Is Your iPhone Not Ringing? This Could Be Why


iphone not ringing

I’m not a tech blogger, but I (FINALLY) figured out something last night that had been driving me crazy for the past several months. I thought it was just me, but after posting on my Facebook page, it seems many of you are/were having the same problem.

So, your iPhone. Does it ring when someone calls? No? Maybe only occasionally? What about text alerts? Do you pick up your phone only to see 10 missed text messages and calls? How can that be? It’s sitting within 5 feet of you! Must been crappy reception, right?

Well, that’s what I thought. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why my phone was only ringing a small percentage of the time. Little did I know that my Do Not Disturb feature was turned on – basically only allowing my list of “favorites” to audibly ring on my phone.

How do you know if the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on?

Look at your lock screen. (You can see mine in the above image.) Do you see that little moon icon on the top bar? Yep, it’s on. And muting your calls.

So, how do you turn that damn thing off? Two easy ways. First off, you can access the Do Not Disturb menu in Settings. Make sure to turn the manual slider to “off.” (Also you can see how mine was set to allow call from “favorites.” That’s why my iPhone was still ringing part of the time!)

The second way (and probably how I turned mine on in the first place) is to swipe up from the bottom while on your home screen, and the menu below will pop up. See that moon icon? Be sure it’s turned off.


There you have it. Now your iPhone can ring again and all will be right with the world. (On the flip side, though, if you only want to be alerted when your “favorites” call, then by all means keep it on!)


Everyday Look: Silk Blouses



What’s your everyday look? Although I attempt to keep things fresh (but seriously, when will I realize that day dresses are a personal pipe dream?), I do have a mainstay ensemble combination that gets me through most days.

Blazer + Silk(y) Blouse + Denim + Flats = Happy, Stylish, and Comfortable

This is my personal style equation, and I’m a huge fan because you can really change up the vibe with different items from your closet.

Today, let’s talk about silk blouses. (Or shall I say “silky” blouses. Do you think I’m going to wear dry clean only items all the livelong day? No thank you.) Although I do own a few 100% silk blouses, a lot of mine are actually made of rayon or polyester, which give them the silky look, but are machine washable. It’s a win-win, me thinks.

I love the way silky blouses drape on the body, and they are equally as lovely dressed up or down. Pair the blouses with pencil skirts, wide-leg trousers, or denim…the sky’s the limit, really. Here are some of my current favorites.


1. Silk Floral Tee, $112

2. Striped Studio Top, $99

3. Elephant Print Tank, $74

4. Peter Pan Collar Top, $49

5. Silk Petal Blouse, $128

6. Draped Pocket Tee, $34

7. Asymmetric Top, $69

8. Silk Paisley Tee, $112

9. Slit Neck Top, $27


Odds and Ends



1. You guys, my son is almost up to my shoulder. Do you remember when he looked like this? #sobbing (Shirt. Belt. Jeans. Shoes.)

2. My friend Laura has some great spring cleaning ideas.

3. Do you follow Eating Whole on Instagram? She’s the best.

4. Yesterday was International Happiness Day. Love this cover of Pharrell’s Happy.

5. The Eighty Twenty is a new favorite website.

6. We’ll be partaking in a little March Madness this weekend. Who’d you pick to go all the way? I picked Wichita State. I have no idea.


Our Homebuying Moment Realized


This post is sponsored by Trulia, but the views expressed here are solely mine. To learn more click here.

Our house is finished. Well, okay, a house is NEVER truly finished, right? BUT we just completed the outdoor paint and landscaping, and it feels pretty good to sit back and take a breath. (To see the complete indoor renovation, click here.) I can’t believe we’ve been in our house for over a year now – in some ways, it seems time has flown by, yet I also feel like I’ve lived here forever.

I remember the first time we looked at this house. We saw it on Trulia, and figured what the heck, we’d make an appointment to check it out. The house was on the market for the first time in 40-something years, and frankly, it smelled like it.

Even D, who does this for a living, shook his head and said it was too much work. We walked away, yet the house stayed on our minds constantly for the next few weeks. During dinner or while bathing the kids, we would make little comments…”if we opened up that kitchen wall,” or “did you see the original light fixtures in the hallway…”

Fast forward two months from those evening conversations (and a bit of a roller coaster ride), and we had ourselves a home. We got straight to work on the interiors, and now, I’m proud to say the exterior is finished as well.


Happy happy joy joy.

Have you checked out Trulia? It’s a great website that makes it easy to find a home, a neighborhood and a real estate agent. Obviously, the home buying process is an emotional roller coaster. (What can I afford? Is it the right house? Is it a good neighborhood? What’s the best kind of mortgage? THE QUESTIONS.)  Trulia provides home buyers with information on neighborhoods, schools, crime, local amenities, agents, and financing so that they can answer those questions with confidence.

You can check out some more (oh-so-true) postcards and share your own crazy homebuying moments at Trulia’s website.

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