Dishing on Downton Finale Recap


Quickly, I want you all to know that I’m doing well. I didn’t mean to convey that I myself was hanging by a thread in last week’s post – I just love that post from Danielle LaPorte, and hoped it could give some of you the same boost that it gave me during a rough period. If you like her stuff, you should sign up for her daily truthbomb!

Okay, believe it or not, last night was the finale of Downton Abbey. It’s just this one and the Christmas Special left. Where did the time go?


Hanging By a Thread



“It’s hard. It’s wrenching. It’s incredibly painful, and it’s difficult to feel lightness.

Or to see clearly.

Hanging by a thread can be really disorienting. What you’re going through undeniably sucks.

Listen to me: It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You can do it. Baby, you ARE doing it.

You’re getting through this. Right now your cells are plumping up and your heart is beating and you have your breath. In breath. Out breath. It’s really okay if you have to get that basic about getting through it.

In breath, out breath. Sun’s gonna rise. It’s going to be okay.

Take encouragement from strangers. Like me. Go ahead. Take it. It’s free and I don’t feel karmically entangled. So listen to me: It’s going to be okay.

This will not kill you.

Do you believe in angels? If you don’t, just believe in them for the next 24 hours. There are a hundred thousand angels by your side.

You’re probably feeling devastatingly alone, like an iceberg drifting. No one can hear you cracking. It’s cold. But, just like an iceberg, you have so much beneath the surface. Years of layers and lifetimes of experience and strengths to call on — skills of expanding consciousness that you didn’t even know you had. You will not sink.


Really and truly. Your picture of heartbreak, your strain of pain is part of the human fabric, and that tapestry is holding you like an Eskimo blanket. Other people have survived this and when they got out of the hole, they left a morphogenic popcorn trail out of the pain. You can trace their steps.

It may be hard to believe right now, but not only will it be okay, not only will you get through and over this, you will thrive again. You will be clear and vibrant and INCREDIBLE.

You will not only have more character to pull out at parties and wisdom to offer the world, but you will feel more joy than you think is possible right now.

You will.

You may walk with a limp. You may wince when you look back (understandable,) you may cry unexpectedly in the book store, but you’ll be more alive, and more You. You will be strong. And you will feel a curious sensation of being more useful. And it will feel really, really fantastic.

What you’re going through right now is so difficult.

And it’s going to be okay.

More than okay.”

Danielle LaPorte

image credit: snoogs and wilde


The Bachelor Recap – New Zealand Sure Is Purdy


Last night, as I was preparing dinner for the kids, I received this text from my mom.

Way too much kissing on Bachelor. Have they all been like this and I’ve forgotten?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe


For those of you who have asked about Wita’s clothing- if the item is still available, I will link directly to it. Otherwise, I will link to something similar.

Wita was feeling a little under the weather this week, but that didn’t stop her from assembling her daily ensembles. Monday was okay…


cardigan, old navy. striped tee, old navy. polka dot leggings, j.crew. sparkly flats, j. crew.

But Tuesday was not fun.


striped dress, pink chicken. olive leggings, old navy. black suede boots, lands end.

Feeling better on Wednesday, though!


chambray tunic, j. crew. striped leggings, circo. purple suede boots, lands end.

Annnnnnd the spunk is back.


grey shift dress, j. crew. yellow striped leggings, old navy. sparkly flats, j. crew.

It’s like nothing ever happened, peeps.


cotton voile dress, siaomimi. brown suede boots, nordstrom.