My Skincare Routine

On this episode of Sarah Says, I talk about my tried-and-true skincare routine that I’ve used for years. The products are a 50/50 mix of drugstore and department store brands, and I’ve had a lot of luck with them over the years. The funny thing…

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pumpkin pie mask

Honey-Pumpkin Pie Enzyme Mask

This post is sponsored by the National Honey Board. If you haven’t noticed, it’s pumpkin season. I swear, I walked into Trader Joe’s the other day and it was like entering a pumkpin festival. Pumpkin brownies! Pumpkin puree! PUMPKIN PRODUCT MANIA. I made some treats…

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Easy DIY Honey Scrub

So I’ve got another honey beauty recipe up my sleeve, and it’s the easiest thing ever. It takes a whopping total of 1 minute to make, and is perfect for gently exfoliating the skin or lips. (Say goodbye to dry, flaky lips for good, for…

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Hydrating Honey Mask

Okay, ladies. You know I have this thing for clean, double duty beauty, right? Let’s talk about honey. Did you know that honey is a natural humectant with antimicrobial properties? Yep. And as a natural humectant, honey attracts and retains moisture, two qualities that can…

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Double Duty Beauty with Marie Osmond

Here’s the segment on double duty beauty products that aired last month on Marie, if you are interested! (It’s hard to keep a straight face when I’m referred to as a “beauty expert.” Let’s go with beauty enthusiast next time, okie dokie?)

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Sayonara Butterfly Tattoo: Part Three

Part one here. Part two here. Haven’t written about the good ol’ tattoo in awhile, so I thought I would give you an update. Photos and all the good stuff (including an absolutely raunchy blister) over at Beauty and the Beat. (FYI – I also…

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