whoorl skincare collection

My (Much Safer) Skincare Collection

The makeup drawer is complete, so let’s talk about skincare. Finding skincare that suits you is challenging enough in the first place, never mind trying to find safe, good-for-you skincare that doesn’t harbor nasty ingredients. As you can imagine, this endeavor took me a bit longer than…

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S.W Basics of Brooklyn (+ The Ultimate Makeup Remover)

Thanks to S.W. Basics of Brooklyn for sending these products my way and sponsoring the post! So glad I found them. The makeup post is done. The skincare post is coming in January. But until then, I need to tell you about S.W. Basics of…

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Pucker Up (Winter Lip Tips)

I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own.  Okay, our move to a location with actual seasons is kind of killing me in the dry skin department. I’m not at all used to being…

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Holiday Nails With Sally Beauty

This post is sponsored by Sally Beauty. Thanks for supporting this site! Let’s just get one thing straight. I never paint my nails. NEVER. I get one manicure a year, promptly ruin it within the first day, and curse spending my money. But! The holidays…

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In Love With Uma Oils

Essential oils. They seem to be everywhere right now, don’t they? I’ve been dabbling over the past year (and by “dabbling,” I mean devoting a LOT of time and research), and I’ve come across some really great brands and blends during the process. As you…

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