Things About Wita

photo by Greer Inez Things she says: 1. Ruffles = Sniffles  “Mama, I have the ruffles today.” 2. “What it is?” instead of “What is it?” 3. Chin Spill = Vomit “I don’t feel so good. I think my chin is going to spill.” 4….

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The Little Things

Hey! Today’s my birthday, peeps! 39. THIRTY NINE. Sunday night, the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna treated us to a night’s stay and the use of one of their private beach bungalows on Monday. We told Wito that we were playing hooky for the day,…

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It only took us 7 years

Well, seven years after having my first child, we decided to have some family photos taken. (Can you believe that? I have no idea why we waited so long.) We enlisted Cary Holton, who is a mega talented lifestyle photographer. She had quite a challenge…

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Count Your Blessings

“Talk about your blessings more than your talk about your burdens.” This is a mantra I have aspired to my entire life, and dare say have been fairly successful. Complaining has never been my thing…I usually keep those thoughts to myself, and I definitely don’t…

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