My Top 8 Green Beauty Must-Haves

I know jumping into the green beauty world can seem a bit overwhelming at times (do you remember how I started?), but I’m here to take it down a notch for ya. Trust me when I say I’ve tried a ginormous amount of green beauty…

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I’m Down With The 3-Minute Face

Beautycounter just introduced the 3-minute face, and I am quite intrigued, ladies. You know I’m a fan of fast makeup looks, and the way Beautycounter has set this up makes it foolproof! First, you choose your skin tone. I chose “Light.” Once your skin tone…

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A Fresh Face for Spring

This is for all of my friends looking for a fresh, neutral look for the warmer months ahead. (Since I’m usually touting the brightest lipstick known to man, which I guess isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.) This entire look (besides mascara) is by Beautycounter, and…

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My Collection of Lotus Wei Flower Essences

I’m really happy to share my love of Lotus Wei Flower Essences with you today – I’ve been using them for about a year, and they have become a mainstay in my family’s lives. #shoutingfromtherooftops First things first, though. What is a flower essence? Well,…

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My Favorite Natural and Organic Hair Care

This post has been a long, looooong time coming, but I wanted to take my time in regards to using these products before sharing my thoughts with you all. And the thoughts…oh, I have them! Let’s first talk about hair care in general, though. Switching…

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Beauty Heroes + Beautycounter = True Love

Fellow lovers of the green beauty movement, I have some fun news. Two of my favorite green beauty companies have partnered up for the month of February, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So, I haven’t dedicated an actual post to…

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