read a fantastic post on what to expect,…

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My Beach Bag (+ Clava Giveaway!)

Allow me to introduce my beach bag. I guess I should really call it my beach/pool/park/outdoor activity bag since it’s used all the time in all of those places. Roomy enough to fit everything you need, but not too bulky to schlep around, this bad…

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Desert Bound

We’re in Palm Springs, lounging by the pool for a few days. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Santa Fe (And Get Yourself Some Boots!)

Howdy, folks! I forgot to ask last week…how was your Thanksgiving? We spent ours in Santa Fe with my family, and it was a perfectly festive break from our not so Christmas-y Southern California weather. We left on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and DROVE to…

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