In Love With Lip Balm Pencils

Once in a blue moon, a product comes along that just steals my jaded heart. Naturally, I felt the need to make a video about it. (I was very excited in the video, hence the ridiculously flushed cheeks. Excitement + sheer fuchsia blush = Hobo…

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Soft and Pretty Makeup Tutorial

Three cheers for a summer makeup tutorial! Although, I’m not really sure why I call this a “summer” look, when in truth, you can easily wear this year-round. This is the perfect makeup routine for a natural, glowing, dewy, happy face. (The video automatically plays…

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The 5-Minute Face: A Step-by-Step Guide

I think this is my favorite episode of The Sarah James Show yet – mainly because it’s more of a tutorial-type video like I’m used to making. I always write about the 5-minute face, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is this week….

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Get Serious About Skincare

I told you what Wito said to me on my 37th birthday last year, didn’t I? About my face crack? Love that kid, but talk about a DOWNER. I couldn’t have cared less about skincare in my twenties, but man, things are different now. Here’s…

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The Best Bright and Dark Lip Colors

My post on the best nude and soft pink lip colors can be found here. I am the first to admit that I’m not quite the aficionada with dark/bright lip colors that I am with lighter ones. Nude and soft pink lip colors? I’m your…

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The Best Nude & Soft Pink Lip Colors

As if you haven’t seen enough of my mug lately, here I am times eight. Freaky, huh? All in the name of cosmetic research, though! Let’s talk about lip color. I love me some lip color, ladies, and here are my very favorite nude and…

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