Odds and Ends


1. If by chance you haven’t seen Paul Rudd’s lip sync battle (we attended KU at the same time! Why didn’t we meet and fall in looooove?) with Jimmy Fallon, you need to watch it. And again. And maybe another time because it gets funnier with every view.

2. Husband animates a joke told by his drunk wife. I’ve watched this more than I’ve watched the lip sync battle. NO! I’M NACHO FRIEND! Hahaaaaaaaaa.

3. I love Mandy Patinkin so hard. How cool is he?

4. Put all these things in your smoothies. Not at the same time.

5. These cello players are intense.

6. FROSTED RIBBON LOAF. Disgustingly hilarious.

7. Ravers jamming to Benny Hill. If you don’t at least crack a smile at that, you’re dead to me.

8. Lastly, remember the awesome Ekam Yoga giveaway? Well, it ends today! If you haven’t entered, you simply must. The prizes are awesome, and the comments are so inspiring. DO IT.


The Bachelor Recap: It’s Okay. It’s Really Okay.



Kristen and I had mid-winter break last week, hence the lack of recap, but we’re back. And see those faces? Those are our WE CALLED IT faces. Juan Pablo, man. What else could we possibly have to say about him?

Well, apparently, 20 minutes worth. (We did  have four hours of material to work with, people.)

Does anyone out there still like this guy? We promise not to shame you if that’s the case.


Let’s Talk About Invisalign


I am a member of the Invisalign Advisory Board, and am receiving complimentary treatment. All opinions are fully my own. For realsies.


Hey ho hey! I’m rocking Invisalign these days and thought I might give you the skinny on my first impressions.

I’ll keep you guys posted, and please let me know if you have any questions about my treatment so far!



Shopbop (+Madewell!) Big Sale Oh HELL YES


I apologize for this week’s back-to-back shopping bombardamento, but Shopbop is doing their big Spend More, Save More event, and in case you didn’t know, they carry a decent amount of Madewell items for your perusal. Madewell + Shopbop Sale = TLF


Also, did you know you can use your Amazon Prime account to get free 2-day shipping through Shopbop? Yes, it’s pretty much heavenly. (Are you not an Amazon Prime member? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Free 2-day shipping! Free movies and TV shows on demand! Borrow books from the Kindle library! OMGAHLOVE)

Peace out.