Odds and Ends – Beauty Edition



Somehow, this week turned into a beauty and skincare extravaganza.

1. First things first, I had my first facial in over a decade this week. You should probably know that facials make me completely claustrophobic. While most of you are totally blissed out, I’m usually making a conscious effort to inhale and exhale because OMG THE HOT TOWELS AND STEAM ARE SUFFOCATING ME WHERE IS THE EXIT DON’T TOUCH ME. So when I heard about Skin Laundry and the 10-minute laser facials with no downtime, I was sold. It was pretty cool, ladies. They use two different lasers to help tighten and tone your skin in a short period of time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a “gorgeous, glowing complexion.” The first laser feels like baby rubber bands snapping your face, and you can’t feel the second one at all. I am pleased with the results – my skin feels smoother and seems plumper. I’m planning on going back in a few weeks – will keep you posted.

2. Guess what? I started Invisalign this week! I’m part of the Invisalign Advisory Board this year, and am receiving complimentary treatment. (Repeatedly pinching myself to ensure I’m not in a dream.)

I already have LOTS to say about my first week wearing my aligners, so keep an eye out in the next week or two.

3. Tuesday night, I attended an event at Roots – The Beauty Underground, which is a non-toxic beauty shop in Laguna Beach. The brands are simply amazing, and I learned so much about cosmetics and great skincare brands. (Tata Harper, Vapour, and Coola, to name a few. Check out all the brands here.) This came at a perfect time because I had just mentioned to you guys that I was thinking of changing up my skincare routine, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m trying some Tata Harper samples this week.) Also, I met Dotty from Moms in Charge, which is a great website for moms who are searching for ways to give their kids the best chance of living healthy, vibrant lives. Such a great organization, and if you are a local, they have monthly meetings with experts on green living, clean eating, and tons of different subjects.

4. Wednesday, I got the chance to check out Make Up For Ever’s new HD cream blushes that are debuting at Sephora in February. You all know I’m a cream blush fanatic, so I was slightly excited about this. You guys, 16 different shades, and they are all like buttah. My three favorite shades? #210, 225, and 410. Also debuting, HD pressed powder. Love love love.

Phew! I wasn’t kidding about an extravaganza. Happy weekend to you all!


The Bachelor Recap – Seoul, South Korea


You guys, I just have to laugh at the dichotomy of my online presence right now. On one hand, I’m in the midst of a self-help bender (thanks to my friend Monica for that term because it’s PERFECT) and dousing you with all sorts of spiritual fodder here and especially on my Facebook page. (Did I mention I’m seeing a hypnotherapist who is blowing my mind right now? Much more on that later…expect a weekly update on what I like to call the Woo Woo Chronicles commencing soon.)

On the other hand, The Bachelor. THE BACHELOR. It’s like yin and yang over here, but honestly, I think a lot of us live like this. My life isn’t all meditation and soul searching – it’s also browsing Sephora and watching crappy reality television.

Kristen and I recap this week’s episode, and I think it’s clear we’ve become a bit invested. I’ve been scarred for life by a kiss and discussed it around the 7:15 mark. I mean, GROSS.

What did you think of the episode?

Oh, our latest Downton video is here if you are still following along. I’ll be honest, I’m a little bored.


Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe


Welcome to another week of Whoorlita’s Weekly Wardrobe. This girl’s poses are killing me.


black and grey plaid top, benetton. really old ariel mermaid dress, from neighbor’s halloween bin in their garage. sparkly ballet flats, j. crew. (thank goodness we didn’t have school.)


cotton floral blouse, h&m. pink bubble skirt, nellystella. navy and white polka dot leggings, old navy. biker boots, gap.


navy blouse, gap. blue and white pinstripe denim, old navy. polka dot ballet flats, j. crew. (the sassy hip thing is mildly frightening.)


black leotard, danskin. pink wrap skirt, danskin. pink tights, old navy. ballet slippers, ABT.


floral cotton dress, pink chicken. fuchsia patent sandals, saltwater sandals.


Odds and Ends



1. The above made me laugh – I know I’m guilty of an abundance of inspirational pins!

2. I miss running, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my anxiety ramped up big time when I stopped last year. I love what yoga is doing for my body and mind, but sometimes I think my body (and overactive brain) needs a good ol’ heart-thumping pounding of the pavement. To me, this illustration says it all.

3. Did you see the Bill Murray Q&A on Reddit? Awesome.

4. Hypomomdria. It’s a thing. Must I remind you of this? You guys, if you do anything today, please marvel at that old post of mine. A surgical mask. I WORE A SURGICAL MASK. My, how things have changed…well, with the hypomomdria, at least. Can’t say much about my personal hypochondria. (Still crazy in regards to that one.)

5. Dude, Captain and Tennille are getting divorced after 39 years of marriage. A moment of silence….or a dance routine with some fresh costumes, if you will.

6. I am so going to make a gluten-free version of this tomorrow. Gluten-free oats and maybe almond or coconut milk?

7. This is the world’s greatest supplement cheat sheet. I’ve got a post on my personal daily supplement regimen coming soon.

Happy Friday, folks. Enjoy the weekend!