Bullet Journals Made Simple

Guess what, friends? I have a newish obsession with bullet journaling. It started about a month and a half ago, and I simply can’t stop won’t stop. The entire process is truly fantastic, especially FINALLY being able to keep all of my thoughts, inspiration, and…

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Are You a Paper Planner Person? (+ Giveaway!)

Let’s talk about paper planners. Are you a fan? I think we all know by now that am a planner by nature, and although I used to be into paper planners, I migrated to using Google calendar years ago. Except that, recently, I’ve found my…

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The Perfect Wooden Jewelry Organizer

Up until a week ago, my jewelry routine went a little something like this. 1. Choose a necklace from a grouping of necklaces hanging from a nail in my closet wall. 2. Try to coax said necklace from the nail without pulling off at least…

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My (Whittled Down & Much Safer) Makeup Collection

(Updated to add: Tarte Cosmetics is doing a 30% sitewide discount through December 11th with the code DECFNF.) Alright, ladies. I did it. I examined and completely overhauled my makeup collection. If you didn’t see this post from November, this was my makeup collection.  …

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This Is A Labor of Love, I Tell Ya

See that table o’ cosmetics? That’s my current makeup collection. The funny/sad thing? I got rid of tons before moving this summer, so this is my paired down collection. However, starting this month, I’m going through each and every product, pinpointing each ingredient, and researching…

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My Hanging Laundry Basket Reality

This post is sponsored by P&G. Save on NEW Gain Flings and Tide Pods at Target. Text CLEAN to Target (827438) for mobile coupons*. Remember this lovely sight? Above are my amazingly awesome, perfectly pinnable hanging laundry baskets in my hall closet. I have six…

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