Things That Are Making This Week Crazy Awesome

1. Wito starts his new school. Very exciting, yet nerve-wracking. Will he sit by himself at lunch? Praying he makes new friends quickly. 2. Final walk-through at the house tomorrow. Scheduled to close later this week. WHOAH. 3. My sister Lala is having her baby…

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We Got The House!

You all, we got The House. We. Got. The. House. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Let me back up a bit. So, I wrote the post. Several days passed…D and I were still in the dumps about losing the property, and we just couldn’t buck up…

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La Plates Giveaway

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I did my last giveaway for La Plates. How can this be? You all need these plates in your lives, I tell ya. So, my (very high) opinion of the company and their products hasn’t changed,…

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Yes, I am writing a post about a vacuum cleaner.

What? You mean you don’t vacuum your house in a dress and heels? DOMESTIC GODDESS STATUS REVOKED! Let’s talk about the newest love of my life. Yes, it’s a vacuum cleaner, and although some of you might think that a little awkward, if you’ve been…

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Put Your Pinterest Pins in Your Sidebar!

Fellow Pinterest fans, do I have some good news for you! For the past few months, I’ve been searching and searching for an easy (and pretty!) way to display my pins in the sidebar of this blog. Since I’m no coding genius, WordPress widgets are…

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Simple Lovely-Blogger’s Favorites

The lovely, inspiring, and absolutely crushworthy Joslyn has asked me back for her Blogger’s Favorites feature. You can read about my favorite things here. Thanks, Joslyn, for having me!

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