A Day in Peru

Excuse¬†the disappearing act this week – I had planned on sharing my trip to Peru with you while I was there, but after quickly realizing that the average time to upload a simple Instagram photo was about an hour, I figured blog posting would have…

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Gorgeous Gifts That Give Back

While attending the ONE Girls and Women AYA Summit last month in DC, I was completely floored, well, by lots of smart, fearless, inspiring folks. One woman in that group of dynamos was Jane Mosburger Morris, who runs To The Market, a retailer that supports…

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I’ve Got Your Stress Reduction Right Here

8 days until moving day. HAHAHAAAOHMYGAHHHHHHH Do you know what I do a week before moving halfway across the country? I take a trip, peeps! I take a trip to San Jose to give a few talks on…wait for it…STRESS REDUCTION. Yes! That’s right! Let…

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We Survived The Road Trip

This post is sponsored by Bridgestone. I can now officially say their DriveGuard tires are the bomb. We made it through our 10-day road trip alive, folks. And we packed it in – Grand Canyon, Colorado hiking and river-rafting, Sedona energy vortexes and the best…

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Odds and Ends

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Today’s our last day in Colorado, and we are headed to Sedona tomorrow. I have to say, I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Colorado – childhood summers in Breckenridge and Estes Park, and time spent in Vail, Aspen,…

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